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  1. Hi Martyn - all sorted - it’ll either be my S1 or fingers crossed the Essex!
  2. That’s fantastic - am on it - it might be the Essex though - hope that’s ok?😜
  3. Hi Martyn - I’ve left this late but would there potentially be room for one more Esprit? Cheers
  4. Now I am biased but I think if you have the right S1 then prices are still strong. The one I think you’re referring to is immaculate but not as original - not sure if it was originally Monaco white but it definitely wasn’t originally tartan and orange as Lotus had stopped offering that trim by 1978. Collectors who will spend big money on cars always want authenticity and originality and although this S1 looks fantastic, it isn’t ‘as it left the factory’. And if the dealer gets it, c£80K is still strong money, considering good S1s where changing hands for less than half that a few years ago.
  5. I was going through some old boxes of photos and found this picture I took in the early 80s at the Norfolk Motor garage on the Wroxham Road in Norwich - thought if someone on here owns a white Turbo that was originally sold by that garage, then this might be it pre-registered and would like to see it!
  6. Thanks guys! It's the April issue of Modern Classics and came out earlier this week so will be on shelf now
  7. Here are three outtakes from the shoot with my car in this months Modern Classics mag ?
  8. Excited to say my Essex is featured in the next issue of Modern Classics out next week - here’s the cover! ?????
  9. Great last drive of the year and now hibernation time! ?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions gents - the only issue we have is that the belt currently on the car is not an original Esprit part and doesn’t fit properly so can’t be copied frustratingly
  11. Hi Tim - already tried the SJ belt and it doesn’t fit needless to say!
  12. Are there any dry sump owners on here who could help with my search for a drive belt for the oil pump for my 1980 Essex? Have already tried Lotus and SJ but no joy so far - any suggestions greatly appreciated as these appear to be harder to come by than hens teeth!
  13. I hope the person who told me (and knows the dealer) doesn't mind me sharing, but this S1 has sold at the asking price of £105K - I suggest everyone start thinking about revisiting their Agreed Values with their insurers....
  14. JNW3

    Essex 007

    Morning folks - I'll put my hand up and admit I've bought the Essex - absolutely delighted and am feeling very lucky to finally have my dream Esprit garage ?
  15. Well good luck with it?
  16. Happy to leave a proxy comment for you...! And have you accepted??
  17. You're selling Paul??!! Let us know how it goes ? And enjoy Brooklands if you're there today!
  18. Sadly Abbey can't make it this year as I'm moving home next weekend - sorry folks!
  19. Hi Bibs - hope you're well! I'm gutted but I can't make it this year as I'm moving home that weekend - good luck and hope you all have a great day and I'll be back in 2018!
  20. Congratulations! A gold S2 is my second all time favourite After a white S1! Pictures soon please!!
  21. Mark at Stocks Coachworks did my restoration and is amazing. And there's GST Performance in Newmarket for servicing/maintenance - Gerald owns it and he's an Esprit-whisperer as far as I'm concerned. You need to book well in advance normally but he sneaked my S1 in pretty quickly because he wanted to work on it Definitely worth considering if they're not too far for you.
  22. Ha - thought I recognised my yellow history file!! These interiors are the coolest you'll ever see, no contest! The 70s Porsche pasha trim comes close but the Esprit tartan and orange is just sublime.
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