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  1. Hi Mark - for what it's worth, I don't own a wrench either and my mechanical knowledge stretches to pointing at the engine bay! Paul, Fabian and Jon have all worked miracles on their respective S1 restorations and their cars are fantastic and the fact that they continue to maintain them themselves is a total credit to each of them and continues to amaze me. For me, I wouldn't know where to begin, so instead I rely on specialists like GST to keep my car A1. S1s are 40 year old cars (and even come with manual chokes!) and you cannot expect them to behave like an Evora. However, if you keep them mechanically maintained by a specialist who knows them, drive them regularly and respect their age, they are an absolute joy. You'll also find that these specialists love to work on S1s as they're so rare. I've had mine for three years now and it hasn't missed a beat - I certainly wouldn't take it to Sardinia, but I'll happily drive it from Cambridgeshire to Kent and back. I'm 6'1 and while the pedals are too close together, you adapt to the driving position quickly and the seats are surprisingly supportive - I never get out with any aches and pains. And as the guys have already said, the response you'll get driving an S1 is insane - be prepared to be videoed, photographed, shouted and smiled at, followed and door stepped whenever you park up. If you don't mind the fact this S1 is non original in colour and you're based somewhere not too far from an Esprit specialist, then go for it. Only two fully restored RHD S1s have come on the open market in the last couple of years, both north of £50K and both sold (I'm ignoring a white very non original S1 that's being advertising for £100K). I've also been told a couple of other concourse S1s have changed hands off market for substantially higher sums. Scott Walker has said there are only about 20 RHD S1s left and that figure can only ever go down - I know you're not buying it as an investment but these cars will only go up in value. This S1 looks stunning and while I'd put it back on an S plate, apart from that it wants for nothing. The interior trim is new old stock from Fulchers and there isn't anymore left by all accounts and I believe the later S1s came with yellow nose badges and the ashtrays are in the correct position for a 77 S1! Buy it and join a very exclusive club - here's my baby! Ps - I'm in my 40s and don't shop at M&S or wear slippers!
  2. We need to get our S1 insurance valuations upped! PS Looking forward to seeing your car in Practical Classics Paul!
  3. Hi there - probably of no use to this discussion at all, but I found some old photos I took as a kid growing up in Norwich in the early 80s - this was taken at a procession for something or other on Newmarket Road and the car was advertised by Lotus as the car from FYEO.....their press car I assume!
  4. Mark at Stocks Coachworks is your man for respraying Esprits - not sure what he'd quote now, but his work is exemplary - I can't recommend him highly enough and he's definitely worth a conversation with.
  5. Great to meet you Sparky and at some point in the not to distant, you may get your wish!
  6. Fantastic day - thank you Bibs - my headlights even started working again when I got back to London - I put that solely down to the car soaking up positive Lotus Festival vibes all day!
  7. To try and cheer up a wet Wednesday, here are a few belated pix of my S1 at the Brooklands TLF International Lotus day, courtesy of photographer Malcolm Feth - one great day!
  8. Had a brilliant day and to win best in class was the absolute icing on the cake and something l was genuinely not expecting - many thanks to everyone who organised the event - one fantastic day and great to meet so many really friendly enthusiasts. Jonathan
  9. Hi Bibs - I'm booked in for the Concorde shoot at 1.28 but would love to be able to do the parade lap if possible - what are the chances of being able to do both? No worries if it's impossible but thought I'd ask!
  10. But my exhaust sticks out further than the bumper....!
  11. Can you count me in please - Esprit S1 - cheers Jonathan (JNW3)
  12. Hi there - can you count me in please - Esprit S1 - Many thanks
  13. I will also go on record to vouch for Mark - I bought an unrestored S1 from him last year with a cash deposit and a verbal agreement that I would pay the balance on completion of the restoration. Mark spent the next 7 months working on the car, keeping me updated every step of the way with pictures and emails and even happily tolerated my occasionally annoying requests and queries. The end result is an absolutely fantastic, fully restored, factory spec S1 that is probably better put together now than when it left Hethel in '76 and is my pride and joy. I appreciate that Tocus travelled a long way to see the car, but to be fair, it's not been sold yet, so is still very much available.
  14. I'd be up for this, work permitting!
  15. JNW3

    S1 value

    Just as a postscript, I forwarded my correspondence with Scott Walker to Footman James and they have now re-valued my S1 to an agreed value of £60K for its insurance, no questions asked.
  16. JNW3

    S1 value

    Hi Buddsy - I can't speak for anyone else's insurers but I use Footman James and if you have an agreed valuation with them then that's the figure they would pay out if something happened to your car (God forbid) - or so they say!
  17. JNW3

    S1 value

    Hi Alec - I'm no expert but having investigated a bit, I'd say that's well short of it's market value now - apparently there are only about 40 UK S1s still accountable for and values have clearly risen in the last few years - I'd suggest asking an expert for a valuation and forward it onto your insurers
  18. JNW3

    S1 value

    Thanks for your replies guys. I've since been in touch with Scott Walker, who is now working for Lotus and he's advised me that the car would retail for £60K and should be insured for no less than £45K minimum - a pleasant surprise!
  19. JNW3

    S1 value

    Afternoon folks - I know there's another thread about prices soaring already, but I have a question that hopefully you knowledgeable lot will be able to help with. I need to give my classic car insurers a valuation for my S1 and to be honest, I'm a little stuck. The car was fully restored to it's original factory spec last year, including a full interior retrim with original tartan, full respray and everything bar the chassis is new underneath - I'd argue that it's pretty much concurs except the engine, which was re-commissioned rather than fully rebuilt. I know Scott Walker was selling them in this condition at c£40K a couple of years ago and that a recent S1 James Bond press car was advertised for £55K and was snapped up straight away, but I'm not sure what figure I should quote. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - cheers
  20. Afternoon gents - a few gratuitous pix from last Saturday when myself and Jon Roberts took our cars for a spin - both behaved impeccably I'm pleased to report - a great drive!
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