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  1. I don’t suppose anyone here has any knowledge of this ex Ronnie Peterson Elite 502 that’s about to go under the hammer this weekend at Historics? I’m very tempted but while I’m pretty clued up on Esprits, Elites are new to me….any knowledge on the car and/or thoughts on a value would be appreciated as it’s being sold with no reserve - thanks in advance folks 😊




  2. I don’t suppose anyone knows this S3 coming up for auction on The Market do they? I know someone who’s interested in bidding but he’s new to the Esprit world and not sure what to look out for (and those that know me, know I’m probably not the best person to ask!)

    I said I’d ask on here as the last few Esprits they had up for auction kicked off quite a lot of feedback from some of you 😊

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