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  1. How’s the glovebox though?
  2. A leisurely sunny bank holiday Monday demands a pint in a beer garden at a country pub - half of me thought “don’t be a wa**ker and park by the entrance” and the other half thought “but you’ll be able to keep an eye on it”😂
  3. It was indeed Scott driving the Esprit, but they had borrowed mine as Lotus wanted a white one (can’t think why) and Scott’s is yellow 😊
  4. Took the S1 up to Hethel yesterday as Lotus are borrowing it for some filming - managed to get a few snaps😊
  5. It was indeed! Was taking the car up to hethel as they’re borrowing it for some filming 😊
  6. Update for anyone interested - looked round the car on Friday - mechanically looked to be in fairly ok condition although it would have needed a full service + cam belt change + a bunch of hose replacements as they all looked original and well past their sell by date! It has had a very poor respray which would have needed completely redoing + the entire fascia wasn’t attached, so presumably the car would be undriveable as very doubtful any of the instruments or switches would have functioned. Also a number of external trim pieces missing + the stench of petrol indicated a new tank would be needed. It did have a pretty impressive history file though. I decided to swerve it, but for the record, it sold for a very impressive £18K before buyer premium. If the new owner is on here, you’re a very brave man/woman and good luck!
  7. Thanks Tony - really helpful and much appreciated
  8. I don’t suppose anyone here has any knowledge of this ex Ronnie Peterson Elite 502 that’s about to go under the hammer this weekend at Historics? I’m very tempted but while I’m pretty clued up on Esprits, Elites are new to me….any knowledge on the car and/or thoughts on a value would be appreciated as it’s being sold with no reserve - thanks in advance folks 😊
  9. @Sparky has worked his post production magic on a pic he took of my car at FOS - he’s captured about the best angle I’ve ever seen of an S1 IMHO 😊
  10. I bought both my Esprits from Mark and personally think he was great - very knowledgeable, honest and good to deal with - more than happy to recommend him to you 😊
  11. I don’t suppose anyone knows this S3 coming up for auction on The Market do they? I know someone who’s interested in bidding but he’s new to the Esprit world and not sure what to look out for (and those that know me, know I’m probably not the best person to ask!) I said I’d ask on here as the last few Esprits they had up for auction kicked off quite a lot of feedback from some of you 😊
  12. Thanks for posting! This is from Top Gear’s James Bond cover shoot which ran last year when the movie was first meant to be released. It was a two day shoot and they invited me down for a day - got spins round the track in the DB5 and Z8 + was driving my car in the formation shot that ran on the cover. Jason Barlow took a particular shine to the S1 too! An amazing day - very lucky to be part of it - here are a few BTS pix I took 😊
  13. Can’t delete it and it won’t download which explains why I’m still an apprentice clearly 😂
  14. I strongly advise you watch this instructional video I have made for just such an emergency IMG_9236.MOV
  15. Late afternoon run after a proper valet - just love this car 😍
  16. About to head off to Malcolm Rickett’s open day today with @Sparky 😊
  17. Essex blue at twilight - no filter 😍
  18. Have been archiving a bunch of my old photos and came across these outtakes from a Modern Classics photo shoot my car was used in - thought a few of you might appreciate 😊
  19. Have you sold it already in preparation for your new Emira Sparky?
  20. You missed one!! @Bibs 😊
  21. Just left the S1 in good company on the Cartier lawn at Goodwood - the theme is wedges of course 😂
  22. Have just got back from the set up day and had a walk around the Emira - absolutely stunning - better in the metal than on the screen - first new car to seriously tempt me away from classics in years - I’d post a pic but @Bibs would probably tell me off 😊
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