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  1. ByJoveByJingle

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Obviously a directly analogous situation to a carbon fiber roof that can’t be refinished and is epoxy bonded to the car frame.
  2. ByJoveByJingle

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Only if you flap them vigorously enough on hard acceleration. Kind of like watching a stork take off. 😂
  3. ByJoveByJingle

    Sunshades Group Buy - Anyone Interested?

    Yeah they are expensive even at the more reasonable US pricing. Maybe not so vital in the UK, but almost mandatory in sunny US and Middle East climates. Fits the windscreen perfectly—any other generic sunshade leaves massive areas of solar intrusion.
  4. ByJoveByJingle

    Clutch pedal - its happened again

    If you end up having to pay for it, you might as well go with an aftermarket option so you don’t have a repeat problem. My last Evora S (2014) is on it’s third master cylinder. I think the person I sold it to went ahead and replaced the MC with a BOE offering from the US.
  5. The agency in Dubai ordered their first 400 with diamond cut wheels. The agent said Lotus resisted, but he insisted and they desisted. 😝
  6. ByJoveByJingle

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I’m officially old. Those cars look crap to me.
  7. ByJoveByJingle

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    Moved to Arizona from Brooklyn a couple of months ago, affording me the ability to get back into an Evora after 18 months without. Now I’m 5 days into ownership of a new yellow Evora 400. Had to drive up to Phoenix (160km) today to get the A/C repaired right out of the box (sigh, Lotus and your inadequate US dealer distribution and quality). Anyway, got several thumbs ups from the pickup truck driving demographic, and the obligatory “Nice ride!” while fueling up on the way home. And yesterday I went furniture shopping and when I went inside the salespeople spent the whole time asking me about my car instead of trying to foist off their furniture on me {win, win}. Great to be back in an Evora!
  8. ByJoveByJingle

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    I really don’t want to wade into the discussion too much because it’s obviously an emotionally charged one. But I’ve just taken delivery of my third Evora—2010 NA to special ordered 2014 S to 2017 400. The 2010 NA had been sitting in Oman for two years before I bought it. It definitely had some teething pains. But besides sitting for two years, it was also the first year of a brand new model for Lotus. The other two cars came in perfect, as expected condition. It’s tempting to draw broad conclusions from anecdotal experiences . . . but it’s also unfair and often inaccurate.
  9. ByJoveByJingle

    Future of Lotus

    Undoubtedly. Two hundred and fifty years trying to recover from the source culture leaves a lot of psychological scarring to work through.
  10. ByJoveByJingle

    Future of Lotus

    Would your therapist be American? 🤡
  11. ByJoveByJingle

    Automatic car washes?

    I think the user’s handbook specifically proscribes these kind of car washes—whether because of the direct vents to the engine bay or because of infiltration into the cabin I don’t know. But I’m surprised that you aren’t having the car hand washed given where you live. A full inside and out hand washing in Dubai is about £5. It can’t be much more where you are?
  12. ByJoveByJingle

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I had a 2010 Evora and special ordered a 2014 Evora S in Dubai. No problems particular to the climate. The master cylinder was replaced under warranty, which had been a known problem. Otherwise bulletproof. Or heat/humidity proof anyway.
  13. ByJoveByJingle

    Evora GT430

    Wow, either Lotus Silverstone has a Wendy’s level salty social media rep, or they don’t realize just how (in)appropriate their emoji game is.
  14. ByJoveByJingle

    Evora GT430

    Serious praise from American motoring press, too. Enjoy, you lucky bastards! If I drive one Lotus in a year, that car pretty much automatically makes it on my list of favorites. But the Evora GT430 isn't just my favorite car I've driven this year, it might be the favorite I've driven any year. It's better and more characterful than a 911 GT3, plus it's the rare car that talks to you and wants you involved in the experience. One of the greats. - Travis Okulski, Site Director Road and Track’s Favorite Cars of 2017
  15. ByJoveByJingle