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  1. Pretty sure that boot is overloaded.
  2. At home in Arizona on a beautiful December evening.
  3. Hard to capture the strange beauty of this scene with a phone camera—the sun setting over the Tucson Mountains in the gloaming with another piece of art in the foreground.
  4. Doesn’t match my experience. But no need to carry on this discussion here.
  5. Get another insurance agent. If you are American you might be better served to ask this question over on the American forum. But the number should be closer to the Alfa rate.
  6. Beautiful color! Every time somebody writes Kawasaki in this thread, I can’t but help read it in Jimmy Carr mode as he uses Kawasaki (along with Oompa Loompa) to teach Salma Hayek how to speak with a Geordie accent. Who has an Evora in Oompa Loompa Orange? 🤔
  7. Talk about damning with faint praise. I project, with no solid evidence, that this guy has a weak handshake. 🤪
  8. I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. Which naysayers are there to be converted for the Corvette? They sell 30,000 units per year. They don’t need to convert me, and never will. Chevrolet does intend for the C8 to appeal to a younger generation (if that's what you meant?). My brother just sent me a picture of the C8 at a car show; it was surrounded by fascinated septuagenarians. Maybe a sprinkling of 60 year olds. I would have a hard time buying a car with scissor doors for the same reason I could never buy a C8 Vette. Smacks too much of a gangster with 2 rings on every finger. I’m not a particularly classy guy, but that’s all way to déclassé for me.
  9. Not to mention to mention ugly. It reminds me of Diet Coke/Coke Light . . . when you first take a sip, it seems to be a pretty good sugar substitute; then the aftertaste kicks in and you realize you couldn’t possibly choke down a whole can of it. The Corvette seems alright when all you see is the overall form-factor. But the longer you look at it, the worse it looks.
  10. Same for me, except I don’t have to release clutch . . . I just select any forward gear and then go into reverse with no problem without releasing clutch.
  11. Not sure if your 400 is a manual or automatic, but I have similar issues in my manual 400. At this point by default I put it in another gear first and then it slides into reverse with no troubles. I’m sure there’s a mechanical explanation that is obvious to those who understand gear boxes better than me.
  12. Some great footage in this Chinese review of the GT410 Sport. Honestly the best production values I’ve seen on a Youtube review. Might help if you speak Mandarin. The track drone footage is fantastic. That said, they stole (?) footage from @The Pits GT430 YouTube video (16:15 in). You do you, China. 😂 To their credit, they credit him. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Lotus HQ: “OK everybody, we’ve successfully pulled a fast one on Ken. Now that we have his money, let’s change the specs. That way we can make a fool out of this guy and achieve our corporate goals!” 🙆‍♂️
  14. Things I’ve learned on forums: there are very unpleasant people on both sides of the pond.
  15. Dumb is drawing (inaccurate) analogies and conclusions based on partial understandings of complex issues. I’m sure you’d appreciate my well-informed thoughts on Brexit?
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