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  1. Hi guys... Anybody know of a rear heated tailgate glass for sale. It’s for an s3 n/a 1984 car. thanks Chris
  2. Hi Guys Im still without a Rear Tailgate glass for my 1984 Esprit S3. Can anybody help???? Many Thanks Christian
  3. Hi John If you mean the nuts on the plates they are Rivet nuts, which means they are Riveted in to the plates. Few pictures from today. Front spoiler fitted. Wheel and rear bumper, spoiler and lights on.
  4. Car is still in bits.... But found time to do a few more bits today. New front grill, which we made and painted gold. Wheels now in gold. Front grill and scoop ready to be fitted to the car. Looks good fitted up with all stainless fixings. Rear of car finished ready for the bumpers to go on properly. Bumper bolts ready to receive bumpers ( our own modification ) Stainless plates with rivet nuts on the back of the bumper.
  5. Hi Guys Yes I have taken the black trim off to paint the car, which I will replace with fresh trim. Painted the bumpers today hope you like them?? Had to get a few bits on just to see tonight... Other bits painted today...
  6. Not much happened this week... Apparently according to my business partner we have to work on customers cars!! They pay the bills and rent or something??? But I did manage to get the wheels dipped and stripped. So spent the afternoon polishing the rims on the lathe. The centers we will do in gold. The plan is to have it ready to put back together next weekend,I hope....... Stainless nuts and bolts all round
  7. Hi pal Give PNM engineering a call. They probably have some. Best to email them a picture if you can before you call. tel. 0151 630 6101. Regards Christian
  8. Where do all these parts go......

  9. Hi Guys The bumpers will be satin black as factor spec.... actually not painted them as yet!!!! Been in today and painted and Primed all the other bits which will be red. The tub was in good condition never crashed which is a bonus and no damage, well apart from a few sratches. And when it's ready later today..... ha ha ha I will probably keep it, but everything for sale at the right price. Been in today primed all the other bits which will be Calipso red. A little peek under the cover.
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