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  1. ler111


  2. Yea, it was a white one, I don't want there to be any more in Geelong, i like being the odd one out....hahahaha
  3. Well, there is mine, and there is yours, so that's two....(Have you got yours transferred and registered yet?) I'm told there is a second one in Geelong but I'm yet to see it, although i did see an evora last weekend. There are 9 on currently, I would be very surprised of VicRoads gave out this information, while i agree not asking for any private details they will say due to privacy they wont give out those details I thought I saw a webpage that would do this kind of research for a fee but i can't find it anymore
  4. I picked mine up about a week ago, will keep an eye out for you, assume you're heading down the GOR?
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