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  1. Attached (if it works) is an image of the underside of the RED S4S for sale. I’d very much like this one but the Exige S gets in the way (and the Mrs wouldn’t be too pleased).
  2. Well I really don’t know what to make of it for the money. If I was in the market for an esprit Id certainly walk away - but then I’m not wanting to do my own mechanics / restoration. Got a ton of photos - pm / txt me an email address and I’ll send them across: 07921 889025, [email protected] - respray look ok, you can see where it’s been masked off in some places, and some slight peeling where it’s been masked at the front bumper. - top corners of the windscreen you can see the seal isn’t correct and some paint. - drivers door lock didn’t lock, looks to have been forced? Passenger door lock didn’t work either. - LHS (looking at the car) head lamp 1/2 full of water - crack on rear spoiler - some chips on paint - drivers door edge (large) and some on the side skirts - wheels and tyres all good :0) - are the wider wheel arches standard? If not they fit well, looking at the respray notes the fitment was ‘sorted out’ at the same time. - boot really messy. Wires everywhere. Battery flat, and I mean flat. Not a peep of life when the key was turned. - engine eventually started with a battery pack and some fuel, Idled low and when held at 2k seemed was pretty smooth. Otherwise lumpy. - exhaust gas a little blue when cranking over, but then cleared up. - various lights on on the dash - coolant, oil (yes oil light), volt meter flickered, the oil pressure ok on the gauge despite the light on. - handbrake lever Didn’t work, wiggled around loose as if it wasn’t attached. - there’s various history from years gone by, in 2018 looks like SJ sportcars did a ton of work. - one of the filters for the air side air intakes was missing - interior has been ‘coloured’ back to cream and pretty poor to be honest. Drivers seat back falling off, speaker cover off. Mats and carpets coming adrift / fraying. A few wires. Crack plastic on the AC / Heater control panel. - there was an image of an engine out - was it this car? if it was it had a lotus cars quality control label attached. No date attached but the printout looks pretty clean. - compression test in ‘15, 150psi across all cylinders @ 87k, new manifold, carb clean... - Feb 18 £4K at SJS, sort sunroof, steering column / bolt (maybe this is linked to the drivers door handle being broken), cam belt, flywheel and loads of small items / gaskets / tubes / screws / washers.
  3. don’t know the history sorry but I’m only 20 minutes away. I should be able to take a look one day this week.
  4. White Esprit SE parked outside Allon White (Cranfield) this morning. gorgeous looking!
  5. NeilP

    Tyre Failures?

    Had a failure on a C350E, 2YO and 25k Miles as I was entering a car park at Heathrow. tried the sealant gunk (in the hope I had a nail) but the tyre had blown the inner sidewall so it came out as quick as it went in. long story short - Mercedes (RAC) recovered the car from short stay, took it to the valet parking place where the parking company sorted a set of tyres.
  6. NeilP

    Dry sump for sale

    Looks a wonderful car but I’m sure it was resprayed, can’t recall the original colour which was mentioned in the ad.
  7. There’s a motor manufacturer in Crewkerne who may also be able to help. They used to wind their own coils and assemble gear boxes on site.
  8. Hi, I prevoiusly owned a Turbo Esprit, E666 TAH, an early Stevens Turbo in Yellow, apparently one of the show cars from Camel Racing sponsorship, the last time I saw it was on Ebay 2-3 Yrs ago and Cat C. So having seen this come up for sale with reg E666 HSG, I was wondering was there anything special about E666, or just a Reg assigned to a couple of Lotus Esprit
  9. Starlight black - one showing a set of bike wheel bags (not giant Bertie bassets) reflecting off the front clam, the 2nd showing light reflecting through the garage.
  10. Wow, wasn't this offered for sale at a recent auction? Sorry, here's the link
  11. Wow thats empty! Bet you enjoyed helping yourself to more than a couple of glasses :0)
  12. Has anyone been to see this car to understand why it doesn't sell? It's been around for a long old time
  13. And UK Sports Cars increase the pricing. I'm sure this was sub £30k, then £32995 and now showing £33995.
  14. Thanks Martyn for organising the day, a great location to pitch up, just a shame the ticketing booths were such a bottleneck. william enjoyed the day too, I tried to encourage him to like the esprits but he wouldn't have it... his fav was the blue exige 320, surpassed by a beetle, albeit a rusty old one. great collection of lotus on the though. Always nice to have a look round.
  15. Anyone heading across Milton Keynes / bedford and across the A428?
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