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  1. Hi, posting on behalf of a friend Looking for an Esprit 1999 onwards for a photo shot with my Noble M12. This is for a publication but some images will be shared. Can be S4 / S4S / V8 and GT3 (the later the better). Ideally in the Bedfordshire area, or not to far, but I’m assured fuel costs will be re-bursed. 07921 889025
  2. Given some of the comments & how figures are presented in the media, this could be an interesting read:
  3. That’s good news Barry!
  4. That’s true. Currently kids in school don’t need to wear masks - a source of frustration during prev lockdown - then had to wear them in corridors. The govt have been cagey in seeding the public with what might be coming, and then introduce restrictions. I really hope this doesn’t happen again, but only science will prove that. As to the effect of the new strain - main media are having a field day sensationalising a story to sell more content (my personal bike) - we need to wait for science. (I’m tripple jabbed and all for vaccines by the way)
  5. With this new variant now identified, we have a delay until science can understand how effective the current set of vaccines will be against severe illness and worse. Death rates are low for covid (related), I just wish the govt would show the age groups for those daily infections - the rate has been 40k plus for a while now, so would be interesting to correlate age groups of infection vs the death. I’m all for protecting ourselves from infection, but as Barry said above does mask wearing really help (sorry if that provokes further debate) when infection rates still climbed.
  6. NeilP

    S4S info

    What did you think of this S4S you went to see?
  7. Hi, Sorry for posting this on the Esprit forum vs Eclat, but there’s a wider community on this side. The 504 has the 2L engine but seems to be losing a fair about of oil towards the plugs. Is this normal from such a leak - cam tower or cover? I believe the cam covers were re-sealed not replaced, and still has cork gasket on the sump. Seemed to run ok but was struggling a little on idle (likely needs a good tune up)
  8. Hi here’s a couple more images. Can anyone point me where we need to be looking for major issues / service items?
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of this car for sale The ad says 1980 Lotus Elite 504 automatic · Coupe · Driven 43,500 kilometres Good all round condition body off restoration some years back original radio, mirrors, spare wheel, tool roll with spanner’s Read less
  10. A beautiful V8 from 97 and only 26k miles near Cranfield today
  11. There seems to be little mention by the EU of Serum Institute in India, who are licensed to manufacture the AZ vaccine, and supplied 10m to the UK.
  12. £47k for an S4S is prohibitively expensive, yes they are the pinnacle of the S4 development and on the rare side, but £47k is optimistic to say the least, esp when there are 2 x V8, £35k and £38k, the latter with an engine rebuild. Bauke has a nice yellow S4S in the NL, no connection to me and it’s RHD, maybe worth getting in touch?
  13. This one is down the road from me, I can walk there in a few mins.. let me know if you’d like me to take a look.
  14. Attached (if it works) is an image of the underside of the RED S4S for sale. I’d very much like this one but the Exige S gets in the way (and the Mrs wouldn’t be too pleased).
  15. Well I really don’t know what to make of it for the money. If I was in the market for an esprit Id certainly walk away - but then I’m not wanting to do my own mechanics / restoration. Got a ton of photos - pm / txt me an email address and I’ll send them across: 07921 889025, [email protected] - respray look ok, you can see where it’s been masked off in some places, and some slight peeling where it’s been masked at the front bumper. - top corners of the windscreen you can see the seal isn’t correct and some paint. - drivers door lock didn’t lock, looks to have been forced? Passenger door lock didn’t work either. - LHS (looking at the car) head lamp 1/2 full of water - crack on rear spoiler - some chips on paint - drivers door edge (large) and some on the side skirts - wheels and tyres all good :0) - are the wider wheel arches standard? If not they fit well, looking at the respray notes the fitment was ‘sorted out’ at the same time. - boot really messy. Wires everywhere. Battery flat, and I mean flat. Not a peep of life when the key was turned. - engine eventually started with a battery pack and some fuel, Idled low and when held at 2k seemed was pretty smooth. Otherwise lumpy. - exhaust gas a little blue when cranking over, but then cleared up. - various lights on on the dash - coolant, oil (yes oil light), volt meter flickered, the oil pressure ok on the gauge despite the light on. - handbrake lever Didn’t work, wiggled around loose as if it wasn’t attached. - there’s various history from years gone by, in 2018 looks like SJ sportcars did a ton of work. - one of the filters for the air side air intakes was missing - interior has been ‘coloured’ back to cream and pretty poor to be honest. Drivers seat back falling off, speaker cover off. Mats and carpets coming adrift / fraying. A few wires. Crack plastic on the AC / Heater control panel. - there was an image of an engine out - was it this car? if it was it had a lotus cars quality control label attached. No date attached but the printout looks pretty clean. - compression test in ‘15, 150psi across all cylinders @ 87k, new manifold, carb clean... - Feb 18 £4K at SJS, sort sunroof, steering column / bolt (maybe this is linked to the drivers door handle being broken), cam belt, flywheel and loads of small items / gaskets / tubes / screws / washers.
  16. don’t know the history sorry but I’m only 20 minutes away. I should be able to take a look one day this week.
  17. White Esprit SE parked outside Allon White (Cranfield) this morning. gorgeous looking!
  18. Had a failure on a C350E, 2YO and 25k Miles as I was entering a car park at Heathrow. tried the sealant gunk (in the hope I had a nail) but the tyre had blown the inner sidewall so it came out as quick as it went in. long story short - Mercedes (RAC) recovered the car from short stay, took it to the valet parking place where the parking company sorted a set of tyres.
  19. Looks a wonderful car but I’m sure it was resprayed, can’t recall the original colour which was mentioned in the ad.
  20. There’s a motor manufacturer in Crewkerne who may also be able to help. They used to wind their own coils and assemble gear boxes on site.
  21. Hi, I prevoiusly owned a Turbo Esprit, E666 TAH, an early Stevens Turbo in Yellow, apparently one of the show cars from Camel Racing sponsorship, the last time I saw it was on Ebay 2-3 Yrs ago and Cat C. So having seen this come up for sale with reg E666 HSG, I was wondering was there anything special about E666, or just a Reg assigned to a couple of Lotus Esprit
  22. Starlight black - one showing a set of bike wheel bags (not giant Bertie bassets) reflecting off the front clam, the 2nd showing light reflecting through the garage.
  23. Wow, wasn't this offered for sale at a recent auction? Sorry, here's the link
  24. Wow thats empty! Bet you enjoyed helping yourself to more than a couple of glasses :0)
  25. Has anyone been to see this car to understand why it doesn't sell? It's been around for a long old time
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