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  1. Now you guys have me thinking about adding a dremel to my lathe
  2. I wound up with the wrong calipers the first time around. I was able to find pics of what they were selling at one of the bigger parts stores online, and was able to match the casting number on the caliper, and was got the correct ones the second time around. My Esprit is waiting for spring now. Essentially ready to drive. I am mulling over that electric power steering mod though...
  3. Thanks very much. That pic of the front of the Europa in your avatar looks awesome btw.
  4. I ordered a set of calipers for my 91 esprit from our local autozone store. I got a left and right for a 1984 Toyota Celica. There are slight differences though, most noticeably that the brake line connector comes in at a different angle. I'd have to bend or replace the brake line to make it work. I think they will bolt up fine physically, except for the brake line issue. Have you guys had this happen, or does it just sound like they are wrong?
  5. You'd want to try this one (it's 5/16" instead of 3/8"). It looks like it might be a bit too long before the bend, but I would definitely give it a try. Worst case, you might have to pull off the fuel pressure regulator, stuff that in, and slide it back on if there isn't enough room to stuff it in normally. Funny, I couldn't find anything like that when I was searching. I would get 5 or 6' of hose just to be safe. I used plastic braided, as I saw a lot of
  6. That is just blue tape on the fittings to keep the wrenches from scratching them. I haven't climbed back in and removed it yet.
  7. I'll post a pic this evening Just a propane torch. I was afraid I would blow it out with a real torch. It took it a bit to get it hot enough to bend, and never got red hot, but it worked out fine. Note: I thought I posted this earlier, but I don't see my reply. Hopefully I'm not posting the same info again A little more info. Here are the end to hose fittings: 800106ERL - straight to hose Amazon doesn't have this one for some reason 804606erl - 45degree to hose
  8. I just finished getting this worked out, and I thought I would post this here in case someone needs it in the future. On the pressure regulator side you need one of these It is a GM EFI to An6 male straight adapter. Note that you want a steel one, because you will need to heat it in order to bend it. The engine bolt right below the fuel pressure regulator interferes, so you have to modify it. I broke an aluminum one trying to heat and bend it. I drilled a 5/16" hole in a
  9. I just finished reading the entire thread, while trying to wind up my Esprit, that's been sitting unfinished for quite a while after a tank and header replacement. I'm very close, but waiting and trying different parts to get from the fuel pressure regulator back to the pump with braided line. With any luck I'll get it together this week when more parts arrive. This thread had been a great source of info and inspiration, and your Esprit is beautiful Ian. Fantastic job.
  10. I'll inquire. I was able to find a solid sunroof in the right color on ebay. It should be here in a couple of days. I think the paint may need some attention, but I have a couple of spots on my car where the clear coat has problems and I need to address that also. Now I need to figure out what the differences are on the weatherstripping between the glass and solid tops.
  11. Hi All, My glass sunroof has cracked, and I need to find a replacement. Are they the same size across all the Stevens bodied cars?
  12. xmission


  13. I'd love to see a pic, as I'm not even sure if I have the updated bracket or not. Oh, and I'd also like a pic of MikieP's cup holder
  14. This could be. I was fairly sure that I cracked mine by washing out the engine bay before the engine had cooled. No more of that...
  15. Nice. For some reason I envisioned them building them one at a time. Guess not...
  16. Anyone started receiving anything yet? I'm chomping at the bit. If I got mine today, I'd probably be able to drive roughly 75 days before I pack the car up for the winter,go off for vacation for two weeks, and come back to snow. It's been a tough couple of years for Lotus driving. I ripped my shoulder apart three years ago, and couldn't really drive it for the first two years after surgery, and didn't have much os a chance last year. I'm excited about the car again. I'm putting in aluminum tanks at the same time, and with the exception of my cracked sunroof glass, the car should be
  17. I'm going to ask a favor of some of you guys. If you don't need your part right away, could you kindly ask the folks making them to ship yours towards the back of the pack? For some of us, this could mean that we get to drive our cars this year. It'd make a big difference for me, and I'd really thank you for it. Dan
  18. I was hoping for much sooner. My car is apart, and summer does not last long here.
  19. This is great news. I was sweating this, as I've started to tear the car apart to put in new tankes, and wanted to do this at the same time. I was thinking it wasn't going to happen in time. Thanks guys.
  20. For now, We are going to see if we can find one stateside. Shipping is a killer. Thanks Mutley00 for trying. If anyone in the US has one, please give me a shout.
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