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  1. How did you get the old hub off? Tried to fit the same and even with a puller, couldn't shift the damn thing!
  2. sainttoad


  3. Duggie & Susan - afraid our Elises won't match next time! Just put down deposit to trade in for the tasteful Toxic Green Elise S Cup I mentioned! I'll really miss that purple!
  4. Some shots on Flickr: here. Lost folk around Comrie; did swing round, as I saw you down a side road, but missed you. By that point realised time was getting on and heading over to Dunkeld would take me further from Edinburgh, so bailed! Now I need to decide whether to trade in my 111S for the Elise S Cup I test drove in Carlisle on Saturday. Tempting, but not purple! Anyway, awesome run, particularly the section in the morning past Loch Tummel and on. Good route! Bobby
  5. If it's not leaving it too late to join, I'd love to come along! If it is to late for numbers, just let me know and no bother. Bobby 1: Brian & Jackie. Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 2: David & Jennifer. Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Light Lunch, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 3: Al + Debbie. Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 4: Archie + 1. Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 5. Ken London; Breakfast , 1 light lunch, 1 early tea 6: Duncan - Rannoch: 1 x coffee, Dunkeld: 1 x early tea 7. Neil and Helena - Rannoch 2x light lunches. 8: Duggie & Susan. Coupar Angus: 2 x Breakfast, Rannoch: 2 x Teas & Coffee, Dunkeld: 2 x Early Tea 9: Dom Rannoch light lunch 10: Fergus - Rannoch 1 x light lunch 11: Mike C - 1 x Breakfast, Rannoch : 1 x early tea 12: Ian 1x Rannoch light lunch 13: Andrew and Alister full day all meal stops 14: Donald - Rannoch 1 x light lunch 15: Gerry & Susan - Coupar Angus 2 x Breakfast 16: David D - 1 for all! 17. Stephen for light lunch at Rannoch 18. David Kyle - Light lunch at Rannoch 19. Bobby - Coupar Angus: nil (just meet in time for the off), Rannoch: 1 x light lunch, Dunkeld: coffee
  6. Not sure I'll make it. but about the route, you might want to think twice about that section of minor road past Talla/Megget reservoirs. It's really scenic, but narrow with difficult passing. Better going round Moffat, I find. A701 all the way back is a great road.
  7. Thanks Brian! And, yes, some pic's over in introductions just now.
  8. After being on the lookout for an Exige for ages and narrowly missing out a purple one, I came across this 04 S2 111S (K Series) a few months ago and picked it up. Still after a S2 Exige, but very much enjoying the Elise! Pretty much stock, but few things refreshed since I've had it: new discs, pad (CR's - excellent) and braided hoses; new Yokohama's, fast road geo and wheel refurb (black now - regret); and a recent wiper/washer saga (is is possible to get that damn bottle out of the engine bay??! - fixed now anyway). Not as fast in a straight line as my Audi S3, which is quite tuned up (and same colour, would you believe!), but the Elise is so much more fun in the corners and on track. Bobby
  9. Sounds fun! Probably won't be able to hit a barn door, but what the hell! 1: bingoking +1 2: delands 3: sainttoad
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