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  1. Nearly 2 years have gone by had to put the Esprit on hold due to work & family commitments, I have found some time to start the engine build over last few weeks now all the parts are back from balancing. I have had the crank, pistons, rods and flywheel balanced by Vibration Free Ltd great job and great service highly recommended. I have vapour blasted the block and crank cradle, doweled, line bored the engine block is now on the engine stand with new liners and the 2.2ltr crank polished. Rods, pistons and oil pump housing are next on the list for this week!
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  3. Thanks guys for your comments and pictures some good ideas the Miura looks the dogs, I have a set of speed lines and also a set of split rims that Dave kindly made look the part polished rims and centre face with gold inner webs so I will see how both sets look against the car. I've got samples of leather, tartan and other trim materials coming but I am a bit off this yet I have the engine to finish and chassis to finish building over next few weeks and move house !
  4. Thanks Nic I needed some encoragement after a few of the comments on here about the colour I am building the car to use and drive i am not a pureist nor is it a show car. I wanted to go away from the bronze and be different from the crowd right or wrong. But up to now everybody that has seen the car up to now has said nice colour, bright but looks really good and suits the lines and curves of the car. I did think about lighter colour perferated leather or tartan only on the door inserts just to break up the black I will get a few samples to see what it looks like.
  5. Hi Dave I thought just the same after I had the test panels sprayed i roman bronze as much as I like originallity the brown really wasn't for me and with quite a lot of Esprit S2 getting full restortated I thought I would be a bit different just hoping when all the satin black body parts are on it will tone the car down! I will let you know once it's finished and come up would like a second opinion from another owner Cheers daren
  6. Dave Looking forward to see what you get your hands on some of the cars are starting to fetch good money! Keep me posted! Daren Any you guys help me I am looking for a material matting for the bulk head and engine bay for a heat sheild / sound deadening also what the best matting for the outside of the chassis tunnel for sound deadening? Cheers
  7. Dave I was going to go black leather for the interior I think I have defiantly gone over ambitious on the paint work, have you got yourself another Lotus yet? I have now stripped the engine and it was a good job I did the mesh strainer on the oil pick in the sump was completely blocked solid with old hardened oil partials and big lumps of gasket sealant, the main bearings/crank are showing bad signs of oil issues small gouges in the surfaces, crank has a few bad marks also. Surprisingly the pistons and liners are in very good condition doesn't look like they have done many miles at all. I am going to rebuild the engine up to 2.2ltr with a pair of 104/107 cams which should give the engine a new lease of life! if you have any interesting ideas for the interior I would be happy to hear? cheers Daren
  8. Hi Dave nice to hear from you hope you are well, the car is coming on well I know nearly everyone on here thinks I should of gone Roman Bronze but I had test panels painted and really was not for me so I decided to do something different to everyone else right or wrong I have still saved it poor thing and the colour is growing on me! Just stripped the engine this week and done another shopping list, chassis is getting built up in between other bits, ive got my workshop making new front brake covers replaced every nut,bolt, door pins, st/St bonnet hinges & catches the list is endless as you know so I am trying my best for the poor car and keep another S2 on the road. I have the set of speed lines in silver I got from you which really look good but I do like those split rims polished with gold inners against the colour of the body so once finished I will fit both to see what looks the best.
  9. Hi Matt have you a list of all your vac formed bits with prices please I need a a center and both sides for my dash also side vents for the engine bay. cheers daren
  10. Steve at SJ is or has now made some he told me the other month.
  11. Thks for the positive comments appreciated when I am a bit concerned it's a bit on the bright side i am sure it will look good fully built at least it's the only one around lol your correct how many cars are fully original at 40 years old, I love white esprit and that would of been my choice my son talked me out of it!
  12. Roman bronze might of grown on me but I just don't like brown cars we painted a test panel in roman bronze and it still didn't do it for me. I know its not original but there are a lot of esprit out there not in there original factory colours i just wanted something different. I have never seen a S2 in orange I saw a evora in the orange and liked it, but I must admit it is a lot brighter than I thought hoping fully built it will tone it down.
  13. Just been to see the car at the painters I picked a orange metalic hope this looks good when it's built up!
  14. Hi Matt, are they a pressed and formed as per the original ones?
  15. Thanks for the replies was hoping someone knew of some, they are not bad Pete possibly repair them for now I will have a go at making some the new ones when work is not so busy. anybody got a near side rear quater glass in green tint?
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