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  1. First coat of POR15 its really hard and man does this stuff stick does not come off your hands! After 2 coats off the POR15 I've applied a tie coat of there grey etching primer ready for the final coat of the chassis black paint then hopefully should last a few years frost says they guarantee the paint for 10 years so should be good.
  2. Finally back onto my chassis repaired the damaged front section from were some animal has jacked the car up with not protection, now ready to start the POR15 paint process
  3. Hi Geert your wheels look great Ive got some old split rims on my S2 with polished rims just wanted to know did you clear coat the polished rim or left them bare aluminium?
  4. Thanks for the tips guys on the POR15 and skin contact, how many coats do you give it before the last coat of chassis black? Ive done a few repairs to the chassis ordered some laser cut discs fo the spring cups as one side has signs or wear and a new bottom plate it has some serious jacking dents!. After all the welding is done its going for a secong finer blasting before I paint it with the POR15 ill post some pictures on the progress.
  5. Hi roland thanks for advice my chassis has been blasted a week ago I have done a few welding jobs and now its ready for blasting again then I was going to use the por15 prewash is this the phosphate you mentioned I need to fully wash off? What sort of temperature would you say the chassis need to be?
  6. Hi Jon, Thanks for the paint procedure big help, would I have to do the marine degrease as I have had the chassis shot blast very clean? do I go straight on with the gloss POR15 black is their no undercoat? Paul I will give them a call today hope they deliver! cheers guys Daren
  7. The cant rails had been filled in place and flush along the roof total bodge job had to dig them out, I now have a bucket of filler and a broken windscreen so have to go windscreen shopping!!
  8. Did you prime your chassis first before top coating with POR15? I am going to paint mine now powdercoatis out just now have to decide spray or brush!!
  9. Hi Antonio, just read through your progress great work !! I have just started my S2 body is of and completely stripped the chassis, had it blasted now debating powder coat or paint what would you do now if you could do it again? what's your wiring loom like? mine is shot and need a major repair or new loom Ive heard mixed reports on both any ideas?
  10. iam not a fan of powder coating but it seams a lot of people go that way I might consider a 2 pack paint job what did you use? how hard was your loom work I have look at mine and its a mess, ive seen Fabian's work on hig blog and he seems a bit of a professional is it a big task ?
  11. Fabian just had a look through your work wow your doing a amazing job on that car it will be better than new!! I really don't know about my loom I think it is too far gone it has been cut and patched up over the years had numerous alarms wired and cut out. I have been quoted about £600 for a new one but as you say a lot of others that have gone this way have to then rework the new loom. where did your loom come from?
  12. Fabian, Where is your blog so I can have a look? my loom is in a very bad state Dave had done a lot of work on the rear engine loom section but under the dash/pod sections is a total mess with a lot of cut wires and broken & burnt sections so I was going to buy a new one but I've heard a few mixed reports on them?
  13. I best have a close look at the tubes once it is shot blasted and take it from there, did you powder coat or paint your chassis? I will have a look on SJ site cheers
  14. What bits do you have Fabian? I am just sat working out the amount of bits I need the list is endless. does anybody know where the best place to get all the front and rear suspension bushes from?
  15. hi Paul, The front is very crusty too, I have just sent the chassis away for shot blasting just to see how bad it is after a good blast ....wonder if anything comes back!!
  16. Hi Fabian, Dave did tell me about your S1 have you got it about finished? I started a few weeks ago and just found a few minutes to put a few pictures on the forum for you guys to see. the car has some good history and Aka Bilk or his production manager Les Squires did own the car I have a very large file full of history so it is worth getting this car back to its former glory...I hope!!
  17. Hi Guys After a bit of a break from the Esprit and with great debate I have decided to totally nut & bolt my S2 I did attempt to try and make her road worthy from when I bought it from Dave but after some serious digging around with the wiring, suspension, clutch and interior I though it just needed a full strip down. So I started with interior and then the next week the body came off now sat looking at a very big pile of bits wondering what have I started!!!
  18. Cheers Roo I will give it ago thats all a mechanic I know said to do but I wanted to hear it from somedody who has done it, should I replace the case seal at the same time?
  19. Cheers guys, Thanks Roo for pics, did the gear box come away and stright down relatively easy? I dont have a 4 post lift only axle stands which are about 600mm high would this be enough? I think it looks a massive job to drop the full engine & box just for the clutch as others suggest.
  20. thanks guys, I was hoping that I could just bring the gear box down and replace the clutch as I want to just have a drive in the car before I totally strip her down this winter while I collect all my parts I need for the restoration. let you know how I get on with it!!
  21. cheers guys I will fit new door seals when I get to that stage and see what happens also possibly look for the strip that Bazza mentioned.
  22. Cheers Lain, mines had a lot of water coming in from the doors, Ive got some new door frame seals with the car but theirs a big gap around the top of the doors and a seal in that channel made sense obviously not!
  23. lain, hopfully somebody here in the uk will have a drawing or patern, if not I might have to take you up on that kind offer. Cheers Daren
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