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  1. Hi Guys, Any adivice on changing a clutch on my S2, should I replace anything else apart from release bearing, pressure plate, friction/drive plate while the engine is out? Will I have to drop the engine completely? Cheers Daren
  2. This is a picture off the top of my door on the S2 should there be a seal in the channel?
  3. Sorry guys if this is a daft question what is the up grade for? I have just started to look at front suspension parts for my S2 which I have had for a week and found this topic.
  4. Does anybody have drawings for the boot/ engine bay wooden board set I have some missing?
  5. Cheers Lain, i think I will be needing a little help from forum guys with this resto biggest problem I have at the minute is knowing where to find all the parts, Dave has done some great work with the car and a lot of wiring which is my biggest fear I think a new loom for piece of mind while the body is off.
  6. Hi All, Just been reading from where Dave started this S2 which I have now purchased from him, Dave has done some great work on this very tired S2 and hopefully I will carry on the work with a lot of help from you guys and I rekkon a few texts to Dave who has already been a big help. Not done much as yet just trying to work out where to start, I have decided to fully restore her possably back to her original colour which was Roman Bronze, if anybody has details on this paint and also the interior trim colours it would be really helpful. This is my first Esprit challange so foregive me for asking stupid questions! Cheers Daren
  7. Lain that's all I was just going to do was pin out the old loom and mark out around all radius, legs & connections at the same time I will do a full layout drawing then split the loom for lengths and wire sizes. just need to find wire anybody got any ideas? I will let you know how I get on.
  8. hi Vin, Iain is right with old wires can be hard to work with and only fail later down the line I don't fancy opening up and repairing my loom then finding out more needs doing as I found on other restorations ive done in the past! I am going to build one myself with help from friend who is very good with electrics, I have a wiring diagram from the guy I bought the car from just need the wire in the correct size & colours. I will let you know how I get on just starting to remove the body this weekend.
  9. Hi Vin, ive got the same dilemma my wiring in my recently purchased S2 has got and had some germlins. I was wondering how you got on repairing your harness? I was looking at SJ new wiring harness but at 420 with no connections seems just as bad! Cheers Daren
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