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    1992 lotus esprit se turbo and .porsche968
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    south yorks uk

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  2. Just got back from holiday, thanks for all your reply's
  3. I do get an intermittent ABS light ,only occasionally thought,just a thought.
  4. Hello, a little advise if you can please.since I bought the car there has been no boost reading on the dial.I have been very busy doing other things on the car ,so just put this down to a faulty gauge.The car has been driving very well or so it seemed to me.However not having driven another esprit turbo. I'm not so sure.I have never realy noticed the turbo spooling either, so my question is this .Could this be something as simple as a stuck wastegate or a boost solenoid or vacuum lines etc.any advise on what to look at please.
  5. Hi Mike .On the subject of problems passed on by the previous owner.When I bought my 92 se I was told it had been maintained regardless of cost,more like maintained at no cost.Now I'm Slowly weeding out the gremlins.Somethings where so obviously not right that it shows the seller just did not care,or did not know any better. All the best ,Karl
  6. Hello mike just to say hello I bought a pair of door mirrors of you a couple of years ago on pistonheads for a tvr tasmin I don't have it anymore moved on to the esprit.Sorry I cant help you with your question I too have a question without any answers,it's the way the cookie crumbles sometime's.If you are not that mike brewer then my apologies
  7. I have a problem with the cooling fans and at the moment have them running off an on/off swich under the dash.The problem has been traced to some wiring and connector blocks in the rear quarter.I have tried to find the exact point but have failed time after time.I have found the cooling fans relay, so my question is can the system be rewired from the thermal switch to the relay and then to the fans .I'am not genned up on these matters so please excuse me and advise me to the best of your ability.I know there is also a fuse located in the installation.
  8. I also have picked one up from elise parts com £9.95 +VAT just the same as oem thanks' for the push in the right direction.
  9. yes that's the one. I can find many hella lights but it's the size that's's the problem.I have looked at using a surface mounted light fitting so it will cover the opening in the roof lining ,the wiring can be altered if needed.I would like to fit the real thing if possible but due to the age of these car's sometimes we have to adapt and change.
  10. looked all over the net for images,. cant find anything that looks the same only some old vw ones from hella. "worry does not empty tomorrow of it's sorrow,it empties today of it's strength."
  11. My light fitting has broken into bits .Does anyone know what car these lights where sourced from ?and are there replacement's available? any suggestions welcome.
  12. sorry for the late reply, been away for a couple of days .The answer to that is I have yet to find that out I will let you know as soon as I do.
  13. I'm considering an after market clock of some kind in a different place, not sure where it would fit though due to the dash being the shape it is .I can say my lotus esprit is truly timeless.
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