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  1. If you are still under warranty they will replace it with another (red badge)... my last one has lasted 11 months & just started flaking again...
  2. Carfection review - Car & Driver article with Youtube video I'm really confused between the various models! In the US we only have the new Evora GT, the Lotus website mentions the Evora 400 & Evora GT, both I believe are UK models. So what is the Evora 410 GT Sport? I also assume the 430 is gone?
  3. Talk about first world problems! Lotus gave you the choice of accepting this car, or ordering another car exactly the way you want it, move on for heaven's sake.
  4. Will the US car get the CF seats? I'm thinking not...
  5. I was in the UK last week, there were plenty of SUVs there as well! Macans, F-Paces etc...
  6. Wow... that would really go down well in the US -
  7. & yes we're still waiting!!
  8. Mine is peeling as well... Ex-demo December 2016 build now with 500 miles. Have to say I prefer the badge over the stickers
  9. Richard, I know you are heavily vested personally in Lotus & saw a lot of actions that you didn't like. ... particularly things like closing Motorsport, losing the Beckers... Step back a bit & look at the state of Lotus when JMG took over, if things had continued the way Dannyboy had them set there would be no Lotus at all today. The ship is stable, time for a new product strategy with more than limited editions in it. I wish JMG well & thank him for saving my passion - Lotus Cars.
  10. pharriso


  11. That interior is a bit much....
  12. I got my wife to pick up a copy at London Heathrow before coming back to NYC. Great magazine, well worth the money!
  13. I managed to fit in the festival in between flying in from Venice Saturday afternoon & being on a flight to New York Sunday at 5pm thanks to a fellow poster. It was a tremendous event, well worth my effort attending. Managed to pick up shirts, stickers & posters for next to nothing. The F1 runs were certainly a highlight. Even managed a chat with Bibs over a bacon baguette!! Thanks to all the organisers & volunteers.
  14. In the States we can get pretty much anything; so I have...
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