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  2. For sure. We're talking microns when orbitally grinding. And the whole package works just great
  3. Hi Jerry. Pete at PNM Engineering advised that before fitting the new clutch, to deglaze the surface of the fly wheel. I also fitted a new master and slave cylinder. And after that it's really important to adjust the peddle movement as per Lotus service notes (you need to ensure that after taking your foot off the peddle that there's a little free play, confirming that the slave cylinder is not exerting pressure onto the clutch fork - plus there another adjustments re overall pedal throw and position etc) Plus the clutch had new friction plates fitted (AP racing not Helix) and the sandwich plates orbitally ground.
  4. All working very well since I got new parts and refurbed others. Temperature spot on. Oil pressure is better since changing all three hoses, cleaning the oil coolers and using Mobile 1 Big job at the time. All fasteners are now stainless steel Thanks to Pete at PNM for parts and advice
  5. Job done. Gearbox seals were a real pain to fit. Thanks to Pete at PNM for parts and answering my questions
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