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  2. Hi all I wnt to get a live feed into the cabin is there an easy way? Do I have to strip the seats out and all the plastic work or is there a gromit somewhere that I can just push a fish wire through I only want a 15Amp connection so the cable will be quite small. If I need to strip out the plastic and the centre consoul is there any where I can look to see the correct way to get them out I also have to pick up a feed from the lighter socket to the front to power my Spooper. Many Thanks
  3. Hi all I will be picking my 09 Elise up soon and want to put a splitter on, not for the down force because that only really works at high speed. I want a grp one to take the knocks more then anything to save the body work. There is a couple on ebay one at £70 and one at £99 Iknow they are cheap, has anyone got one of these? Thanks in advance
  4. I'm not sure Lotus Silverstone are sorting it out I will have to find out.
  5. I have spoke to the dealer today and changed the exhaust to a 2Bular as after a lot of reading it seems to be what most people recommend. The only down side is it will take approximately 3 weeks so it looks like I will be picking up the car with out the exhaust and have to go back for it now i've brought it I want it to drive I cant wait the 3 weeks
  6. Hi all most of the other cars I have owned have had forums that have how to section showing you how to take everything apart. I cant see any on here but is there one somewhere? I want to get a live feed from the battery to the cab I know its just a case ofw running it but it means taking the seat out and the pannel behind? Thanks
  7. Here it is on the forecourt. I think it may need black stripes and black alloys?
  8. Hi thanks for your help I have put a deposit down on a 2009 Elise SC in burnt orange 2 owner and 32,000 miles. Its coming from Lotus Silverstone so should be all ok. Part of the deal is the TRD upgrade and a Lotus stage3 exhaust which it now seems may be a mistake so do I go for a 2bular or a Larini I want it to shout when I give it a few revs but then not to much all the time and is the TRD from Toyota the best because I know there is a Hurricane or I have a K&N in the garage that may fit so no point in wasting the cash I know that the TRD and exhaust are an £800 part of the deal so could I spend the money better? Can't wait to get the car though and start driving it
  9. Hi all still not 100% sure whether to go for an SC or a newer S but I think as my first Lotus it will be an SC as its a bit cheaper to make sure I like it. I have found a nice orange 2 owner 32,000 miles car with just a couple of things to sort out on it one being silver wheels need to be black the other really is the exhaust its standard so as part of the deal it will come with a Lotus stage 3 and the induction sorted out or should I get some more off the car and go for a Larini exhaust I have to say I like the youtube videos of the grunt of the Larini. The car will be serviced, Mot and 12 months warranty. What are the running costs of the car and what goes will it be due a clutch soon and so on? The SC drove very well it felt a bit more sporty then the S but then the S had a nicer box the one thing that let the S down for me was all black and i've had a lot of black cars I think the Elise looks great in a shout out colour and I have to say burnt orange in the sun looked great. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi all I am still looking to buy but have narrowed it down to a supercharged Elise so is there any real difference between a Mk2 SC and a Mk3 S both are around 220 bhp so apart from the shape what else is there? I know the one is newer but there is around £10,000 between them. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks all. Sorry I would have loved to come down to Banbury but I was at work.
  12. Hi all sorry I know I keep asking questions about which car to go for but there are lots of Elise and Elise S and not that many 111R and because of that there is a big price difference so can I map, change exhaust and induction on a S to get it up to the around the 190Bhp? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all as you may know i'm thinking of getting a Lotus I think I have now decided it will be an Elise not an exige because I want the roof off most of the time. The big question now is 111S K engine or 111R toyota I have no idea? I've now got another problem I've seen a 111R sport Racer its around £4000 more then a standard car so is it worth it's at £22,000 for a 2006 30,000 miles 3 owners. It would be great to drive the cars back to back but its not going to happen, if I did go for a 111S I could save a lot of money and still have fun at around £15,000. This is harder then I thought because there is the two engines and lots of model changes. There is also the SC supercharged which will blow the budget but i'm only going to do this one so I need to get it right. If there is anyone in the Halesowen B63 (south Birmingham) area who is willing to take me out in either car and chat that would be much appreciated Many thanks
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