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  1. I think you seem under the impression that there are no human rights or regulations in China. The company I used to work for produced its machines in China (which was where I was working) and the workers had excellent working conditions. We also checked (announced and unannounced visits on site) every single supplier for their working conditions and would not do any business with any company that would not adhere to our very strict standards for worker well being. Regarding the crap quality. We all know how successful English cars have been right? British engineering quality led to th
  2. Again, I'm not here to discuss Chinese politics, so I will try and steer clear of that. The only 'communist' thing in the 'Communist' party is in its name. That should be pretty obvious by now. The Chinese are some of the most materialistic people I have ever met. I find it amusing that you are worried about the gap between the rich and the poor when some of us on here are driving cars that are worth more than a big part of the population has in their bank accounts. Please, get real. And even among us, how many have a private jet? Or a penthouse in the Shard? Exactly. I have
  3. I think the word you are looking for is bigot. If you want we can debate here what China has done wrong in the past and what it does wrong now. I think right after that we should start with Germany and how you shouldn't buy a Porsche because during the war Porsche was building tanks for the nazis. I agree with you that I wouldn't buy a Chinese sports car. That however is due to the fact that they have only started building cars a few years ago. The MG6 you can buy in the UK has a safety rating of 4 out of 5 stars, is cheap and actually not that bad according to reviews.
  4. Yeah um my girlfriend is Chinese and has lived in China 23 years but has never eaten dog. English all have terrible teeth. Back on topic: The Chinese buyer cares very much about the brand name. Lotus just doesn't have any brand appeal in China. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche.
  5. Sounds like I should have gone for a Porsche after all. Apparently the Evora S can't compare to a Porsche in terms of handling ey... damn and I thought that was the most redeeming quality about the car.
  6. 25 but the first car I insured in the UK. Have been driving since 18 but always in another country and no insurance in my name (insurance works differently back home). That said, my friend who is a year older than myself, recently passed his exam and got himself an old Ford Focus. His insurance was £1600 for his first year The upside to this is that I don't have to do the whole prostate thing just yet....
  7. Implying you can't go fast enough with the stock 350bhp? Lets be honest here. For the people who do all their driving on public roads, is more power really necessary?
  8. Well done. If only insurance was that cheap for me £2k+ at my age.
  9. But there are other differences compared to the Exige. It has power steering, carpets, a set of speakers, satnav, etc. There is more to it than just the two seats. I don't think the average Evora buyer would buy an Exige. Which also means that the Cayman GTS being £20k cheaper is rather attractive to potential buyers.
  10. Why not directly comparable? Except the rear seats which are only usable with kids they are pretty similar?
  11. Yes definitely but you can't deny the others a fair bit of history themselves. I just... I don't think that lotus has the funds required to make a big enough impact compared to its competitors. It works here in Europe where most people still vaguely remember lotus from its past glory. However in China they have to pretty much build it up from scratch.
  12. I think Lotus will struggle with this. I have lived in China and from personal experience I can see two major problems: Most Chinese don't care about performance. Image is all that counts. Most Chinese recognize the three pointed star or the white and blue one but Lotus? Nobody. Walk around People's square in Shanghai and the big names spend crazy amounts on showrooms. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley, etc. etc. If a Chinese wants to spend big they want to spend the money on th
  13. I have had 2 girls in the back too (don't jump to conclusions!) and they act all surprised when they (and I write this with a straight face) have to spread their legs and sit like a boy so that their legs go either side of the chair. Whats the problem? They were all wearing jeans though. However summer is coming...
  14. So it is about £1200 for a full set of Pirellis or £700 for a set of Michelin PSS? And people say the Michelins are better? Why bother with the Pirellis then?
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