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    S2 Exige S 320 ( Wanted Evora ) - Lexus IS300h F-Sport - Daily Hack - Merc Class C220 CDI AMG Estate - Family Ride!
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    Lots - Full hanger 111 - Dyno 320Bhp and much more
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  2. Hi Guys I have someone interested in my Exige from Sweden and they have asked me if I change the headlight adjustment from Rhd to Lhd. Now I have checked and there is no adjustment dial, I was under the impression that if this was not in place there was a "blind" that could be adjusted but under investigation this blind seems to be fixed? research shows that there was a change in 06/07 period from some research it states this should be adjustable ? could anyone advise what I can do, its a UK car. Cheers Paza
  3. Thats a great offer might take you up on that
  4. Guys Having another stab at this , last year I started looking for one and never found one and in the meantime purchase another car. Am back in an Exige S at the moment but have found myself looking at Evora's again so think I need to scratch the itch! Am after realistically a N/A although am a little concerned it will be unpowered? but a S might too much of a stretch. So a N/a Evora - Sports and Tech really premium would be nice but not essential Ideally a +2 but honestly the rear seat are a bit useless so not that essential to the choice. Colour is really important - I would really want a Chrome Orange or Solar Yellow , will consider other colours but really holding out for one of those colours. Budget is my Exige S and 10k i reckon tops, happy to p/x if anyone is interested. Exige S Sports & Tour is 06 in Laser Blue , Full Pro Bax seats , touring and sports pack - Full Hanger 111 Conversion completed around 10 months ago/5000 miles, miles are a little higher (60k) so value is realistic around 22-23k taking in account the £7000 worth of work getting up to 320 bhp dyno proven and all the extra work. Its insanely quick and so manageable like a tame pussy cat sub 4500 rpm. Get around to do a proper sale advert for the Exige in the next few weeks i guess , as not dependant on selling this if the right car comes up Thanks Paza
  5. Where that in the options catalogue
  6. To put this motor In perspective I missed out in June on a lovely Red Evore 2+2 with sports park, 29k FLSH in mint condition , .. Mainly as I spent to long looking at porkers and turned up to the Evora party late. Anyway that was up for 29k and he said he would take 27.5k in the morning I called an hour later to book the viewing / collection it was sold to a dealer and it currently for sale on Autotrader for 32k I think ..... That chap had been trying to sell this minter for 4-6 weeks was my understanding as a private sale. The price in nor here nor there as they say as if you spending 27k you might as well spend 3k more and get a decent one, a car like this will always be a tricky sale, and with autumn fast approaching the market will only get more challenging. Such a shame it's been poorly looked after , fundamentally as a current buyer in the market sport pack is a must , tech is not so important as it's easy to retro fit but history and condition is essential
  7. Totally agree would be an awesome track project
  8. Yeah not convinced at all .... Every warning signal when buying a used car flashing directly at you... Pricing is debatable as ever , so many factors can play there part. No SH would be a big concern even if I could trace the history , this is subject to it being serviced at a decent dealer it's not been treated as a P&J should be .. this is a high end car treated like a Saxo.. It's hard sell without the outstanding finance/missing history/ poor condition for a zero pack fitted 2 seater :/ My feeling is it might be up for sale for a few weeks yet
  9. Hi Guys New Evora on Autotrader turned up yesterday , as I was kindly informed by a fellow member , cheers David Save yourself a call gents No Sport Pack no tech... aftermarket headunit .. she’s not sure what it is.. not Alpine or Pioneer..(2 + 0) 3 Owners previous owners No service history she never got it apparently Bought from a standard garage Owned for just over a year and still not serviced MOT had advisories ... 1 x tyre need to be replaced different brand to the other front ... then a few weeks ago 2 x rear were replaced different brand again. NOT Hpi clear ... currently has finance outstanding at pretty much the asking price by all accounts Has a big crack in the front bumper .. and the condition was described as ok.. crack is at the top from the head light passed the crease of the bumper sounds like a car park bump On the west coast of Scotland somewhere.. not an issue but worth noting This lady really had no idea , when asking questions further I suggested I could consider a lower offer ., I was promptly told clear off lol Reason for sale... facing a driving ban I think this was is a non starter even at an attract price Could be a good track “slag” for someone Cheers Paza P.s Good news it will be sitting there for weeks!!! hoping it will bring the prices down mahahahahahhaha
  10. Might be worth editing the title now it's resolved seems a bit damning currently in light of the updates , glad it got sorted
  11. Without doubt both need to be changed , I would never take the risk it's the difference of smashing up the P&J or taking a perfect line in a bend
  12. I do love your Evora ..looks like my peeeerfect spec! ..drool Great selection of cars as said , the ring is a wonderful place
  13. Great pics the one on the Karussell the Evora looks epic! It's the way to go now I last went to the ring in Nov on a public day and it just to much risk now , out of interest how much was it ? Also how much was the track insurance ? Or is this part of your existing insurance policy I do love the ring such a great atmosphere! .. Would love to take my Evora (when I get one lol) around
  14. That is just drool , some small styling changes and it would be perfectly outside of my budget
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