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  2. I guess it would make sense to have a modified class based on the comments relating to cars being judged positively on them being original. Given that many of the cars entering the concours are modified in some way it would at least give them a chance of being recognised for their efforts Just a thought...
  3. I snapped a few on my phone. I'll upload the rest from my camera tomorrow... We'll see if the pics from my iPhone upload the pics the right way up for a change?!
  4. Cracking looking car you have there Ben, there wasn't anything I could fault it on ?
  5. Love the vids Bibs. My favourite is your walk around... It's like an old slasher movie. You have some sexy images and someone behind the camera heavy breathing! lol ?
  6. Thanks to a little too much sun I nearly missed, (all of) the briefing for the parade laps and I completely forgot to pop upstairs for the concours awards. With that in mind I'll just assume I won and well done to everyone else for trying ? Bibs and crew you smashed it today well done to you all. Also hats off to the owners of some of the finest examples I've ever seen ?
  7. Great... I put my name down for the concours back in Jan and I've only just happened upon the thread again. Looking forward to it!
  8. Is there a form to print, fill in and bring with? If so where can I find it? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  9. JAWS - 2010 Evora Rupert - 2004 Elise TrevorB - 1992 Elan SE Turbo ChrisJ - 1982 Turbo Esprit Steve - 1980 Essex Esprit Kalli - 2015 Exige S Coupe The Pits - 1981 Turbo Esprit Peapod - Exige S LotusPilot - 2014 Exige S Roadster Domguy - exige s1 Bruce Crowthorne - 1968 Elan S4 mayesprit - S2 Elan m100 JG - 2009 Evora Orangebomb 2006 Exige 320S
  10. I drove to and from Brands Hatch today... I couldn't stop starring at it. Highly recommended
  11. Finally got around to having the new dash display fitted. John at JSRacing has done all of the work and he's done a cracking job and has been a pleasure to deal with. There are still a couple of additions to be made, namely oil temp and pressure sensors installing but all of the basics are up and running. The photos really don't do it any justice. It's completely changed the feel of the interior for the better by making it feel bang up to date. Before anyone mentions it... I have no idea why one of the pics is upside down?!
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