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  1. Seriously though, thanks for the compliments! I'm really chuffed to see them finished. They look really good painted. How did you attach them? Did you glue them or is it a friction fit?
  2. I think it was around 20 people on the Meet and Greet - it started as hour or so before the main event I believe. Owen, have you seen the exhibit in Covent Garden in London? I was over a few weeks back, it was well worth going to. Amazing selection of hardware, but sadly no Turbo Esprits!
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, I've ordered on a few occasions and they've never failed to deliver. I'm waiting for a print myself this time round too. I have to admit it's kinda cool getting an envelope with the Pinewood Studios stamp on it! On a related note I saw him on tour a couple of weeks ago and got this from a mate who did the Meet & Greet!
  4. Hi Dave, I'm glad you like them! I'm thrilled they managed to fit; but when you say plastic welded, you mean the actual mirror assembly itself? Is it something that could be sanded down?
  5. Yeah, that is a great shot. If I had an actual Esprit I'd definitely go for a pic featuring the car. As it stands I have the 8x10" prints for Live and Let Die, Spy Who Loved Me, Man with the Golden Gun and View to a Kill - I intend to get matching frames and hang them all up. Getting the Autoart S1 signed at one of his shows would be a dream come true, but sadly it's extremely unlikely.
  6. Yikes, really?? Just a dislike of the car or bad experience filming? I contacted the tour promoters a while back asking if he would be willing to sign maybe one small item, but apparently he was so badly hounded in the past by professional autograph hunters (who just stuck it on ebay) that he gave up on it completely. Understandable, I suppose! He seems a thoroughly decent bloke though, I wouldn't mind meeting him some day.
  7. Hi folks... well, I've set up a shop link on Shapeways, I think it's good to go. They're €29.82 each, I had them printed in "Black Strong & Flexible" material mainly due to the colour, but I think the finish with "White Strong & Flexible Polished" is a bit smoother, so you might want to try that instead. You'll have to paint them though! Here is a bit of info about the material: And here is the product link: IMPORTANT NOTE : These were designed for the red type mirror in the ph
  8. Yikes, I have no idea why that happened... I just copied and pasted the link from the website's address bar... Seems to be working for me now though? Hi Jonny, not with that website unfortunately, you place the order online and they get posted out to you. He is going on tour though, I'm going to see him in Belfast in a few weeks. There were Meet and Greet tickets available but apparently he doesn't sign personal items... I was hoping to take my Autoart S1 with me! See here, he might be coming to a place close to you: http://www.aneveningwithsirrogermoo
  9. Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone was interested. is holding an autograph signing event with Roger Moore, it includes some nice shots with the copper Esprit (see below) The order window closes November 3rd, so there isn't long left!
  10. Here are a few photos of the frames in place...
  11. Hi again folks, wow, I'm glad they're going down well! I've gotten a few PM's about them, so I'll just post a bit of background info that I've told Dave already. I don't have an Esprit myself, but a friend of mine does. It's a 1984 S3 currently undergoing restoration. One of the surrounds on his mirror was missing when he bought it, and he soon discovered that replacements were not available (you had to buy the whole mirror, if you could find one, basically) I offered to try modeling it up and getting it 3d printed; the green one in the photo was the prototype. I got that done a
  12. Here are a couple of pics of the final prints
  13. Hi Dave, I'm the guy behind those surrounds - I'll drop you a PM!
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