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  2. You can try by pulling the rubber intake hose off from the throttle body and have someone in the car with ignition on pressing the throttle.
  3. The biggest issue with these cars is the factory drive by wire.....the throttle plate doesn't open 100% therefore it drops top end power. Just by having full control over the throttle body the car will produce 40 - 50hp increase. I'll soon post up some build pics. Currently i'm in the process of making 400hp, 450hp and 500hp kit. The hardware will be all bolt on and the ECU is plug n play ready to turn key.
  4. alloy hard pipe with K&N So far the gearbox is holding, already did one track day......I assume the clutch will let go soon. yes it is, I could have increased it on the 98 fuel and would have still made decent numbers.
  5. Yes it's also follow us on facebook page we'll be constantly updating.
  6. Hey guys, just want to share our currently tuned Exige S that is making 473hp. Goal is to get 500 on a stock unopened motor which will easily be done with few more extra mods. Here's our current modification: - Haltech Elite ECU (piggy backed) - Flex fuel sensor - ID 1000 injectors - Walbro fuel pump - Smaller pulley that makes 6 psi boost - Water to air cooler kit - Janspeed muffler - Air intake Next mods - custom fabbed RTR stainless manifold - hi flow catalytic converters - possibly 8 psi pulley Here is the dyno graph Blue line is stock with only - muffler, intake and cooler kit. Red line is all the mods mentioned on 98 ron fuel Purple line is on E85
  7. I'm after the pin outs from the ecu.....need to know which pins are for the injectors, ignition, cam & crank sensor, tps, coolant temp. if i can get hold of the whole diagram would be great.
  8. Hey guys Hope someone could help me out. I need to find a ECU wiring diagram for 2013 Exige V6. Cheers
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