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    Craig dewar
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    Lotus Exige S
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    Super Sports +, TRD air box, Lotus Stage 3 exhaust and sports cat, corner weighted, Avon ZZR tyres, Go Pro :)
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  1. Sorry for the slow reply Brian, I'd love to come along but don't think I'll be able make it. I'll play it by ear though. Have a great day if I don't see you guys! ?
  2. I'm coming along on Sunday too. I've only just read this though, so haven't asked to be put anywhere or with anyone...
  3. Hi M4rk, You can rest assured! My garage is 2500mm and there is ample room to get in/out of the drivers door with the car parked a little over to the left ?. I too have an electric roller door and it's well, well worth doing!
  4. I checked mine for you tonight mate. You are missing the rear one which is the one you pointed out near the sc and the ribbed cable tube.
  5. Do you need any special type of led for the rear indicators other than a pair of w16w's?
  6. The rear light units are just the same as the S2's, so nothing too new/fancy. Think they're just quarter turn bayonet type, but not sure if they're straight or offset pins.
  7. How did you get on @geartox, @Rancid, looking all crisp and LED like now? Andy - I wondered about the rear indicators too. Did you do any research?
  8. That's correct mate. Clever of you to look up the parts diagram!! ?
  9. Go for it. You'll be fine, it's easier than it sounds and the results are great - Just take your time!
  10. I had the same issue that causes the exhaust valve pipe to have a constant vacuum and keeping the valve closed. I drive with the valve open all the time anyway, so just plugged the pipe for now - safety first!! It's actually quite worrying that they can stick in an unsafe condition like this though!! Unfortunately mine caused a bit of heat damage until the rubber hose burned through and opened the valve, coming things down a little!
  11. Mmmm, looks very nice indeed!! Congrats mate. Let the fun begin
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