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  1. Sorry for the slow reply Brian, I'd love to come along but don't think I'll be able make it. I'll play it by ear though. Have a great day if I don't see you guys! ?
  2. I'm coming along on Sunday too. I've only just read this though, so haven't asked to be put anywhere or with anyone...
  3. Hi M4rk, You can rest assured! My garage is 2500mm and there is ample room to get in/out of the drivers door with the car parked a little over to the left ?. I too have an electric roller door and it's well, well worth doing!
  4. I checked mine for you tonight mate. You are missing the rear one which is the one you pointed out near the sc and the ribbed cable tube.
  5. Do you need any special type of led for the rear indicators other than a pair of w16w's?
  6. The rear light units are just the same as the S2's, so nothing too new/fancy. Think they're just quarter turn bayonet type, but not sure if they're straight or offset pins.
  7. How did you get on @geartox, @Rancid, looking all crisp and LED like now? Andy - I wondered about the rear indicators too. Did you do any research?
  8. That's correct mate. Clever of you to look up the parts diagram!! ?
  9. Go for it. You'll be fine, it's easier than it sounds and the results are great - Just take your time!
  10. I had the same issue that causes the exhaust valve pipe to have a constant vacuum and keeping the valve closed. I drive with the valve open all the time anyway, so just plugged the pipe for now - safety first!! It's actually quite worrying that they can stick in an unsafe condition like this though!! Unfortunately mine caused a bit of heat damage until the rubber hose burned through and opened the valve, coming things down a little!
  11. Mmmm, looks very nice indeed!! Congrats mate. Let the fun begin
  12. @Rancid I'd be interested in giving the CAI a go if you're selling. Thanks.
  13. Pretty sure it's fibreglass painted matt/satin black.
  14. What drive train changes does the Evora 400 have?
  15. Hi guys, here's the update. Firstly the repairs were straightforward and relatively low cost. It appears that whatever it is that controls the vacuum suction to open/close the exhaust valve in the oem airbox failed. The manual exhaust valve switch indication changes on the dash, but does nothing to control the air signal to the exhaust valve. It pulls a constant vacuum, thus keeping it closed. The manual control was tested in both tour and sport modes with no change. Worrying that all elements of the valve control aren't fail safe. The theory here is now that the exhaust valve was closed, despite reading open on the dash. The exhaust then got hot enough to do some cosmetic damage before melting the vacuum hose and allowing the valve to move to its fail safe open condition - preventing any further damage!! The valve was working on route to the track day, so not sure at what point something went wrong. The exhaust valve vacuum hose has now been removed and plugged. The valve will now remain open at all times. One other thing that we've noticed though is the central bracket that holds the diffuser grille up away from the exhaust was/is not in place. It seems almost impossible to get bolts through the diffuser grille frame above the tailpipes and into the bracket with twin tailpipes. Otherwise the surround is very close to the tailpipes and will almost certainly touch over bumps etc. Can anyone else with twin tailpipes check theirs and confirm if their diffuser grille is supported in the middle or not? Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the responses so far guys. So far I have scoured the Internet and see no other reports of this with Larini's or any other aftermarket V6 exhaust. I have spoken directly with Larini who also havent been informed of any similar issues on the Exige. Larini suggested sending Yvo at Elise Parts (main distributer) and Larini an email and pictures so they can see how it's fitted and the extent of the damage. The exhaust and valve look to be completely fine with no obvious signs of extreme heat. Although it appears that most of the heat is from the exit of the left tailpipe where the diffuser and parking sensor have burned/melted. @Xisthos - so far it doesn't appear to be a common problem. In order to decat you have to replace the headers on the V6. @Fortis - I wondered about the valved/non-valved exhausts perhaps being intended for different purposes (road/track) as I know Jim at 2bular doesn't reccommend the 2bular valved exhaust for track use. However, Larini don't mention anything about that and my track day was in horrendous rain (not pushing hard and would likely have some additional cooling effects from spray). @Crouchy - Thanks for checking yours and confirming. I've had mine fitted for around 2500 miles and not had any previous issues during road driving. Does yours have the twin tailpipes or oval? When you're on track do you have the valve manually open?
  17. Has anyone with an aftermarket exhaust experienced any rear end heat issues? My friend has a Larini valved exhaust and whilst on a trackday yesterday the rear diffuser has essentially significantly melted on the upper left of the tailpipes . We've taken the diffuser off tonight and found the following - vacuum hose melted and uncoupled, parking sensor melted, parking sensor wiring melted especially above the tailpipes. The vacuum hose was heatwrapped and all wiring attached to bodywork as per OEM fixings. Also, we think that the vacuum hose is a symptom and not the cause as it was working on route to the track and the exhaust valve defaults open anyway, thus not leading to excess heat build up. All of this doesn't seem good at all and although I can wrap everything to help with heat I'm worried that the diffuser, especially once repaired will melt again... I don't see/hear of others who track their car adding additional heatshields. Anyone got any similar experience or advice? Thanks!! Craig. P.s. strangley, both photos appear to be upside down despite not being like that on my phone...
  18. Got them through yesterday I know that Jason is attending in his Evora S too, so we definitely will be outnumberingredients Bugatti. Although I guess it would have been nice to have claimed to be more rare!!
  19. Ah, I'm sure there will be a handful of Loti there/on track. I don't think I have any tickets for this yet either and if I have then I don't know where they are!! Hmmm... you might be on your own afterall
  20. Hi guys. Just to let you know that I'm going to this event and have booked track slots. I booked it months ago, but missed this thread! See you there! Craig
  21. As much as I like RedViper's suggestion, I'd consider a second opinion . I've not reset the ecu on the Exige, but as stated above its usually a case of disconnecting the battery for more than 30 mins. Once you reconnect and turn on the Ignition for the first time there is usually a dial sweep as a systems check. I'd suggest trying the reset and allowing it to idle for 10 mins, as there's nothing to lose and it may well resolve your issue
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