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  1. The 220 I drove was also a non-facelift. However, the dealer had a facelift 220 to look at. Personally, I prefer the facelift front clam as the larger air intakes make for a more aggressive look imho. Based upon the launch photos, the pre-facelift aero kit does look much better to my eyes. Can't really comment on the revised gear change on the Elises as I didn't get to actually drive the facelift car. However, the exposed mechanism did seem to have a shorter throw, much like the v6s I've tried.
  2. It was a mechanically standard, non-facelift car. Why do you ask??
  3. Update – I test drove the Cup 250 yesterday. A few thoughts…. All the “pointiness” that I’m missing with the V6 is there Road manners are excellent, even with the stiffened suspension Torque is obviously lacking vs the v6, but the car is eager. Even at low revs The soundtrack is obviously not as good as the v6, but clearly Lotus have put some effort in to make the 4-cylinder car sound less like a sewing machine. The Cup was tested back-to-back over the same route with a Sport 220, which had done about 800 miles more. The Sport is a cracking little car, but the Cup j
  4. Thanks for the input guys Tom - I had seen some of your posts, but good to know that you're still happy with Elise. I was watching your video thinking the Circuit du Luc doesn't look like a power circuit, which would of course benefit the Elise. I did Silverstone, Spa and the Ring in my 260 and am sure the v6 would have been better suited to those tracks. Trevor - You've nailed my big concern about the V6/Elise switch - the power downgrade. That said, we're blessed with some awesome driving roads around here. However, they're mostly narrow and bends are frequently unsighted. On thes
  5. Hi all, has anyone directly compared the Sprint 220 and Cup 250 driving experiences? My V6 has been great and the power is addictive. However, for country lane/ b-road blasts + only the occasional trackday, I'm thinking about returning to an Elise. The Sprint is lighter and has lots of lovely carbon. The Cup has more power and better aero. It's also not massively more expensive in standard form. I'd also be interested to hear from any V6 owners who've moved to an Elise. I think there are a few on here?? Thanks T.
  6. I'll admit to being the paranoid one then! Will make a new version with Tom & Arun's cars on show, but mine blacked out. Tom - the audio file I uploaded is literally the video as recorded by my camera minus the moving images. The audio will therefore be the same in both versions.
  7. Thanks for the message Bibs. I was assuming that it was easy to draw a rectangle over the number plates in Premiere and just use that as an overlay. In iMovie it's easy to use an overlay, but the ballache seems to be actually putting anything on that overlay
  8. Update - the file size seems to have been causing problems. I've created a 540p version, which is about a third of the original 1080p movie in size. Hopefully Bibs will actually receive it this time...
  9. Bibs tells me he's up for a little video editing. The video file is currently uploading onto his dropbox account. I think there've been some fair assessments on the respective exhausts. 2bular raspiest. Std less raspy. Sport - meatier. I thought they all sounded good. Roj - the alarm started playing up again as soon as I got home
  10. It's not that exciting Tom I've already told everyone who won!
  11. Hi guys, does anyone know how to add localised video distortion in iMovie?? I've created the video but don't want our respective number plates plastered all over the internet. In the meantime, I attach the audio file. NB - there are some sections of silence where the video has a title section. The timings for the aac file are roughly: 8 - 34 seconds - Arun Cup, Std exhaust 38 - 1:05 - Tom V6S, 2bular 1:10 onwards - Blaine V6CR, Lotus Sport exhaust I think consensus on the day was the 2bular sounded best. ExigeV6ExhaustsAudio.m4a
  12. A couple of audio clips attached - a cold start. I've made contact with Arun and hopefully we'll be making a comparison video soon. startup1.m4a Startup2.m4a
  13. Thanks for the warm words chaps I've had the car six months now, and as you all know the V6 Exige is just epic in all its guises. Imran - the tow strap was supplied and fitted by Lotus Silverstone. IIRC it was 2/3 hours labour. I love the sports exhaust: Louder than stock when using the right foot, unintrusive on the motorway, saves about 4kg in weight, looks great and keeps the car OEM. The only thing I have noticed is fewer pops and bangs than the std. This might be a function of the sport zorst being newer. On my car the std backbone got progressively livelier after the c
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