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  1. New edition looks into its potential as a daily driver... not putting in any spoilers!
  2. Didn’t realise I’d left you in! Damn!
  3. Yep, very pod racer! The Williams one on the link is cool too!
  4. Honda Designer takes some iconic F1 designs and implementing them into an alternative F1 style mock model boxes. I’m sure it’ll split opinion, but I think they are quite cool. Sad they are not real models!
  5. NO SPOILERS I did watch it, as a huge fan, like a kid in a candy store! Loved every moment of it. It’s a beautiful film!!!! I actually cried 4 times as childhood flashed before my eyes! But agree on the Disney bits and kept saying, right, i’ll tuck that bit in the Disney box, now let’s get back to Star Wars please, but ultimately it was (for this huge Star Wars fan) an emotional rollercoaster and a visual spectacle all rolled into a good script with some really good acting (always hit a miss in the Star Wars galaxy lol!) interesting earlier comment on Kylo Ren being a spoilt brat not knowing what he wanted. That was Luke in the episode IV and V - just on the light side so obviously a standard coming of age thing in the galaxy I think it ranks amongst the best of the franchise. You really don’t know how this is going to end...
  6. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    I thought Veronica was your type???
  7. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Nothing to hide! But just for the record I have not bought @Bibs or @Kimbers the butt plug that looks like a glass spark plug , nor has @mayesprit got an hour of free passion with Veronica at No.11 (you know, floppy boobs, smashed face, drives a Vauxhall Corsa) @Advantage ever heard of Pegging? Well, Merry Christmas...
  8. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Still doing the research Mr May, still doing the research...
  9. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    No, it’s because you are a pervert!
  10. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    I tend to throw Dildo's at people. Even if they are still boxed (Banned from Anne Summers UK wide)
  11. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Glol Andy! I’m sure there is a healthy market for second hand sex toys, especially in Norfolk! I agree with @Kimbers on the technical stuff. I always imagine myself with a gun in my mouth awaiting that time I get so bored of oil viscosity chat that I pull the trigger... whereas show me something that involves trash talk, gadgets, appreciation of latex toys and plastic cars...and I’m there!
  12. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Hmm, should I be embarrassed that this is my first proper post! Showcasing two old perverts and a small penis’d dictator (that’s you @Bibs) i am also considering an evora btw, yay Lotus (is that how this stuff goes?)
  13. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Agree, he obviously does have a size issue, look at the sort of stuff he tweets... He's penis mad! He must love the cock...
  14. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Glol, he keeps telling me that my wife says he has a massive penis....
  15. Neil

    Adverts on TLF

    Yep, want it? She’ll assume your STD ridden as a contact of @Bibs - so keep that bit quiet..which is probably a good life lesson in general!
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