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  1. Hi All, thanks for for your replies, yes, they removed the head due to a low compression found in cylinder 4. I have been told that the the lining is damaged and come away which has caused the fail. How much should a rebuild cost?
  2. Hi All, Unfortunately, I have been the receiver of bad news recently, during the servicing of my Esprit 2.2 NA 88-89 it was discovered that a misfire was taking place, with further investigation it turns out the bore lining in cylinder 4 is coming away and I have been advised to replace the engine or rebuild it. My first question is, whether anyone has any reconditioned 2.2 esprit NA engines for sale or know of any? i can get hold of a 2.2 Excel reconditioned engine, apart from the crankshaft, are these the same as an esprit engine? Any advise would be most grateful thanks
  3. Sorry to be a pain but what is the procedure to bleed the system?
  4. Hi Gary, Thanks for your message, what would I do to resolve this?
  5. Hi All, Hope everyone is well. Here is a strange one. I drive my 88 esprit everyday and have noticed over the passed couple of days the clutch pedal is not as springy as usual and closer to the ground than usual. Anyway, today I got in the car and found that the pedal was half way down from the brake towards the ground and when pressing down on it, it felt that it only moved a few centimetres before it touched the ground and would only spring back up to the position I found it in, I tried changing gear but no joy. I have tried pumping the pedal with no luck of it springing back to normal height and checked the clutch fluid, which is fine and at the correct fluid level. Any ideas? Could the cold weather have anything to do wth it?
  6. Hi everyone, I have a weird one: basically, the last couple of days, when I pop up my headlights on dipped beam, sometimes the lights come on and sometimes they don't (currently not at all). I have noticed that if I rev the engine a bit to increase the voltage and then pop them up, this can sometimes help to get them on. Full head beams work fine and so do the side lights without any issues. In addition to this which I am sure is linked, I have also noticed a that the voltage gauge on the dashboard is only reading up to 13v where as the needle normally reads at 14v when reving or when the car is running. What do you think it could be? Please let me know Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know the CO2 emissions for a 1988 Lotus Esprit NA? Please let me know Thanks
  8. Found it Vulcan!!! It had fallen down the cable!!! That should keep it secure. Thanks again. Boots, let's hope the new one sorts the jumping!!!
  9. Hi All, Don't seem to have had a response to the above query, can anyone help with this?
  10. HI All, Thanks for your help again. Right, I have received my Speedo back from JDO based in Keighley (Thanks Nick, I found him on the net), As I got a garage to remove the speedo for me, I am wanting to put it back on myself. Please find attached how I have put it on. Is this correct? (I basically put the speedometer in the hole in the dashboard, then went underneath the dash and put the bracket on the speedo, then put the washer and tightened the nut until it was firm. Then I attached the light fittings and pushed the speedo cable onto the end of the speedometer. Does the speedo cable not screw onto the speedometer, as it seems quite loose, as in, it feels like it might fall off? Please let me know, thanks Lloyd
  11. SORTED IT!!! Found a metal flat connector sticking out of the solenoid, i pushed the black connector on the red/white wire onto it and hay presto! My baby is running!!
  12. Thanks Jim, after inspecting the area I have found a red and white wire with a spade connector that is not connected to anything, where does this go as there is already a thick red wire that looks like it is connected to the start motor with a screw on the end of it? Also, will I need to take off the battery connectors when I reconnect this?
  13. Hey All, Hope everyone is well! Anyway, I drove home today in my beautiful 88 Esprit NA, turned off the engine, went in the house for a few minutes, then came out, turned the key but the engine was not turning over/no starter motor noise. Battery is fine, all normal lights come on, I can hear the fuel pump pumping away as usual but no engine start or turning over of the engine. I did have a similar problem about 7 months ago after going over a huge bump in the road, then next time I stopped, the engine wouldn't turn over on startup - luckily I was near a car garage and within minutes the guy said he sorted it by replugging a loose cable (in a hard to get to place) back into an engine component, unfortunately he was foreign so I couldnt make out what cable it was, but I was off again. I believe it to be (hopefully) the same problem. Could this be a cable to starter motor? What cable would this most likely be and how would I do what he did? Sorry for sounding like a newbie but I am still trying to learn more as I go along. Please let me know Thanks
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