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  1. I still have them will have a good look and get some pics when I go over workshop next
  2. mine sold on greedbay for £81
  3. The radio will add weight! LOL I dont have an Excel only Esprit and just breaking the Eclat.
  4. Was also watching your youtube videos last night George excellent work! Did you buy my gear knob a while ago?
  5. I do but it is damaged some of the clips are broken/missing
  6. no same as mine and mine is in better condition
  7. Just spent a few days restoring this old 1941 Lyn Lathe. Had been left outside at some point and had rusted solid nothing moved! Lots of tender love and some help with the Aqua Blaster and she has a new lease on life once again. Was a very satisfying job to see it all come back to clean metal.
  8. This I am unsure of myself, the glass beads I use are very tiny smaller than normal grit. It is almost near dust and I use low pressure. I guess it is possible it could and I would recommend anyone having items done especially if internal engine parts to thoroughly clean them. I am looking into getting a ultrasonic bath. Most items I do are mostly external parts for cosmetic cleaning.
  9. Audi Transaxle Lambo Exhaust VW heads and fan Lotus carbs AQUA BLASTING what is it? Vapour Blasting, Vapour honing, Aqua Blasting, Slurry blasting, Wet blasting. These are all generic names used to describe one of the safest and most gentle ways of cleaning various metal and non metallic items using just the power of water, air and tiny small glass beads. The range of items that are able to be cleaned with this revolutionary method is virtually endless, and it can be used to clean just about anything from metal to plastic and most things in between. Automotive parts in particular are finished looking as close to brand new and sometimes even looking better than new Items such as alloy engine blocks , heads, cam covers, pistons, rocker covers, carbs, fine items, fittings, housings, gear boxes , military, aeronautical, marine, just about anything can be cleaned to a to a brilliant shine without altering critical dimensions, or scratching. Benefits of the Wet AquaBlast Process are: Grime, burnt-on carbon, paint, scale, rust, dull, tarnished, weathered, aged, etc, all removed simultaneously. No toxic or harmful chemicals - no atmospheric or environmental pollution. No component erosion - critical measurements are maintained. Capability of processing most types of material. How does Aqua Blasting work? The cleaning process is made up of air, water and fine glass beads which is accelerated using a constant high volume and pressure onto to the work piece surface, gently cleaning and polishing the item. Aqua Blasting, unlike dry blasting techniques does not rely on impact to do the work, as this can damage your parts, Instead Aqua Blasting is washing the work surface using the power of water and air pressure to clean your items gently and the small glass beads help to gently polish the surface to prevent any damage to you valuable items. By using Wet Blasting scrubbing method, the work surface is cleaned, contamination and surface deposits removed, and any scale or burrs disappear, leaving a nice bright cleaned surface. Typically with different metals such as alloys, the newly cleaned finish will have a brilliant shine just like new. Another advantage of Aqua Blasting is the superior finished look compared with other cleaning methods by hand and using chemicals or dry blasting. Please contact us today to discuss having your items cleaned by this cost effective, non damaging, cleaning process Bulk discount on job lots. Ideal for motorbike and car restorations. Aqua Vapor Blasting! Based in Dorset can collect and deliver job lots please message me for more details.
  10. Breaking Lotus Eclat 1975 Has been stood for over 20 years! You guys can have first dibs on items before it all goes on greedbay. Fair price please! Chassis was rotten at front anti-roll bar mounts and rear cross member (looks like that section unbolts anyway?) interior was pretty rank other than the dash which is good along with the steering wheel. Both door beams rotten was the main reason it was taken off the road. I now have an Aqua Blasting Machine and was the reason for buying it and probably paid too much but wanted to show off want the Aqua cleaning to do. I see a steering wheel on greedbay for over £800!!! WTF what are they really worth? and any holy grail items I need to look out for? The windscreen upper and lower trims and bent and dented which I believe are sought after. (shame) can do a good deal on Aqua Blasting for anyone doing a full restoration on job lots. Could not post in the for sale section just get error! still running windows XP LOL! This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH
  11. something like this is what you need
  12. Wow has been a long time since I have been here! John they are what I used but they do not fit without a lot of work! they dont clear the top arms (too wide) and also rub on the chassis. You can buy some small air bags/springs which fit on top of the springs on coilovers which can raise the car around an inch to solve your problem. Shame photofucket wrecked every ones post by removing pics as you would have seen the work needed. If I can find info on the ones I am talking about I will pass it on.
  13. my plan is to have it at this ride height and be able to drive it but at the moment the arches touch the tyres and the camber angles are shocking! I know I will have to mod the arches but the camber can only be fixed by changing the suspension location points at the rear. If I used a longer adjustable top link as used to adjust camber the driveshafts and lower links would still be at a horrible angle.
  14. yes I did see it, may not have to cut the front if I can get some custom made front uprights with the spindle moved up as the yanks call a "dropped spindle" the rear location points maybe not so hard to do the bottom lower link could be raised above and attached to the gearbox mount location. The trailing arms can be raised easy by just drilling the mount higher as its location is just a flat plate and has room to go higher.
  15. yeah have seen it and shows the issue of negative camber as I also have, removing the inner arch liner will not solve the clearance I need as I also want to fix the camber and go lower when aired out and parked the suspension does not allow for this as the Esprit has such high suspension and ground clearance, for me the Esprit is its looks, stance, sound, power, then chassis,
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