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    Northern Joy

  2. Just to sort of close this thread off. I removed the front clam. Cleaned out the mouse nest under the passenger side. Cleaned it all out with caravan cleaner. Then used multiple car odour bombs which is supposed to neutralise the mouse urine etc. After a few tries the smell is completely gone. After speaking with Murray Lotus I pulled off the main heater pipe going to the distribution box and stuck a bore scope down to make sure there wasn't anything in there. All clear. So apart from half eaten insulation I hopefully have sorted out the problem. the garage is now protected by multiple deterrents and traps. Jobs a good-un (Hopefully).
  3. That's what I thought so now I have 4 traps at each wheel now. I have also done the house.
  4. Thanks Barry I'll look into that as well. Trying hard to not have them in the garage in the first place.
  5. Thank you for your replies. Jacques I live in the Scottish country side and the garage backs onto a farmers field so it really is my own fault I guess. I have a friend coming round with a fibre optic camera thingy majig, to inspect the air vents, I had a look and the insulation right down where the pipe comes of the heater unit looks chewed through so I think they have nested also in the air system. I researched mouse deterrents so now I have 4 traps around each wheel, peppermint oil around every vent and garage doors, bounce sheets everywhere, moth balls and ultrasonic do-hickies. Surely one of them will work. Caught 4 so far though (in traps before I put the other deterrents in - nothing since then). I think the best course of actions is to get Lotus to sort the problem depending what I find in the air system although I'll do my best to clean as much as I can. The car is 18 months old so I'm not smelling mouse p*** for years to come. But to get to the air system the radiator looks like it has to come off. I will post some images later and update this thread with the outcome for future reference since it is the first thread on this problem (Plenty on Seloc).
  6. haha I don't want to buy a cat ?. Damn so I better get it all out. Found the insulation deep down to have been completely chewed so I think they may have gotten into the air ducting.
  7. Good evening, I went to check on the mistress and when I started her up for a quickie the most awful smell came through the blowers, I instantly knew it was rodent related. I followed my nose and located the main source under the driver side scuttle. I currently have the front clam removed and found an empty nest behind the brake system. I have cleaned it all out with some autoglm caravan cleaner (hope that is enough). But the rest of the engine bay still smells of mice. They have eaten the insulation as well. I have looked over all the wiring I can see and they does not appear to be any damage apart from the smell. I have been in the cabin and no signs they made it inside or behind the dash so fingers crossed I found out before they properly moved in for the winter. I have searched the usual forums for an answer but can't seem to find a 'what to do'. Question time... 1) Does anyone have some more advise on what to do to before the front clam goes back on. I can't really think right now as I'm abit gutted. Never had a problem with mice the last 5 years so never bothered with prevention - until now. As they say experience is the greatest teacher in life. 2) Is there any way to get inside the air ducts / heater unit to check for another nest/dead mice etc without taken the whole front end apart as the car is a 2014 and don't want to void the warranty. 3) This sucks bolla***. thanks for any input in advanced.
  8. Thanks bibs, I have already had the front service cover off but there is not any posts for jump starting, only brake fluid and fuse box. Going to phone Murray lotus in the morning and ask the service guys what to do.
  9. Good afternoon all, I went to start the car today and realised I forgot to put on the trickle charger last time I was out Nov 2014. So as you can guess the car is flat and now I can not get into it as he door was locked. I have searched for a solution but all I can find is that the Exige has remote terminals under the service hatch which my car does not. Can someone PM me or tell me how to get into my car to charge the battery please? As he key won't unlock the car manually either. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome all, I'll def look into attending the breakfast. Will get some pictures up tonight for anyone interested.
  11. Thanks ramjet, I'll add some photos later on then, thanks for the heads up about the regional forums.
  12. Good evening guys and gals, My name is Jason and I'm one happy owner of an S3 Elise . It was purchased from Murray Lotus in Edinburgh (Amazing bunch of guys) and I enjoy blasting around the Scottish highlands up near Aberdeen at the weekends and if the sun is particularly blessing us with its presence, on school days too haha
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