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    On 03/04/2021 at 11:36, exeterjeep said:

    I don't recognise that one. I think he actually has a sort of lab coat on, may be he was employed to keep the cars clean.

    But the director was Alan Foster (the other boss was Peter Rudge). Alan was caught speeding over 100 mph on the M1 in my car - well actually the silver one that I had just p/ex for the white one. I know this as the police phoned me.

    These photos are ones that I sent to Andy G at Lotus a few years ago, along with other years etc.

    The bearded chap is one of our end of finals inspectors. There to look after the cars. Mike.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Bravo73 said:

    Woah. I think that statement is going to cause explosions and tears in equal measures. Oh, if only it had happened... 😢

    That is life in the fast moving auto industry Bravo73 as you know. There is another ex-Lotus very professional top engineering gentlemen still very active who knows the story of how it was killed off.

  3. Hi Bibs,

    What is the guest list for the Christmas dinner?

    I know that Wes & Jeanne are coming over from the States-talked to them yesterday after their Thanksgiving celebrations. Am looking forward to seeing as many TLF members as possible and will join you early as noted.

    Am coming down with James in his Evora 400 and looking forward to a fast run!


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  4. On 3/20/2016 at 21:53, JayEmm said:

    There's definitely a gap in the market for a £125K "low tech" supercar, I think. The success of the new TVR will be interesting to gauge

    Any idea @Bibs if the M250 morphed into the Evora, or if they were totally unrelated?

    They are unrelated JayEmm. The Evora concept came about when creating & determining the Product Planning for the 5 year Plan I introduced in 2006. It was essential to move up market from the base line Elise entry level models to a "flagship" Esprit replacement with supercar performance and viable margins. The Evora was the next step up market providing a stunning visual impact with high performance, exceptional dynamics and good ingress /egress/luggage space-seven future variants were planned at that time. The 2 seater  Mid-engine Esprit was to follow the Evora using a very high performance highly rated engine/transmission package with packaging to suit a 95% ile US male.Certain areas of the Evora were designed  and stressed for carryover to the forthcoming Esprit. Updated Business plans in 2008 added a very advanced EV Supercar using Lotus "in house" technology with a major global OEM strategic partner.  

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  5. I think you guys have given me the incentive to continue writing the the real story/book. I am constantly amazed at the sometimes distorted and often inaccurate, so called history of Lotus. Especially the appalling one that I recently read on Wikipedia. It's strange but I didn't recognise that so called History between 1982 and 1991 !!. It is really sadly distorted and very inaccurate.

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  6. Thanks guys for your kind wishes. 74 down another 26 to go! It always humbles me that you all remember me and I look forward to seeing you all again at some point in the near future. Your wishes and kind words are muchly appreciated. Tony and Bibs keep me appraised of what you are all up to and many of the kind words and mentions of me on the forum. I hope to see you all soon.

  7. I would like to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes. As you get older most people try and ignore birthdays, I love them because I get to see all the people I love most in the world, at my party.

    I must admit that several of the posts are far more attractive than Ant' that Bibs in there?

    Anyway, thanks to all my friends at TLF who have taken the time to wish me happy birthday and I hope, soon, to release something along the lines of a book, to thank you all.



  8. It's good to see Lotus re-establishing the great relationship that I developed for Lotus with McCann Erickson for the launch of the new upmarket Lotus Esprit, Elite and Excel Range worldwide. Steve Hurwitz was a great account Director for us and the board of McCann Erickson and Lotus had a close and mutually succesful relationship.

    Good luck guys.

  9. With the amount of travelling I have done over the years you can imagine I have a few stories of near misses.

    1. You all know the Bond Bug incident. I don't think I need to re-iterate it.

    2. I was leaving JFK Airport on 747 many years ago it was night and very dark. I had been over for a US Dealer conference. Shortly after taking off there was a massive "lurch" from the plane and immediately the seat belt sign came on. The engines started roaring and the plane banked round. The captain came over the speakers and said "I'm sorry we will be returning to JFK!". There was alot of worried faces, not least mine because sometimes I think I have flown more than I have driven and this wasn't normal.

    The plane made a rough landing and as we exited the plane I realised just how lucky we had been. Where the number 4 engine should have been was a mass of pipes and wires and twisted metal but no Engine whatsoever! It had fallen off! It was quite a major incident and grounded all 747's for days while the engine mounts were checked for stress fractures! Luckily, despite it being one of my closest near misses I didn't know anything about it at the time!

    I have had many frightening moments in cars (and yes I noticed Andy mentioned the time Tony spun his Esprit)but I may save those for another time

  10. Hi Guys

    The Black and Silver nose badge was first used, I was told by Colin himself, to respect the death of Jimmy Clark, I didn't join Lotus until September 1969 from Jaguar, so have to rely on what he told me.

    When Ronnie died in that Milano hospital, I got Colin's OK to use it again ,out of respect to Ronnie, for production-including clothing/Accessories/Lapel pins-out,etc.

    We then never stopped it as it made a good colour match for some shades of paint.

    It's not cheaper to make-and is not the official Corporate Lotus Colour.

    Hope this helps!!


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