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  1. bibs you are a gem many thaqnks for your help lola
  2. softlips the noise is purely speed related and is caused by floor pan vibrating located in line with roll bar, i sorted problem by gaffer taping it my query is how is the pan mean't to be secured as there are no bolt holes thanks lola
  3. many thanks will check it out later thanks for the help lola
  4. thanks bibs i did not realise there were three plates under the car, my vibration was coming from the join between the rear pan where it joins, in line with the roll bar, hence on a recent alpine jaunt, i came home with the nickname "gaffer" due to the repair i made any thoughts and many thanks lola
  5. At speeds above 69mph i get a loud vibration under my elise 135S , this appears to be coming from the join between the two floor pans, there are no fixing holes visible where bolts may have been, anybody have any idea how the pans are secured or do i have to stick to mountain roads where you do not get the chance to open her up????
  6. has anyone any idea what may cause chatter noise from under elise caused by chattering between the two floor pans, should these two be connected together in the middle?
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