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  1. Thanks for your reply Exploded, I'll check the video out later, do you know if the Aintree track is still used for track days etc? I was looking into it a while ago but couldn't really find out, next time I'm 'Up North' visiting the out laws I'll go and have a look as it is only a couple of miles away. Wouldn't it make a great feature though, maybe Dario Franchitti in the Type 25 and The Stig in the LF1, that definitely sounds right up Top Gears street. I'll see if I can find a way of contacting them and seeing what they say. Cheers,
  2. Thanks ramjet, I come from writing on a lot of HiFi forums and they can be very particular about this type of thing, have to say that I'm finding the Lotus Forums to be quite refreshing
  3. Hi Guys, Hope this doesn't break any forum rules but I have just listed my beloved Sport Racer which needs a good home to go to make way for the LF1 if anyone would like a look - Cheers,
  4. Hi Guys, Hope this doesn't break any forum rules but I have just listed my beloved Sport Racer which needs a good home to go to make way for the LF1 if anyone would like a look - Cheers,
  5. I was just going to mention something similar, great idea, nice choice btw Only ordered mine yesterday but details below. No Year Race Location Owner 7 1962 British GP, Aintree Bedfordshire, UK Vipers
  6. Awesome, keep the pictures coming delands, any feedback would be appreciated to help pass the long days whilst I wait for mine to arrive. What race win did you go for?
  7. Thanks Exploded, originally I wanted win no 27, Jim Clark at Silverstone, 1967, in the Type 49 but someone beat me to that one so then the Aintree win jumped out at me as it was his first British GP win that he got pole for, won and got fastest lap, even now he still holds the lap record which is pretty cool, I was nearly tempted by Senna at Monaco but I was never a huge Senna fan, still I'm amazed that one is still available. Compared to Jim Clarks lap record in the Type 25, I wonder how the LF1 would compare? Cheers,
  8. Thanks for the invite, I have never actually done a track day which seems criminal when I look back at all the cars I have owned, what with Spa being my favourite track it is a very tempting offer but at the moment I'm tied to work as I try to get my new'ish business established, I have an idea for an event next year which I have already discussed with Lotus Silverstone which I'd love to do in conjunction with this forum so hopefully next Spring we can start planning something together At the moment my Sport Racer isn't advertised on here, but I will look to put it up later once I get home, I really know I will regret selling this one day. Cheers,
  9. Thanks for all your replies guys, thanks also for the link to the video Bibs, I have watched that many many times over the last couple of weeks as I wrestled with conscience about ordering the LF1, now the deal is done watching it again made me go all funny, I actually think that I am going to be too scared to drive it as it just looks like a work of art standing still, I'm sure once I feel the power of that V6 though I will soon change my mind Thanks again guys.
  10. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say a quick hello from sunny Bedfordshire. I have been a longtime Lotus owner and enthusiast, starting with a Elan M100 back in 1991 then a few Elise's later I have just ordered a LF1, race no 7, Jim Clark at Aintree, as I said in the LF1 thread, I feel slightly guilty at spending so much money on a car but am equally as excited looking forward to the delivery :-) I have just put my mint Elise Sport Racer up for sale if anyone is interested, I have really enjoyed owning this car for the last 7 years, it is the longest I have ever owned any car so it must have done something right, if it wasn't for the LF1 I would have probably have kept it a lot longer, just hope I don't regret selling it. Look forward to contributing more to the Lotus Forums and I'll post some pics as soon as the LF1 arrives. Cheers, Paul.
  11. Thanks guys, I do have to admit that I hope I won't regret selling my Sport Racer as it is such a great car, in an ideal world I'd keep that to run alongside the LF1 but the funds are just not there, I am thinking though of looking for a mint M100 S2 as that was my first Lotus and they are ridiculously good value nowadays. Regarding the LF1, I wish Mansell or Hakkinen had won in a Lotus as I would have snapped one of those up, knowing how Lotus love a Special Edition maybe they will bring out a limited series for every driver that has ever driven a Lotus F1 car, so you would buy a car for a specific driver :-) Anyway now the wait starts, hopefully Lotus will have a LF1 at Brands next weekend for me to drool over :-) Cheers,
  12. Hi Guys, This is my first post on here but I have been a long time lotus owner and supporter of the brand in general, just wanted to post a quick one to say that I couldn't resist the lure of the LF1 any longer and rung Lotus Silverstone today to put down my deposit, I actually have mixed feeling of guilt at spending that kind of money on a car and excitement at the coming delivery. I now have the small task of selling my mint Elise Sport Racer if anyone is interested, I will be really sorry to see this car go as it has been great fun, I've got a Larini exhaust on it so it will be interesting to see if I feel the LF1 needs a Larini or if it sounds fine as it is. Reading through this thread it seems that the LF1 seems to be getting a bad rap which I can see why for some reasons but for someone who had been looking at a fully loaded Exige S for some time then the LF1 makes perfect sense as for me I think it looks drop dead gorgeous, I'm a huge F1 and Jim Clark fan and hopefully it will hold its value better than a standard V6. Anyway I went for win no7, Jim Clark at Aintree, his first British GP win in a Lotus 25, he got pole, won the race and got fastest lap, in fact he still holds the fastest lap thanks to the closing of the circuit to F1, also my wife is a scouser so it helped swing the decision to place the order being it was local to her :-) Now I've just got the long wait for any news on delivery, I will post some pictures once it is with me. Cheers, Paul.
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