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  1. Vipers
    Hi All,

    Yesterday I was lucky enough for my friendly Arcam Rep to bring in their new Universal player, the FMJ UDP411, I only had an hour of so of listening and then unfortunately he had to box it up and take it away, what a spoil sport, but I did get a chance to put it up directly against the OPPO 105D for 2ch only, as for me sound quality will be the UDP411 main selling point and the OPPO is its main competition.

    Firstly we hooked up the UDP411 via both RCA and XLR into the Bryston SP3 as the Arcam AV950 950 wasn’t hooked up unfortunately, and flicked between both connections, both sounded great but the XLR just edged it for me offering a slightly bigger soundstage with more drive with better dynamics, it was only slight but noticeable, I also tried it as a streamer, it saw my NAS and played with no problem at all, compared to Naim though Arcam’s app needs a fair bit of work, the good news is that Arcam have their own coder now who’s main job is to improve the app so all being well this should improve shortly.

    So onto sound quality, to sum up I would say that at long last the mighty OPPO 105 has some real competition, not that either was better or worse, which sounds like a real cop out, but both sounded excellent but offering 2 very different presentations. I love OPPO’s presentation, I find it clean, detailed, immersive and all that stuff, but I have have always loved Arcam’s more slightly more laid back and smooth presentation and for me that was the main difference, the UDP411 came across with all the detail of the OPPO but with a weightier more life like presentation, especially apparent with vocals, it just felt more organic.

    I guess the OPPO could be considered better value for money with the Darbee processing built in and the M/C analogue outs, but for out and out sound quality it is now great to have two great high performing options that offer 2 very different presentations, I can quite easily see the UDP411 ending up in my system, as I do like my system to match and having a full Arcam rig would be very satisfying, it will also be interesting to try it over HDMI into the AV950 and also digital out into the D33.

    It looks like it is still a couple of months away before the UDP411 is available but yesterday’s taster has certainly left me wanting to explore it in more depth as early signs sounded very promising so needless to say we will have one on demo as soon as released.

    Please see a link below for more info and couple of pics -

    [url=""]Arcam FMJ UDP411 Audiophile Blu-ray player[/url]






  2. Vipers
    Hi All,

    Last week I had the pleasure of spending some time listening to Musical Fidelity’s new monster integrated amp, the NuVista 800, to be honest I haven’t heard any of the original NuVista products launched back in 1999, but I am constantly reading HiFi Mags and often hear about the ‘much loved MF NuVista products from years back’ so when I was offered the opportunity to have a listen to the new NuVista offering I jumped at the chance.

    From what I understand is that NuVista tubes offer many advantages over standard valves like better reliability, more consistant matching, they are smaller and run cooler + offering much better performance, apparently they were developed by RCA in the 50’s for TV’s and the like but around 15 years ago MF started using them in their NuVista HiFi range of components, but their availability was limited as there weren’t too many of the bases left that the valves sit in, so MF ended up with stacks of tubes left but no bases, now MF’s boss Antony Michaelson didn’t give up on the NuVista technology and after years of searching he came across more NuVista bases which he ended buying the whole lot meaning that NuVista is back.

    Now the NuVista 800 really is a sight to behold, it is a beautiful piece of engineering, it is definitely a 2 man lift coming in at a back breaking 45kgs and it is certainly no shrinking violet as this is a big amp, its basic design is a hybrid so it uses the NuVista valves for the pre-amp section and uses a solid state dual mono design derived from MF’s Titan amp to create 300 watts per channel power amp section.

    But what does it sound like? Well for our listening we used the Magneplanar 1.7’s panels with their additional bass panels, Maggies are notoriously hard to drive but when driven properly they really do sing, and this is what the NuVista 800 achieved, what is great is that the valve pre section just added a hint of warmth which made vocal tracks sound gorgeous but the power amp section really got hold of the Maggies in a way that I have never heard before, I can honestly say that I have tried our Maggie 1.7’s on a lot of amps and I have never heard them sound this good, I can only imagine what the bigger 3.7’s would sound like when driven by the NuVista 800.

    It will be priced at £7999 which to be fair is a lot of money for an integrated amp, but the NuVista 800 doesn’t perform like any other integrated, it really is like a Pre/Power combo and with the NuVista Tubes really does offer something quite unique and really does have to be heard to be appreciated, we will hopefully have a NuVista 800 on demo in around a month so please do get in touch to arrange a demo.

    Please find more information below on our website + here are a few pictures that really don’t do it justice.


    [b]I’m sure I could see the wooden shelf bowing under the weight.[/b]


    [b]4 NuVista Tubes glowing.[/b]


    [b]Beautifully Machined Military Spec Aluminium Front Panel.[/b]



    [b]Getting the best out of the Maggies.[/b]


    [b]Stock Picture.[/b]


  3. Vipers
    I thought I would post a few of the blogs that I have posted lately on a couple of the HiFi Forums to get this up to speed then I will update regularly with anything new, cheers.

    The whole ethos of HiFi Lounge was to be something like a HiFi social club where it would be very relaxed, no pressure sales and a nice environment to demo a great variety of HiFi components, we didn't want to offer all the brands under the sun, just the brands that I enjoy personally with the hope being that others would like them also, I think it is fair to say that our portfolio has grown over the last 2 years but I now feel that I have got everything together that I originally envisaged.

    Anyway I will update this blog with any new products that come through our doors and try to write mini reviews where I can, we also try to do a few open days throughout the year which have become quite popular, the last one we did last week was in conjunction with Naim and we had over 100 people come in which is still quite amazing, I think that was the appeal of a free BBQ more than anything So please keep an eye out for news on our next open day.

    I won't keep on any longer, if you'd like to see any of my older blogs please follow the link below and thanks for looking.


    Website -


    Feel free to follow us on twitter and facebook -



  4. Vipers
    Just thought I would upload a few of the LF1 Pics that I found when trying to make my mind up whether to buy one or not, then the next tough decision was which race win to go for, in the end I went for Jim Clark at Aintree in 1962 in the Type 25.














    Before The LF1 this was what I was aspiring to -





  5. Vipers
    [font=arial]I guess my first blog needs to be to try and sell my beloved Elise Sport Racer, please see the details below, I now that I am going to be really sorry to see this car go -[/font]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]I have owned this Sport Racer since 2007, being the second owner, it has only been used for the summer months and has only done 9884 miles, remaining garaged when not in use and never going out in the rain, this is a second car so only used for when guaranteed sunshine.[/size][/font][/color]
    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]It is in showroom condition throughout, the wheels are unmarked with no scuffs and the interior looks and smells like new, the only thing worth mentioning is a small stone chip on the bonnet. [/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]I fitted a Larini race exhaust which sounds absolutely amazing, I still have the standard exhaust though if you’d like to put it back to its original form. It also has stone protection on the front of the car which has done a great job.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]It has just been serviced at my local Lotus dealer is taxed till the end of the year.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]For me I still think that this is the ultimate Elise which is actually going back up in value now, it looks beautiful and is a brilliant fun car to drive, the roof obviously comes off but I leave it on most of the time as it just looks so good. As far as i know this is probably the best condition Sport Racer available, they don’t come up for sale very often and always seem to have more miles on the clock and they always sell very quickly.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]Only 199 Sport Racers were made with only 100 staying in the UK, for those who don’t know the details it was basically a fully loaded Elise, there is a really good review on Evo if you do a internet search for ‘Lotus Elsie Sport Racer’ which outlines all the upgrades.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I will be very sorry to see my Sport Racer move on, if it wasn’t for the new Lotus that I couldn’t resist then I could see me keeping it for many more years to come.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=Arial][size=3]Price - £21,9995[/size][/font][/color]












  6. Vipers
    Hi All,

    I thought I would start a blog sharing my 2 loves, basically all things Lotus and HiFi, hopefully some will find it enjoyable.

    My first love was the Lotus Elan M100, I spent a couple of years dreaming of owning one, it really was love at first site when announced, then in 1992 I took delivery of a brand new red one, that started a love affair with all things Lotus which after a few different Lotus's has just resulted in the ordering of a LF1 which I still feel guilty about ordering as for me that is a crazy amount to spend on a car but when I saw it at the Lotus Silverstone dealer at the British GP I just couldn't stop thinking about it, I often say that ignorance is bliss and that just proves it, can't wait for delivery though :)

    My other love is for all things to do with music, especially live music and hifi, this resulted in shutting down my print business and my wife and I selling our house a couple of years ago to free up the equity and following the dream of becoming a hifi dealer, so far it has been a case of so far so good as we are now approaching the completion of our 2nd year and we are still here :) In fact we are just about to open our 2nd shop which will be focusing on Highend Headphones which will certainly be interesting as no one else is really doing this so it is a total punt but fingers crossed.

    Anyway I will post news stories to do with HiFi and Headphones as well as pics from when I get the LF1 and updates on how I am getting on with it.

  7. Vipers
    Hi All,
    At the moment Wendy is on a jolly, sorry I mean working hard, in Germany as a guest of Sennheiser, today was a factory tour amongst other things + she got to listen to the new Orpheus HE1, a snip at £54,000, we have been mad enough to have ordered one for permanent demo so watch this space as it is very special indeed, hopefully we’ll have it at Highend Headphones in time for Christmas.
    Please find a few pictures from Wendy’s trip so far -

  8. Vipers
    Hi There,
    I just wanted to write a quick blog to say that we now have the dCS Network bridge on demo, personally I have been looking forward to this one as it has the potential to be the perfect device to link your digital music collection to your favourite DAC or digital amp, especially as it is Roon Ready.
    So in a nutshell the dCS Network Bridge is a very powerful piece of hardware that links to your network and will see the data on your NAS and using the dCS app or Roon can then be passed onto a DAC of some kind, you can also attached a USB Hard Drive to access your music + it has streaming service like Tidal and Spotify built in and is AirPlay compatible.
    One the hardware front it has a powerful FPGA chip at it’s heart and can even have a clock attached like with the Rossini and Vivaldi to reduce jitter and help timing, having seen how effective this is with our demo Rossini this is actually a great feature. It will also play all files up to 24 / 384 as well as DSD 64 and 128 in native or DOP and can also down sample for older Dacs.
    What really excites me about the Bridge is that it is ROON ready, now I know a lot of my customers have been using ROON for some time now but I have just started using it when we got our dCS Rossini and I have to say that there is no going back now, basically it is an extremely powerful piece of software that brings all your digital music together into one very metadata rich interface so whether using Tidal, Quboz or Upnp for a Nas you can see it all in one place with links to similar artists, lyrics, a radio station that will play similar music once your playlist has finished, I could go one but once you have experienced Roon everything else does seem quite lacking, and for a life time subscription for around £400 it really is worth every penny.
    When I get a chance I am quite keen to compare the dCS Network Bridge against the Aurender X100L, one of my favourite sources, as they are similarly priced but considering dCS used to distribute Aurender they know what they need to beat on the sound quality front so that should be very interesting, but inevitably it is a different solution how to access your digital music Library but one that looks to tick all the boxes.
    If this sounds of any interest please feel free to get in touch to arrange a demo or even a home demo if that would be more useful.
    Please find some un-boxing pics below and a link to the Network Bridge on our website -

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