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  1. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Some good news for all the vinyl lovers out there, Rega have just announced their new Planar 8 turntable which improves in every way over the previous RP8 which was one of our most popular turntable so this new Planar 8 is bound to be a big success.
    There are a raft of improvements which you can read on our website in the link below but the main visual difference with the Planar 8 is that it doesn’t now come with the outer plinth which was only really there so that the lid could be used and it alwasy sounded better when this was removed, so now it comes as it’s bare skeletal design which in my opinion looks much better and you now get a lift on and off lid which is a very good idea.
    I have ordered our demo model with the Apheta 2 cartridge fitted so as soon as it is with us I will upload some pictures.
    Please find a link below and a few pictures from Rega -

  2. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular open day as Chord Electronics have got some great new products launching at the moment but we are also going to have Rob Watts on hand to run a couple of presentations and will also be floating around for the day to answer any questions you may have, for those who don’t know Rob, I can’t imagine there are many to be honest, well basically he is the designer behind Chord’s award winning Dac’s and Scalers, it could be argued that he is the guy pushing digital forward at the moment so it will be an amazing opportunity to hear from the man himself the work involved in creating these amazing Dac’s and what the magic is that really makes them so universally acclaimed and loved by so many, we will also have other representatives from Chord here to help run the day.

    What’s on Demo?

    So the idea for the day is that in our upstairs demo room we will be running Hugo TT 2, M Scaler and TToby, in the Naim room we will have Dave / Blu 2 feeding our Naim 500 System into the new PMC Fenestria Speakers to show that Chord’s Dac’s will work in any system then in the Highend Room we will have a full Chord Setup running with Dave at the heart again into a pair of Wilsons and finally in the Headphone part we will be showing if Hugo 2, Mojo and Poly and hopefully we can get another Hugo TT 2 to feed a Highend Stax System, it’s certainly going to be a busy day
    Please see below for the full Chord Electronics range on our website -
    Vinyl For Sale

    To add a bit of variety to the day we will have Chris here, that many of you will now know, with his vinyl for sale, this is always very popular and will bound to be as busy as ever.
    So there will be plenty to keep everyone entertained for the day and it is a great opportunity to hear the new Hugo TT2, M Scaler and Etude Amp along with other Chord goodies in a variety of different systems.


    Bearing in mind how popular Chord are and that we will have Rob Watts here I am expecting this open day to be one of our busiest so if you are planning to come along can you please send me a quick e-mail to the below so we know how many people to expect, thanks.

    [email protected]

    Many thanks and look forward to seeing everyone on October 27th for what promises to be a fun, and with Rob Watts here, a very educational day.

  3. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    This is just a quick heads up to say that we now have new Pioneer UDP-LX500 4K Blu Player on demo for anyone that would like to come and have a look, I got it up and running last night and had a quick look and it all worked as expected and gave a superb picture, not had time to test against the OPPO but as we can’t get those anymore for anyone that is looking to get  a new 4K player I would say these new Pioneers are a great option, they are certainly really well built and I have always loved Pioneers styling.
    Really looking forward to getting my hands on the Audiophile version, the UDP-LX800 which is due later this month, quite a good time for home cinema at the moment as we have new projectors due from Sony soon and also JVC have finally entered the true 4K Projector market which actually upscales to 8K with their E-Shift technology so that will be interesting to compare against the Sony PJ’s which have been leading the way for some time now.
    Anyway back to the Pioneer UDP-LX500

  4. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Well Christmas really has come early for me this year, as a Stax SR-009 user myself when Stax announced the new and supposedly improved SR-009S a few months ago I must admit I got a little excited, well the wait is finally over as our demo pair have just arrived, this will be a short blog as I can’t wait to compare these to the SR-009′s, it will be fascinating to see how Stax have improved what many consider to be the best headphone in the world.
    Now then what energiser do I use? the Stax T8000 or the Trilogy H1, decision, decisions
    Here’s a few unboxing pictures -

  5. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    So I was worried when OPPO pulled out of the market that we had lost the truly universal disc spinners but I needn’t have worried as Pioneer have stepped forward with 2 new models which look to fill the void and hopefully even improve on what OPPO achieved.
    I have always loved Pioneer’s highend disc spinners, I remember when the BDP-LX-91 was released, long before HFL, I was at the front of the queue for one of those at home so I am really excited by these 2 new players, it is almost like we have gone full circle.
    There will be 2 players in the range, the UDP-LX500 at £999 and the Reference UDP-LX800 which is the one I am most excited by, you can read more below about each model -
    Both will be on demo shortly at HFL so if you’d like anymore information please feel free to get in touch.
    Please find a few more pictures of the UDP-LX800 below -

  6. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    A bit late with this one as it was a couple of weeks ago but just back from our hols so just got round to posting, just wanted to say thanks to our competition winners for coming along to Donington Park for 5 laps each round the full GP track, there were a lot of smiles once everyone got out the car, I think everyone was blown away by the braking power and cornering speed.
    Thanks also to Tom for taking everyone round and for Darren at UPE Motorsport for helping run the day that went off without a hitch, well till the end of the day when the diff failed but at least everyone’s passenger laps were completed by then so it was good timing to be honest, also thanks to Ollie Read for taking the excellent photo’s of the day.
    Finally thanks to Chord Electronics and PMC Speakers for helping support the day and great to meet the guys and girls from our new sponsors Hifi Pig, hopefully we can do it again next year
    Please find a few pictures below from the day -

    Playtime Over 😞

  7. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    So I must admit this demo product is a bit of an indulgence on my part as I have always promised myself that one day I will put a McIntosh MC275 on demo as for me it is such a beautiful looking classic amp, it is almost the amplifier version of a classic car as it was first introduced in 1961 and is now on it’s 6th iteration, amps really don’t get anymore iconic than this, so I am really pleased to say that at long last we now have the McIntosh MC275 on permanent demo.
    Please find more info below and a few un-boxing pictures, if you’d like a demo anytime please let me know beforehand as it could be out on a home demo at the time, I won’t say whose home it might be though 😉

  8. Vipers
    Well after a very troubled start to our relationship it looks like the Esprit is now finally ready to start a new chapter in her life as at long last she seems to be running well and I actually got her to work this morning, thanks to @Sparky who worked his magic on her 👍
    Everywhere you park her it is a Leica moment in my eyes 😍😍

  9. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quickie to say that the much anticipated Naim NDX 2 Network Player is now one demo, well I only un-boxed it a couple of hours ago so it is going to need some running in but already it is sounding really good.
    This is due to be the popular streamer in the new range as it is much more affordable than the brilliant ND555 as the NDX 2 is priced at £4999 and can be run with it’s own internal power supply unlike the ND555, saying that I have tried our demo model quickly naked then added a XPS and the step up really isn’t subtle so I can see a lot of NDX 2′s ending up with an XPS or even a 555PS at some point.
    If you have an NDX then I would say the new NDX 2 is definitely worth looking at as this new range really is a big step up in not just features but also sound quality, if you’d like to come in for a listen anytime please feel free.

  10. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quick headsup that dCS have just announced a new product called Bartok that almost looks too good be true, basically it is a Dac based on their legendary Ring Dac technology, it is also a streamer supporting up to DSD 128, supports Tidal and MQA and also has an optional headphone section that can drive any headphone in either balanced or 6.3mm termination + you can add the new Rossini CD / SACD Transport + the external clock if you want to get the ultimate performance form the Bartok, as I said this really is quite a special product, especially at the price which in standard Dac mode comes in at £9,999 and with the headphone section £11,999, OK so not cheap but for the performance and features on offer you could almost call it a bargain 🙂
    We have ordered our demo model so look forward to having a good listen soon.
    Please find more info below and a few pictures -

  11. Vipers
    Hi All,
    Just a quickie to say that I am really pleased to have the Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speakers on demo, I’m not going to go on for a change but I just want to say that they are incredible, the whole speaker is brilliant but I have to say in particular the mid range is absolutely captivating, I guess this is helped as this is the first Wilson in their range with the separate head which contains the tweeter and mid driver so helps with isolation but also gives you the ability to alter the angle of the head for the best time alignment for your seating position.
    It’s been a long while since I have listened to a new speaker this much, I think I am addicted, the trouble is they just make me wonder how much better the next model is, the Alexia, time to start saving
    We have these on demo in our Naim room on our 500 system at the moment so if you fancy coming in for a listen anytime please feel free.
    On with the un-packing pictures which certainly isn’t a 5 minute job, oh yes before anyone says anything I’m still tweaking the position then I will take them of their castors  -
    Obviously I’m working really hard taking all the important pictures whilst Wendy has all the fun

    Sabrina’s looking on with interest

    Now they are starting to get a bit of a inferiority complex

  12. Vipers
    Hi All,
    So 6 years in it is time for some new HFL wheels, now I must stress that this change was bought on solely by necessity and not because I thought the new van looked cool
    In all seriousness though as the business has grown my good old Ford Connect was struggling to cope as the speakers have got bigger and transportation space was a real issue, especially with Martin Logan speakers which are bigger than most.

    Farewell My Old Friend!
    I have to say I felt a bit sad when my trusty old Connect was trailered away as we started our partnership just before starting HFL with no idea what lay in store but over the 6 years it never let me down once and in the end we covered over 75,000 miles together delivering and installing HiFi all over the country, it really was a great partner.

    Well Hello There!
    Once the new van was delivered though I soon got over my feelings of loss
    I had it in the back of my mind that I needed a bigger van for some time but didn’t really know what I wanted, well that was until I was in the paddock at Silverstone and a Ford Transit Custom MS-RT drove past, needless to say the rest is history, basically a Transit Custom is given to Fords Rally team who dismantle it, fit sports suspension, body kit, new wheels and interior, tickle the engine a little then give it back.
    The coolest thing is on the option list there is something called a MaxHaust, have to say it is one of the coolest audio gadgets I have ever played with, if you are ever in HFL just ask for a demo
    As I said at the beginning, this van was solely bought as a workhorse, nothing else 😉
    Delivery Day!

    Let’s get some stickers on it!

    Right, I’m off to play with my exhaust
  13. Vipers
    Hi All,
    So like buses we have has 2 new closed back headphones arrive this week which are at different price points but both promise to be very popular indeed.
    Sennheiser HD820 - The New Closed Back Reference!
    Firstly we have the much anticipated new Sennheiser HD820 Closed Back headphones, you could argue that Sennheiser started the current headphone market we know today with the launch of the HD800′s a few years ago and to be fair they are still a true reference headphone and it looks like Sennheiser have only gone and done it agin with the HD820 in creating a Closed Back headphone that really is pretty special.
    In fact I would go as far as to say this is the first closed back headphone that doesn’t sound like a Closed back so even if you are not looking for a closed back you should still consider these.
    For me where the HD800′s won was in their imaging and soundstaging which even today is still unrivalled, the good news is that Sennheiser have managed to keep this with the 820′s but also where the 800′s were criticised for lack of bass, well this really isn’t a problem with the 820′s, the bass is epic, the good news is that also there is definition in the bass, it isn’t just a bloated bass but has a real texture to it and being an 800 you still get the insight and detail so you could argue that these really could lay claim to being pretty much the perfect headphone which is amazing bearing it is a closed back which have always been considered the poor brother to an open back.
    As you can tell I quite like these so if you are in the market for some new headphones, whether open or closed then I would definitely put the HD820′s on the list.

    Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back Headphones

    At more competitive price point we have the new Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back headphones also now on demo and for their price they are equally as impressive especially in the mid band where Planars always seem to major. Again these have a very powerful bottom end, not quite with the resolution of the 820′s but still very impressive, what with the LCD-2 Classic and these I do wonder how Audeze make them for the money as they really are beautifully built.

  14. Vipers
    Hi all,
    Ok so no for something a little different We are giving one lucky person the opportunity to win 5 passenger laps around Donington Park on September 7th being driven around by my coach, Tom Gladdis, who is a professional racing driver and is seriously quick so this really isn’t for the faint hearted but will certainly be a day to remember if you are a petrolhead or thrill seeker.
    All you need to do to enter is e-mail the answer to the below question to my e-mail address and we will hold the draw on August 24th and will announce the lucky winner on our website and social media channels.
    Also keep an eye out as Chord Electronics, PMC Speakers and our new sponsor HiFi Pig will also also be holding competitions so that they can bring along a lucky winner each also.
    Obviously you will need to be in good health and as we all know Motorsport can be dangerous so there will be a form to sign to say that you understand the risks, other than that it will be a fun day at the track.
    Question - Nice and Easy
    What year was HiFi Lounge Formed?
    Please Send Answers to -
    [email protected]

    This Could Be You!
    Please find a video below of Wendy going out for her first experience in the Radical at Cadwell Park a few weeks ago with Tom driving, she loved it but after a few laps she was quite keen to come back to the pits as she was feeling a bit queasy, she can’t wait to go out again though.
    More information about the day!
    I am racing at Donnington on the Saturday, we are testing on the Thursday and the Friday is a general track day so there will be all sorts of cars out but generally the Radical will be the quickest car out there, when you are passing other sports cars it really does help you realise just how quick the Radical SR1 is.
    If you are the lucky winner please feel free to bring a guest for a bit of moral support, you will need to be at the track from around 9am where we will supply breakfast + a lunchtime meal.
    Also as a memento of the day Oliver Read, the Radical official photographer, will be on hand to take pictures of the day which you can have copies and also as all track action is filmed on our onboard camera we can give you the video footage of your laps.

    Life Begin’s at 50, Hopefully!
    The day we are holding this is actually my 50th birthday so it will be great if you’d like to help me celebrate my mid life crisis, as that is what I am putting this years Radical adventure down to, but I have to say it is an amazing car to drive and also to be a passenger in as it is a real thoroughbred race car so if you love your motorsport as I do then please feel free to enter as this really is a great opportunity to experience motorsport first hand.
    Please find a quick summary below.
    Event — Donington Park September 7th. Time - 9am at the track, passenger rides start at 10am
    Age - Over 16’s.
    Health - Must be in tip top health.
    Food - Breakfast and Lunch supplied
    Memento’s - Photo’s and Video of your laps.
    Hope that is all clear and look forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested.
    Update -
    Further to the above, I was testing at Donington yesterday in preparation for the forthcoming  race weekend so thought I would upload my best lap of the day, really pleased with this one, probably the best lap I have done this year, would have been good enough for 4th on last years Radical SR1 grid so it really feels like I made some good progress as I have been struggling a bit just lately but Donington really seemed to suit my driving style for whatever reason, roll on the race weekend
    This will give an idea to those who don't know the Doningotn layout a good idea what to expect if you win the competition, it really is a great track that is fast and flowing and with the Craner Curves you have one of the best parts of any track in the world
  15. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quickie to say that we now have the brilliant Chord Electronics Blu II Upscaling CD Transport on permanent demo, well actually we have had a few on demo now but due to it’s popularity, which in turn creates long lead times, the customer’s have taken our demo model which has left us without one but I am really hoping to keep this one on permanent demo.
    For those who don’t know one of the reasons for the success of the Blu 2 is that it has the Robb Watts M Scaler built in that Chord have just announced as a stand alone product in the Hugo M Scaler due later in the year, this basically upscales your digital music collection up to 705.6KHz, so if you’d like to get a head start and come in to hear what the M Scaler is going to offer once released please feel free as both these products share exactly the same chipset, as many know I am a big fan of the M Scaler so I know you won’t be disappointed.
    Finally a date for your diary, we will be having a Chord Open day on October 27th and the great news is that Robb Watts is going to be coming along to hold some talks which will be absolutely fascinating, more news nearer the time, this is bound to be a very busy day.

  16. Vipers
    Sonus Faber / PMC / Bryston / Quadraspire / Atlas Cables

    Hi Everyone,
    Had a nice local install last week around 200 miles away in the Liverpool area, well worth the drive though as the system really did sing, not sure how many other people around the world have partnered the PMC Cor amplifier with the Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition Speakers but it is a combination I can really recommend as the amp really drove the speakers extremely well giving a really open and powerful sound which was really did defy the size of the speaker.
    Please find the kit list below -

    Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition Speakers
    PMC Cor Integrated Amplifier
    Bryston BCD-3 CD Player
    Quadraspire X REFERENCE HiFi Rack
    Connected up with Atlas Mavros Cables -

    Naim / Michell Engineering / Dynavector / Spendor
    Another nice install, this is a good customer who has just downsized from a big system to something a little more modest but still sounding great -

    Naim Uniti Nova All-in-one Player
    Michell Engineering Gyro SE Turntable
    Dynavector DV-20X2 Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge
    Spendor D7 Speakers
    Rega / Focal
    This was a really well balanced system, the customer liked an organic, fuller and warmer sound so the combination of Rega and the Focal Aria’s worked a real treat.

    Rega Planar 6 Turntable
    Rega Elicit-R Integrated Amplifier
    Rega Apollo CD Player
    Focal Aria 926 3-way floor standing loudspeaker

    Stay tuned for more installs across the UK, coming soon
  17. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Now this is a blog I have been meaning to write for a few months now but for whatever reason I never seemed to find the time which is crazy really as it is regarding one of my favourite speakers that we have on demo at HFL.
    All the products we have in here are pretty awesome to be fair but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t have a few favourites and when it comes to any Maggie well they are right up their giving something truly different, one of the most natural presentations I have ever heard, obviously for their size they are not going to be for everyone, but if you can accommodate a Maggie I know there would never be any regrets and they really are incredibly good value considering their performance.
    So the point of this post? well a few years ago I had a pair of Magneplanar 3.7′s in here and I was absolutely smitten, they really did leave their mark on me, but we just didn’t have the space to put them on permanent demo well the good news is that with our new’ish showrooms we can definitely now easily fit a pair in so one of my fist jobs once the new showrooms were finished was to order a pair of 3.7i’s for permanent demo which we now have here
    So if you are a bachelor or have a very understanding wife and really would like to experience something totally different please feel free to come in to listen to the 3.7i’s or alternatively we also have the 1.7i’s and .7′s on permanent demo, I am never happier than when I am doing a Maggie demo

  18. Vipers
    Arcam’s New HDA Range Now On Demo!

    Hi Everyone,
    Like myself I am sure at some point most of us have owned Arcam or still do, at the moment I run their AV860 at home along with a couple of P429′s for cinema duties so it is always great news when Arcam bring something new to market and with their new HDA range they are offering truly great performance at very competitive prices.
    We have all 3 new products on permanent demo, the SA10 integrated amp really sings and now with the added DAC section comprising of the excellent Sabre DAC really does give brilliant value for money but for me the pairing of the SA20 with it’s Glass G power and the CDS50 CD/SACD and Network player is a pretty potent combo as you can get both for £1698 and partnered together really do sound excellent.
    I did a demo of this combo last week with the very impressive diminutive Spendor A4′s and that certainly made a good pairing but the SA20 certainly has enough power to drive bigger speakers.
    Please find more info below on our website and if you’d like to come in for a demo anytime please feel free.

  19. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Happy to say that we now have the new Naim 500 Series ND555 Network Player now on permanent demo, it’s certainly been a long wait but happy to say that the wait has certainly been worth it as it really is brilliant as anyone will know who came to our launch event a couple of weeks ago.
    This is Naim’s first 500 Series streamer and although it is a fair bit more expensive than the NDS that it kind of replaces it really is quite a step up in performance. We have it on demo in our Naim 500 system comprising of the NAC 552 Pre-Amp and NAP 500 Power Amp and am also using it in conjunction with the top of the range Melco N1ZS Solid State server to really get the best performance from the ND555 and finally we have our Roon Nucleus+ setup so you can see Roon in action with the ND555 which is a real no brainer for me if you do decide to go with any of the new Naim players.
    Regarding the rest of Naim’s new Network Players, we are expecting the NDX 2 in around 4 weeks time followed by the ND5 XS2 4 weeks after that.
    So please feel free to come in to experience this new chapter in Naim’s Network Players in our dedicated Naim showroom.

  20. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Devialet have refreshed their Expert Pro range, firstly the Expert 130 Pro has now become the Expert 140 Pro giving another 10 watts per channel and equally as importantly the price has been reduced to £4490 which does make the entry point to Expert Pro extremely competitive when you consider what you get performance and feature wise.
    Also Devialet have announced the Dual Mono Expert 210 Pro making the entry point to go Dual Mono with Devialet much more affordable, it really does give a substantial upgrade to run 2 Experts in Dual Mono configuration and with the Expert 210 Pro costing £8900 this really is great value.
    Another point worth making is that if you have an Expert 130 Pro, with a firmware upgrade you can take it to a 140 Pro and then add another 140 Pro to give you an Expert 210 Pro dual mono configuration, until now it has never been possible to go Dual Mono with the entry level Expert so this is great news also.
    In a move to make the range easier to understand Devialet have also decided to not offer the Companions as separate products now so if you have a single Expert Pro and want to go Dual Mono then you just buy another Expert Pro this means the range now consist of 3 Stereo products and 3 Dual Mono products which is much tidier.
    I have ordered an Expert 140 Pro for demo which should be here any day now which will mean we have the full range of Expert Pro on demo including the new Expert 210 Pro so if you’d like to come in anytime to experience just how good Devialet Expert Pro is please feel free to get in touch.
    Please find the full Expert Pro range below -
    The Expert 210 Pro

    The Expert 140 Pro

  21. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    So it is easy to get excited about new products but I have to say once I heard about Chord’s plans to take the M Scaler from the brilliant Blu 2 CD Transport and make it a stand alone device I got a little excited, well the good news is that it is now a reality as Chord announced it at CanJam at the weekend and I don’t think I am being over excited by saying this really is a game changer and if you love your music then you really do need a Hugo M Scaler in your system.
    Just to take a step back for those who don’t know what the M Scaler is, well it was first seen in the Chord Blu 2 CD Transport, basically it took the data from the CD and upscaled it to 705.6kHz which is 16x a CD’s 44.1kHz native resolution and you really can hear the difference, it is huge, it really is like you are listening to 2 different recordings when you compare with and without the M Scaler, as soon as I heard this I just knew this technology had to come out as a standalone product and here we are so whether you are listening on CD, laptop or streamer you can get a huge step up in performance to your digital collection by adding the M Scaler to your DAC.
    Rob Watts, the designer, has been chasing 1 million taps for many years now as he believes this is what is required to give digital music the musicality needed and now the technology has caught up with his vision, it is all about the transient response which gives music that lifelike presentation, once you hear the difference you’ll understand what transient response really is if you don’t know already.
    So it is designed to work with Chord’s own Dac’s, new Hugo TT 2, the Qutest and of course DAVE but the good news is that is can work with other manufacturer’s Dac’s, this is big news as now anyone can add an M Scaler to their system and enjoy those 1 million taps and the even better news is that it costs £3495 which in highend audio terms is almost a bargain for the gain it will bring to your system.
    I really believe that it has been a long time since such a ground breaking product has been released in HiFi and I personally can’t wait to add a M Scaler to my system at home, Game Changer is a big saying but I truly believe this isn’t an understatement for the M Scaler.
    Demand for this is due to be huge, so if you think this is something for you please feel free to get in touch to place your order, it is due around Autumn, all we need is a £300 deposit to place the order with Chord, personally I would say an M Scaler with the new Hugo TT 2 is going to be a pretty epic combo.
    Right, I am going to shut up now but as you can probably tell this is pretty exciting news but needless to say we will have an M Scaler on demo as soon as possible but if you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to get in touch
    Please find a link to the M Scaler with more information on our website.

  22. Vipers
    Hi All,
    Just a quick blog to say that we now have the new Audio Research 160M Valve Mono Blocks now on Permanent demo and I have to say I have never seen a cooler looking amp with their VU meters that can be switched off if required as it is projected onto the glass, I know it isn’t sound quality related but who said HiFi shouldn’t look great
    They use 4 x KT150 Valves each giving around 150 Watts Per Channel with also the option for Ultra-Linear or Triode mode and now with Auto Bias this is a very easy valve amp to live with.
    I have them set up in our Highend Room now to give them a chance to run in and they really do sound quite spectacular with our Reference 6 Preamp being fed by the dCS Rossini.
    Needless to say if you’d like to come in for a demo anytime please feel free, please find more information on our website below -
    Also please find a stunning review below from HiFi News -
    Finally here is a small video showing how cool they look

  23. Vipers
    Hi all,
    I know this is not strictly a Lotus but a Westfield replica of a Lotus Eleven but I have just bought this in my quest to put together a collection of Lotus's from every decade since formation so hopefully posting it on here is OK, the originals go for around £130K now so this will have to do for my 50's example.
    It is brand new but the fly in the ointment is that it is nearly finished being built by the current owner but it has yet to get through its SVA test to make it road legal, this shouldn't be too painful but I guess you never know the outcome till you get stuck in and to be fair the last Westfield I owned was a disaster as I bought a cut and shut without knowing and that was a death trap in which I had to replace the chassis + other bits a bobs.
    But I just can't resist a pretty car and I have to say that I find it totally stunning, one of the prettiest cars I have ever seen, I'd be quite happy to put it in the living room as an ornament but I think my wife may have something to say on that :-)
    So let's see how things pan out when I put it in for an SVA, in fact Westfield have said they will help with this so fingers crossed, watch this space.
    More pictures to follow once I get it home.

  24. Vipers
    Hi Everyone,
    Sometimes it really is a now brainer to bring on a new brand and this was the case when looking at the Roon Nucleus Servers, personally I have been running Roon at home for quite some time now and I really wouldn’t want to go back to life before Roon, it really is a game changer if you stream your music.
    Roon can be a little difficult to explain but one thing is for sure once you have experienced it then there is no going back. Basically if you stream your music then Roon is the ultimate app, the one app to rule all other apps really, it is an extremely metadata rich piece of software which you control from your phone, tablet or computer that has so much information embedded in it that browsing your music collection becomes a real adventure. For Roon to work then the Roon Core needs to be running somewhere, this is where the Roon Nucleus products come in, these are optimised to give you the best Roon experience and they really do work, for ages I had been struggling to get the Roon Core to see my Synology Nas drive when installed on my MAC, in the end I gave up but as soon as I installed our new demo Nucleus+ at the weekend it saw my Nas straight away and started scanning my music collection straight away.
    A word of warning, don’t try Roon unless you are willing to sign up for the yearly or lifetime subscription packages as once you have tried Roon there really is no going back. As good as other streaming apps are nothing comes close to the ease of use, beautiful interface and information contained within Roon, basically it is the ultimate interface for managing and streaming your music. It can be a little complicated to start with but with the Roon Nucleus products this has been made extremely easy and will also give you the best Roon experience, personally I love Roon Radio, baically once an album has finished that you have selected Roon will carry on playing similar music to that album using your muisc collection and Tidal which is a great way to find new music.
    So if Roon sounds like something you would like to experience and discuss in more depth then please feel free to come into HFL to see what all the fuss is about.

  25. Vipers
    Hi All,
    Well the weekend was definitely a big tick on my bucket list to say that I have now raced at Silverstone
    In all honesty though I really thought this would be my best track as I had driven it before in a Caterham but in reality it turned out to be a real bogey track, I made progress on the quick guys and I was generally OK everywhere other than Maggott’s, I just couldn’t get that corner right all weekend, as you can see from a clip taken from Qualifying, I was determined to get it right but in the end I think I was just trying too hard so in this clip you will see the first damage I have done to the car by hitting a cone pretty hard which split my front splitter, then I did my quickest lap of the weekend, a 1.02.27, then I attacked again and went straight on at Maggots and had a nice chat with the marshalls, certainly an entertaining qualifying session.
    At the end of the weekend though I was fairly happy as I drove as hard as I could, it just wasn’t quick enough compared to the rest of the grid finishing both races towards the back, Cadwell Park next though which looks terrifying but as I have found out at Silverstone you never know which tracks will suit your driving style so fingers crossed.
    Please find a few pictures below from the weekend.

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