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  1. Getting the Radical SR1 in the Showroom!


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm full off good ideas me, as I am not racing the Radical at the moment as going to concentrate on racing the Lotus Elise for another year I thought it would be a good idea to put it in our new iLounge Racing Showroom as a centrepiece.

    Firstly it wasn't as easy as I thought due to the big step up to the room and also now it is in there I've not got something new coming to replace it so now it has got to come out, doh.

    Anyway, please find some pictures below of the fun and games, thanks to the guys help, anyone fancy help getting it out 🙄














  2. iLounge Racing is Open, Hurray, Welcome to the UK's Premium Demo Space for Motorsport Simulators!


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm really happy to announce that iLounge Racing is now open at HFL, from what started with a chat in a van 18 months ago has now resulted in a demo space where we have 4 simulators on demo from around £2000 to over £100,000.

    I'll keep it brief but the idea is that you can come along, experience how amazing simulators are now, try a few options, spec your preferred system and we will deliver and install.

    Whether it is a tool to get you quicker on track for racing or trackdays, or some online racing for fun or even single player, we've got you covered.

    We have partnered up with the major players to give you the best experience and support and to give you the ability to be as quick as anyone out there.

    Below are a few pictures and a video overview.

    If you'd like to come along or have a chat please feel free to give me a call on 01767 448121.



    Video Introduction


    A few Pictures - 














  3. Hi Everyone,

    I'm really happy to announce that iLounge Racing is now open at HFL, from what started with a chat in a van 18 months ago has now resulted in a demo space where we have 4 simulators on demo from around £2000 to over £100,000.

    I'll keep it brief but the idea is that you can come along, experience how amazing simulators are now, try a few options, spec your preferred system and we will deliver and install.

    Whether it is a tool to get you quicker on track for racing or trackdays, or some online racing for fun or even single player, we've got you covered.

    We have partnered up with the major players to give you the best experience and support and to give you the ability to be as quick as anyone out there.

    Below are a few pictures and a video overview.

    If you'd like to come along or have a chat please feel free to give me a call on 01767 448121.



    Video Introduction


    A Few Pictures - 













  4. Hi John,

    I seem to be collecting track based cars so this would fit into the collection nicely, love the Banks styling, well spotted on the vibration spacer though, if I manage to win the action I'll get that sorted.

    Still not sure on the rear spoiler, maybe it will look better when you actually see the car.



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  5. Melco Introduce the N50 SSD Player / Server + Bundle Package Promotion Info!


    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quickie to say that Melco have recently released a new Player / Server called the N50, where this is interesting is that it includes a 3.84tb SSD Drive for £4999, their other SSD model, the Flagship N1ZS EX is £9995 so I can see the new N40 being the real sweet spot in the range as it makes the advantages of SSD Drives available to a much bigger audience, we have it on Permanent demo if you would like to come in and try it at any point.

    Please find a link to the full range of Melco servers below -

    Melco Promotion

    Melco have also recently announced a bundle promotion that runs till the end of january 2022, please find all the info below but any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch -

    N100 2TB + D100 = £3,098 Offer Price – £2,500

    N100 5TB + D100 = £3,598 Offer Price – £3,000

    N10 3TB + D100 = £8098 Offer Price – £6,500

    N10 3TB + S100 = £9098 Offer Price – £7,500

    N10 3TB + D100 + S100 = £10,197 Offer Price – £8000





  6. Lotus Elise Trophy Season 1 Complete, Donington Photo Book!



    Hi Everyone,

    So where did that season go? it only seems like yesterday we were collecting our new Lotus Elise looking forward to a new adventure and before you know it we have 7 race meetings under our belt and it is time to park the car ready for winter. Looking back it was a great season though, a lot of fun, if I'm honest at the start of the season I was surprised how quick the competition was, I was expecting to be straight on the pace but as the season progressed we got quicker and quicker, which was also helped by quite a bit of development on the car, and by the mid point I felt we were getting on top of the car with the Brands Hatch round being the highlight of the season with some really great racing.

    Championship Standings!

    In the end we finished 2nd in the Forced Induction class and 4th overall, really wanted 3rd but for our first year I was really happy with that. We have plans already in place for next year where we are taking the Elise into a different category, endurance racing, with one round at Spa so that is extremely exciting, more news next year.

    Donington, The Final Round!

    The less said about this race weekend the better really, we did some dry testing the Monday before and the lap times were great and the car felt on rails but once we got to race day we could have done with a boat rather than a car, much the same as the previous year in the Radical at Donington, it was just a challenge to keep the car on the track, I don't mind driving in the wet but when it is this wet it just isn't any fun really but we survived multiple incidents over the weekend where I lost it under breaking, ended up in the gravel with 6 others at the start of race 2 and had a Praga race car spinning off in front of me in testing, so getting away with a cracked windscreen was a result really.

    Please find a few pictures below, roll on next season.














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  7. STAX SR-X9000 Earspeakers 1st Impressions, Are They Now The Best Headphones In The World?



    Hi There,

    So this for me is the biggest news in audio this year, Stax bringing out a new Reference Earspeaker which in my mind puts it straight to the top of the tree as a contender for the best headphone in the world, I had no idea these were coming till around 2 months ago so it has been a long wait but our demo pair finally arrived last Friday so they were plugged straight in for a quick comparison against my previous reference headphones, the Stax SR-009S, I run SR-009S's at home and really can't imagine anything much better to be honest so it was always going to be an interesting comparison.

    Firstly I'd like to thank Nigel at Symmetry, the UK Stax distributor, as he managed to get me the first pair into the UK as he knew I was super keen to hear them, so how do the SR-X9000 compare against the SR-009's? I pulled out the big guns for my comparison as I wanted to get the best I could from both so I used our dCS Vivaldi system fed by the epic Taiko SGM Extreme server into the Stax T8000 Energiser.

    So firstly they look and feel amazing when unpacking them, they have a more premium feel to them that's for sure, soundwise they are clearly still a Stax Electrostatic Earspeaker, very detailed, spacious, fast, agile and open, everything I love about Stax, but whereas you had to listen quite closely to hear the improvements between the SR-009 and SR-009S's it is a much more obvious difference with the X9000's as these are a totally different presentation, from the first listen you know you have something very different from Stax on your head, needless to say they don't make the SR-009S's a bad headphone overnight, they are still amazing but with the X9000 it does feel as if Stax have moved things onto the next level.

    I’ve always thought if Stax could blend the warmth of the SR-007, the clarity of the SR-009 and the bass of the SR-L700 we would have perfection well in a nutshell that is pretty much what we’ve got with the SR-X9000, they are like a greatest hits of Stax in one premium Earspeaker.

    What you get with the SR-X9000's is a more refined and full bodied sound but with the clarity and spaciousness of the SR-009S's, vocals have much more weight and texture, when comparing A/B the SR-009S's almost feel a bit empty in the mid and bright at the top and that fuller sound of the X9000 gives a bit more bass weight and depth although that isn't a huge difference but is a welcome addition, the bigger change for me is in the mid and top, when listening to my go to demo track of Massive Attacks 'Teardrop' her voice had more gravitas and weight which just helped the track sound more together and I thought I'd give Adele's new single a try as her voice can be a bit much on Stax sometimes but again the extra weight to the mid and refinement to the treble really helped give make it sound more natural, I really think people in the past which found Stax a little too neutral and clean should re-visit them with the SR-X9000's as I think they would have a pleasant surprise as I have always found the Focal Utopia to be one of the best all rounders out there but I tried quite a few different genres on the X9000's and they really tackled everything with ease and made it all extremely enjoyable from Damien Rice to Rammstein.

    At £5,195 these are certainly not cheap and when partnered with a T8000 Energiser you are looking at around £10,000 for a headphone system which isn't to be sniffed at but to flip that you will have the best headphone system on the planet and to get the best of anything, especially in Audio for £10k could be argued a bit of a bargain really.

    In my view this is the best Earspeaker Stax have ever made but if you do already have SR-009S's I would recommend that you come in to compare the SR-009'S against the SR-X9000's as I can see a case where some may prefer the cleaner sound with the livelier top end of the SR-009S's but for me the SR-X9000 has moved headphone audio on and in my view the SR-X9000 has taken the mantle of the worlds best Headphone and I for one will definately be trading in my SR-009S's for a pair of SR-X9000's, anyone know a good dealer 😉

    If you'd like to come in for a listen or discuss trade in options please feel free to get in touch.






    Let the Battle Commence!







  8. Naim Solstice Turntable Now on Demo + Imminent Naim Price Rise Info!



    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is well, I just wanted to post that we now have the new Naim Solstice Limited Edition Turntable on permanent demonstration and bearing in mind this is Naim's first ever turntable it really is something to applaud, beautifully made and engineered but most importantly it sounds fantastic, I first tried it in my main Naim system which needless to say worked a treat but I have been wanting to add a turntable to my office system for sometime so it made sense, well to me anyway, to install it alongside our new D'Agostino Integrated amp, HiFi Rose RS150 streamer and Wilson Audio TuneTots so that out of hours I can indulge myself in some top vinyl playback.

    The Solstice is limited to 120 in the UK, we managed to secure 4, 2 of which are now sold so if you'd like to come in for a listen at some point please feel free to make an appointment.

    Naim Price Rise - December 6th!

    In other Naim news, due to increasing costs Naim have had to increase their prices from December 6th, please find the new prices below but for anything ordered before this date the price will be honoured at the current pre price rise increase so if you are considering any Naim kit at the moment it may be prudent to get in touch, all we need is a 10% deposit to place any orders with Naim.


    Solstice Pictures and Link -

    Please find a few pics below and a link to the Solstice on our website -








  9. Brands Hatch Race Report, Pics + Videos!

    Hi All,

    So the Brands Hatch Indy layout is one of the races I really look forward to every year as it really suits my driving style as to me it is just one big go kart track and although it is really technical with every corner seemingly having multiple ways through it I always seem to go well there.

    Thankfully that continued with our first trip there in the Elise where we had our best race weekend of the year, which was strange as my normal team where off racing elsewhere so I had Hangar 111 looking after me + I had a team mate for the first time this year which was great as you can compare times and notes, so thanks to Hangar 111 for doing a stellar job 👌

    Unbelievably I have never had a lap time disqualified before but unfortunately my best lap in Qualifying was deleted for exceeding track limits so I ended up starting 4 places back on the grid to where I had hoped to start but that made the race more fun I guess.

    When it came to the race, we just avoided a big crash at turn 1 which I had to stop to miss so that dropped us right to the back pretty much so I got my head down and lap by lap caught the pack back up, now this was a 45 minute race with a mandatory pitstop so once I caught the pack I pitted early to try the undercut which worked a treat as I made 2 places, made me smile as I exited the pits and I said to myself, right now it is Hammer Time, below are my first 3 laps after the pitstop -


    Then half way through the race there was another big accident but I was 2nd in my class with 3 other forced induction cars behind me, who to be fair have been quicker than me all year so it ended up with a 10 minute race to the finish, as I am fighting these guys in the championship I was determined to hold my 2nd place so basically I just looked forward and ignored my mirrors and at the end we held of the assault from behind to finish 2nd in class which I was really pleased with.

    So we have one more race weekend left at Donington on the 30th October and if we have a good weekend we could finish 2nd in class and third overall but just checked the weather and it looks like it may be wet which will be a real shame as I’m much happier in the dry but let’s see how things pan out.

    Certainly going to be a fun end to what has been a really enjoyable first season racing the Elise, please find highlights from Brands below + a few pics -



    Video Highlights!









  10. HiFi Lounge Walkthrough + iLounge Racing Sneak Peak!


    Hi Everyone,

    As we haven't done any open days for quite some time, hopefully we can get back to normality next year regarding this, I thought it would be a good idea to do a walkthrough for anyone who hasn't been in recently as a fair bit has changed and we have some exciting new equipment here.

    Also after a year of planning we are very nearly ready to launch iLounge Racing so the progress of converting the headphone showroom into a simulator demo space can be seen also further into the video.





  11. Stax SR-X9000 Announced + Audeze LCD-5 & CRBN Headphones!


    Hi Everyone,

    So the Highend Headphone market seems to have woken up all of a sudden, as a Stax SR-009S user myself it is the announcement of the new SR-X9000's that I am personally most excited about, these are Stax's new Reference Earspeaker, I struggle to think how they can improve on the SR-009S's to be honest but really can't wait to have a listen.

    I have been told we will be getting our demo pair very shortly so watch this space as I compare them against my SR-009S's, exciting times.

    Also we have a new Electrostatic Headphone from Audeze called the CRBN to take Stax on and also Audeze have announced the LCD-5 as their new flagship Planar Magnetic headphone, both these will be on demo once released.

    And finally we have the Dan Clark Stealth Closed Back Headphones which are supposedly the best closed back on the planet now, we recently supplied a pair to a good customer and he is over the moon with them so look forward to getting a pair on demo soon.

    Anyway please find a few pictures and links below -



    Stax SR-X9000 Earspeakers





    Audeze LCD-5 + CRBN 7 Dan Clark Stealth





  12. Big Speakers on Demo from Magneplanar and Avantgarde!

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quickie to say that we have a couple of pairs of very special speakers in demo at the moment that we have borrowed from the distributors for a couple of demos so if you'd like a listen please get in touch to make an appointment.

    Magneplanar 30.7's

    Speakers certainly don't get much bigger than these, they really do give a wall of sound.

    I love Maggies, certainly not the easiest speakers to accommodate but if you can then they are well worth a listen as they have a mid range to die for and give an extremely open and large sound, very different from a more conventional speaker.

    Avantgarde Duo XD Speakers

    I have to say having these in HFL has been a real treat and a revelation, this is the first pair of Horn speakers I have actually sat down and listened to, other than a quick listen at shows, and I have to say that I am totally smitten as they give such a live and big sound and with the active bass drivers you get real solid and fast bass that you really feel, we only have these for a couple of weeks then we have to give them back unfortunately, certainly been a real eye opener that's for sure.



    Maggies below followed by the Avatgarde's.







  13. SME 75th Anniversary Synergy Turntable now on Permanent Demo!


    Hi All,

    So this could quite possible be the best bit of HiFi eye Candy out there, it looks great in the pics but is even more gorgeous for real, the Silver Anniversary finish, to celebrate SME's 75th Anniversary, is a £3000 premium over the standard black finish so that makes it £18,895 but it really is worth every penny if you can stretch to it.

    So what is the SME Synergy? Basically it is a Highend Plug and Play Turntable, all you need to do is plug it straight into a line input and you are up and running, it really couldn't be easier, it is made of a combination of some of the worlds best brands that are all tuned to get the best performance, Synergy really is the right name here, please see below from SME’s website for an overview -

    'Synergy is a unique, precision-engineered integrated turntable featuring magnesium tonearm, moving coil cartridge and built-in phono stage. Comprising of a completely new turntable design combined with the highly acclaimed SME Series IV tonearm, Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti cartridge and a specially designed phono stage by NAGRA, all coupled with mono crystal silver wire by Crystal Cable, Synergy is a fully integrated turntable unit that is factory configured requiring minimal user set-up.'

    We will have our Synergy setup in our Highend System so if you’d like to hear it please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment and feel free to bring some of your favourite records along as for me there is nothing better than listening to vinyl, have to say it really has made our big system sing, especially the Alexx V’s.

    Please find more info in the link below and a few pictures, we now have pretty much the full SME range of Turntables on demo so please feel free to get in to to arrange a demo.

    Many thanks,













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  14. Snetterton Photobook, Fire, Rain + New Livery!


    Hi All,

    So for our Snetterton race weekend it was certainly a weekend like no other, basically it was British Summertime so we had plenty of rain but we also had a huge pit lane fire just when we were about to go out for our first race, basically a teams lorry caught fire and it took 2 fire engines to get it under control, luckily no one was injured but it meant we lost our first race and our 2nd race was re-scheduled for 6pm, this ended up being cut short due to a car stranded on the track so basically we did 3 days at the track for a 17 minute race but at least we came away with a trophy so it wasn't all bad.

    Plus we had the new livery on the Elise to promote iLounge Racing, a couple of tweaks to do but overall really happy with the look, really stands out on track now.

    So off to Brands Hatch this weekend, really looking forward to this one as it is on the short Indy layout so is very much like a big Go Kart track which should suit me, presently we are 5th overall in the standings and 2nd in our class so plenty to still play for.

    We were testing there last week and I had my closest moment to a big crash yet, please see below, certainly a Code Brown moment but luckily we got away with just a little damage under the car where I had to go over the grass in avoidance, could certainly have been much worse.

    Anyway please find a few pictures below from our Snetterton weekend.




















  15. Big Accuphase System on the Wilson Alexx V's, This Really Works!

    Hi Everyone,

    The fun part with having a speaker here as accomplished as our demo Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers is trying different equipment with them as they are so revealing you can totally change their character by trying a different brand, I recently got an enquiry from someone who wanted to try the Class A Accuphase Monoblocks along with their DAC and top of the line Preamp, needless to say we had to try them on the Alexx's and I have to say it is a pretty special combination, totally effortless and open with a really weighty and full bass with loads of definition, it really is a winning combo.

    Anyway I just wanted to post some pictures, please see below and if you'd like to come in for a listen please feel free.








  16. 12 hours ago, andyj007 said:

    what do you prefer cadwell or oulton park


    Now that is a tough question Andy, both my 2 favourites but I'd say Cadwell just edges it.

    9 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Booked in for the triple header in October - Anglesey, Oulton and Cadwell. Three days of driving heaven!

    Never doen Anglesey but that sounds like the perfect 3 days.

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  17. Wilson Audio Alexx V Update + HFL Promo Video!



    Hi Everyone,

    So we have had our incredible Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers for a month or so now and I have been running them everyday since they arrived and I think it is fair to say they are well and truly run in now and are sounding even better than when we first got them.

    I know it is the biggest cliche in the HiFi book but on our so called Highend system I am listening to albums and songs that I know so well and it really is like hearing them for the first time, there is so much more information coming through it is as if some songs are totally different mixes which I know they are not but say on something like Billie Eilish's last album I am amazed how much more there is in the recording through this system compared to what I have heard before.

    Last week I hooked up our Chord Ultima 2 Mono Blocks to the Alexx V's and that gave a totally different presentation compared to the amps we had previously been using, much more solid bass weight and depth so I will be leaving them hooked up for some time.

    So I got to thinking that me shooting a video on my phone really wasn't doing these magnificent speakers justice so I spoke with Ian and IDB Creative to come up with a quality promo film encouraging people to come in for a listen, let me know what you think and if you would like a listen feel free to get in touch to make an appointment to try some of your favourite songs and hear them like you have never heard them before.

    Please find a link to the video below, enjoy.




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