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  1. Hi guys, well my Elite is gone , off to a new life in Southampton, was sad to see it going off on a trailer but really had to go as it was sitting about on the drive for long periods which was a shame as it runs and drives great, it's off to a super keen owner who i'm sure will look after it and carry on where i left off. Thank's for all the help and advice over the last two years, this is a great friendly forum, i'll still look in now and again and may even be back with a Lotus some day
  2. Hi Bernard, i just fitted a universal breather filter (K&N style) straight to the cam cover, from memory the stub on the cover is 15mm, did the same with the crank breather, just means the engine is venting to fresh air rather than back into the engine. An alternative to this would be an oil catch tank (as used on race engines), breather hoses are fed to the tank and the tank is vented.
  3. I've started a thread on here for anyone interested
  4. Cheers Dunc, got to the bottom of it thismorning, found the headlight switch is falling apart
  5. Ok, my car sat about for a few weeks, started it up and found the alternator not charging and the headlight pods not raising off the switch, thought maybe the two were related (electro valves not getting 12V), replaced the alternator but pods still not working, relay under dash is clicking and sometimes right pod will rise once then not again so guessing switch is ok ?, the pods are doing the usual stunt of raising by themselfs after a week or so.
  6. Hi Guy's. just a small update to say i still have the Elite, only had it on Gumtree and E-bay, all i seemed to get was time wasters, super keen buyers, a million text messages (i hate texting too) only for it to fall through, so keeping it for now, had to fit a new alternator last week, i think the front brakes are binding a bit (lack of use over the last few weeks) also have the cam cover gaskets to do (going to try the rubber ones this time to finally cure the lower cam cover leak), also the headlight pods have stopped working so those will need looked at, going to tax it anyway and start using it daily next week.
  7. Not sure yet, maybe Retrorides or Pistonheads, will wait till i'm a bit further on with it though. Sorry, just read the question again, not started a thread yet but will be one of the above forums.
  8. Hi Guys, my Elite is now on E-bay if anyone is interested, sad to see it go but needs must.
  9. Aye Mike, i was hoping about 2.5K for a respray if i did most of the prep myself, paint will be a long way off though, will need to be mechanically 100% before paint and that could take a couple of years.. Cheers for thinking about me regarding the roof section, tbh that repair hasn't bothered me much so i'd just be giving the section to the new owner. Cheers for the advice LC, will keep that place in mind, also didn't know all the box's were the same, handy to know.
  10. Maybe i have valued it a bit low but i think the car does look a lot better in the pics than in the flesh (so to speak), the paint is really microblistered in a lot of places and has the ugly repair at the tailgate hinge, also the car has no carpets or soundproofing (it was all rotten and i threw it in the bin), these are things i can live with but need to consider if a buyer has to budget for new paint and trim. It does run and drive very well though, has no major or foreseeable issues, has a full MOT, from what i've seen running, driving, MOT'd Type 75 Elites rarely come up for sale. Great to hear you own a Firebird Ronnie, the interior was shocking in my car, have already priced most stuff i need (mostly on, i got the car for 7K recon it'll cost me about 4-5K to get the car on the road (not counting a respray), most of that is in the interior, the engine will be fine but i still dont know what the gearbox is like, i will probably need a steering box (leaking) which will be about 500 quid. Got experience with Yank muscle though, had a 68 Charger and a 70 Mach 1 Mustang years ago so kind of knew what i was getting into. Trouble with keeping the Elite is (apart from funds) it's now sitting in the drive which i dont like, would much prefer the car to be garaged also most weekends i'm working on the Firebird so the Lotus is sitting unused which is a shame.
  11. Cheers Charlie, i may start a thread on Pistonheads or Retrorides, will see how it goes. Lotus passed the MOT yesterday with no advisories , will need to decide whether to sell it now to fund bits for the Pontiac or keep it for a wee while and get some use out of it first ?, it's running and driving great though and it's a great time to sell (shows starting), trouble is i love it. Took some pics to celebrate I recon the car is worth around 3K, what do you'se think ?
  12. Got the manifold sorted on the Elite, running and driving fine now, hopefully MOT on Saturday. Heres the Pontiac in my garage, needs a lot of work but it's all straightforward, hope to have it on the road next spring . It is really solid, will need a boot floor and a repair to the O/S lower 1/4 but no big deal (boot floor repair section is 80 Dollars) This is how it looks at the moment, looks drastic but it's all nuts and bolts, every bush and seal will need replaced (dry rotted in the desert heat), found the right hand exhaust silencer full of coolant so stripping the heads off to replace the head gaskets, found a good used dash on E-bay UK, bought a good used steering wheel (even that was melted) and a pair of nice M/T valve covers on U/S E-bay. Shame i cant keep this cool plate. Checked the codes on the engine, the block is dated 71 and the heads are big valve D port 72 heads so pretty sure the engine is original which is a bonus.
  13. Yeah Dan, paid for it last Saturday, being delivered Monday night, it is a big project, runs and drives and is apparently solid but interior is ruined (it sat in a desert in Texas for years) and obviously will need paint. Good thing is everything is available for them. Got the exhaust manifold off the Lotus , will get it to the engineers during the week and get new studs fitted.
  14. Cheers for the advice guys, i'll have a go at it in a wee while. For me, this. It's a 72 Formula 400, prefer these earlier cars to the later (Smokey and the Bandit) type . Always loved yank Muscle, owned a 70 Mach1 Mustang and a 68 Dodge Charger before but my first american (back in 98) was a Firebird (a 75)
  15. Sorry about this guys but it's bad news and more bad news, i cant get my exhaust back on, ALL three manifold studs are nackered, tried welding them but that didn't work, looks like the manifold will need to come off to get new studs fitted. Does anyone know if the manifold will come off without taking the engine out ? Add to this it looks like i will really have to sell the Elite now, i've got a new project coming on Monday, the Elite is fantastic, i really enjoyed driving it last year and did plan to keep it for a while but this new car is where my heart really lies. So i'm not sure if i should cut my losses and sell the Elite the way it is as a project or try and get the manifold fixed ? then maybe get it MOT'd before selling.
  16. Cheers guys, as promised here is some pics of the exhaust off the car, hopefully anyone wanting to copy it can make out what i've done and where the welds and joints are. Fabricated mid section using 2" universal flexy section, 2" pipe and a 2" to 1.75 Y section. The Cherry Bombs i used are centre silencers, used these as i didn't want blingy chrome tail pipes (no offence Charlie ), had to weld on some 2" tail pipe to the silencers, the bends leading to the silencers were 90 degree ones cut, turned and re welded to form the S shape, whole system will be painted silver.
  17. Hi Guys, long time no update, got sidetracked over the winter by an E34 BMW and doing more work on my Land Rover, but back on track with the Lotus now, full steam ahead to get it back on the road for the end of next month. Took it off the road last year due to a blowing exhaust, a creak from the body and play in the rear suspension. I've bought good galvanised trailing arms, new trailing arm to chassis mounts, reconditioned drive shafts, polly bushes for the lower arms and got the lower arms powdercoated. Should get this lot fitted over the weekend. Got the front anti roll bar outer bushes to do too. Also stripped the rear shocks, painted the shocks and got the springs powdercoated, gave the brake drums a coat of paint too. The exhaust was a stainless steel job, was relatively new but the problem was i just couldn't get it to seal, especially the joint at the front silencer, had it all off a few times, cleaned the joints, new clamps, paste etc just kept blowing, decided to make my own system. Used a pair of Cherry Bombs for the tail box's. Here's the rest of the system, deleted the centre box, used a universal flexy section for the front, 2" pipe to replace the centre box and a universal Y section, all welded together so only a clamp at the front and clamps for the tail box's. Haven't fired it up yet but i'll let you know what it sounds like, will also be taking it all back off to paint it so will take a pic of the whole system off the car to help anyone thinking of doing the same. Haven't addressed the suspected crack in the shell yet, will get the car MOT'd and back on the road then maybe pull the motor out and hopefully sort it over a weekend.
  18. I did prefer shape of the Elite but i'm warming to the Eclat, i remember when i was going to buy my Elite thinking it may be quite practical, fold the seats down an get my bike in the back etc, was amazed to find the tiny boot and glass partition, bought it anyway and love it. Driving through town one Saturday i heard a kid shout "LOOK, A LAMBORGHINI"
  19. Cheers Charlie, that's what i wanted to hear, knew you were running Cherry bombs at the back but did'nt know you deleated your centre box. Cheers for the link Ant but exhaust was leaking at the slip joints so no gaskets, just assembly paste, i suspect the pipes were ovaled so not sealing so no matter how tight the clamps were or how much paste used would still blow (which is an MOT fail) Regarding the MOT i think MOT testers use ear only if they suspect the exhaust has been modified, my Land Rover has a straight through pipe (no silencers or cat, just an open pipe from the Turbo) passed the MOT fine and it's pretty loud, Diesels dont require silencers or cats for the MOT. Back pressure wont be an issue, would be if i was using something rediculous like 3" pipe but i'm retaining the standard diameter, 2,1/4" front and 1.5" rear pipes. Will get the bits ordered and let you all know how it goes
  20. I have a stainless steel exhaust on the Elite (Falcon make), when i got the car last year the exhaust was blowing from every joint, i stripped it all off, cleaned all the joints and re-fitted with new clamps and assembly paste. This year it's blowing again at the joints at either end of the centre box , just cant get it to seal. What i'm thinking about doing is replacing the centre box with a bit of fabricated straight pipe section (using Jetex universal bits), the idea behind this is i'll weld it all together eliminating the joints, the only joints left will be at the rear silencers and these are fine. Reason for not just welding in the centre box is that i cant weld Stainless steel. Wondering if anyone else has done this and how it turned out ? (i expect the car to be noisier) or has anyone else had problems getting a Stainless system to seal.
  21. Superb job, looks stunning, as mentioned more pics would be great.
  22. Stunning looking Elites. In an attempt to answer to your question on Autos from what i've gathered all 504's were Auto's as standard.
  23. Hi Guys, just a small update on the Elite, as mentioned didn't sell it, off the road at the moment for a winter re-furb, have decided to rebuild the rear suspension, ordered galvanised trailing arms from Lotusbits, also new trailing arm mounts, will also be buying reconditioned drive shafts and new wheel bearings, will be getting a load of bits powdercoated too. In addition to this the front anti-roll bar bushes are needing done (again), the exhaust needing re-sealed (again, though i'm planning to delete the centre box), the engine will need to come out to investigate a crack in the shell, and the cam cover gaskets are needing re-done so plenty to do. Looking forward to next year though and maybe taking it to some shows
  24. Hi Guys, just to let you know i did'nt sell the Elite , did'nt put a great deal of effort into selling TBH, and the add on Retro Rides (only place it was advertised) probably made it sound a lot worse than it is. No intention of selling now, just that i found it hard to justify three cars but what the hell Been driving it at least once a week but there is a worrying creaking noise coming from the N/S/F, also oil leaking into the passenger side (from the leaking lower cam cover) so wondering if the creaking is a crack in the shell at the exhaust manifold ?, is this common ?, engine will need to come out to investigate i think . Will probably do an engine out body off resto on the car in the future anyway.
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