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  1. Cheers Clive, ditching the points will be a good upgrade, did it before with a 3.0 Capri and a Hillman Imp, will do it to the Elite eventually. Have already uprated the fuel pump so that's fine. Lotus passed it's MOT thismorning of course had to take the scenic route back home All the oil that leaked onto the exhaust has now pretty much burned off so no more embarassing smoke from under the bonnet sitting at lights (changed the cam cover gasket, was worried it may have been the cam carrier gasket but this seems fine) Also the lazy N/S light pod has magicaly started working so my suspicions of the system being plumbed wrong were wrong so thats good news. What i have found is the O/S light pod lifts on it's own after the car sitting about four days which looks comical , quickly goes down again when the engine is started so no big deal. Took a couple of pics of it in the street to celebrate. So road Tax next Friday then i'll be using it regular, of course it still has a list of jobs to be done as long as my arm but at least it's running and legal.
  2. As mentioned failed the MOT last weekend on anti roll bar bushes and an exhaust blow from the centre silencer, this is a fairly new stainless steel system, suspect it had just been badly assembeld, found it easier to just dismantle the whole exhaust, have re fitted it with assembly paste and new clamps so it's sound and blow free now. Ordered the anti roll bar bushes from SJSportscars (as usuall delivered pronto), went for polly ones also bought the big main ones even though it only failed on the ends. Fitting was fairly easy though i suspect i've overtightened them as annoyingly the N/S bush has split slightly So, MOT retest tomorrow Mike, just found your resto thread, awesome stuff, keep at it man, it will be well worth it in the end, i have owned and restored/re-commisioned a number of interesting/spectacular machines in the past including a 70Mach1 Mustang and a 68 Dodge Charger, the Elite drives fantastic and in my experience sounds wonderfull and attracts admiring attention wherever you go, i'd say as much as any big block yank muscle car (even just stopping at the petrol station). Love your car in white and the galvanised chassis is a winner
  3. Keep at it, awesome standard of work so far, love that chassis, this will be great when its done
  4. Hi Allan, will try and get to a meet at Boness once the car is sorted and reliable (timing belt, water pump, all fluids changed etc), maybe not next month but could probably do September. Hi Elite7, have gave the chassis a damned good screwdriver stabbing session already, rear of chassis is all solid (checked up over the diff etc) as you say just flaking paint and surface rust, scraped it all the best i could. treated with Kurust, primed and painted with enamel (for now) Cheers for the advice though Only bit of chassis i poked a hole in was the front extension (the bit that the steering rack bolts to), cut that out and plated it so its all solid now. Long term i would like to lift the body off the chassis and do a proper job of it as there is just so many bits you cant get to, will see how it goes though.
  5. Hi Duncan, yes that will be the same car, was in Hamilton, location in the add said Inverness though, basically a sound car needing gone through, plan to get it legal next month then use it as much as possible doing jobs on it at the weekends. Cheers for the tip on the XJS seats, will look out for a pair, haven't priced up getting the originals repaired but i imagine it wont be cheap. Have fitted a pressure regulator already, it can just be seen at the top of the engine bay pic above (chrome dial thing), looked online for the recommended pressure for the Dellorto's so have it set at 3psi, used a Facet years ago in a 1380 Mini with twin SU's and it worked well (with the regulator) so just went for the same in the Lotus, have also bought a fire extinguisher, just looking for a decent place to mount it (probably in front of the drivers seat)
  6. Cheers for the welcome guys Cheers man, i've always gone hot and cold on Scimitars, though i've had a few 3.0 Capri's and love the sound and grunt of the Essex V6. Very pleased with the Elite though, drove and sounded fantastic on the way to the MOT station yesterday, hope to get it sorted and taxed at the end of the month and start using it properly Will start a project thread soon.
  7. Hi all, new here and new to Lotus's, was windowshopping on E-bay last month, looking at everything from Cadillacs to Scimitars, spotted an S1 Elite fairly local to me so went to see it, needless to say brought it home. Knew nothing about them before i bought it, infact before i went to see it i imagined it to be like an estate in the rear, fold down seats etc, might be quite practical, may get my mountain bike in the back thought, ha fat chance Had been sitting parked half in a hedge for six months, despite this fired up ok with a jump start and drove the 20 miles home ok, engine and carbs have reportedly been rebuilt but frustratingly have no receipts or documents to prove this (only the sellers word), certainly runs fine though, good oil pressure and doesn't overheat. Interior is rough, black leather, rear seats are salvageable but front seats are a mess, going to look at getting these repaired though, centre console had been butchered to fit a radio (hacked in half with a bitt of alloy plate screwed to the bottom), stripped the fablon from the remaining bit and welded a new section on the lower part, going to cover this with carbon wrap. Although the car is a 504 it's far from original spec, like i said i knew nothing about these before i bought it so found out it should have been an automatic (it has an early 5 speed), also it has lost it's air-con pump (going to remove the remainder of the system), also it has lost it's power steering. Paint is ok at a glance (and in the pics) but is microblistered pretty bad, chassis is sound, had to do a small welding repair on the front extension (at the steering rack), drivers door hinge is worn so going to get a pin and bush kit for that soon. Work done so far, i've replaced the throttle cable, fitted new U/J's to the drive shafts, fitted a new Facet fuel pump (the SU packed up), fitted K&N filters and ram pipes to the Dellorto's, fitted new cam cover gaskets and painted the cam covers red. Plumbing for the front headlight pods is not right, (as you can see from this engine bay pic), only the right pod is going up and down with the switch both pods stay down though, seems to me the right pod is getting constant vacuum from the engine, had to unplug the hose to keep them up for the MOT, will need to get these sorted eventually. Work still to do, took the car for an MOT yesterday, failed on the front anti roll bar bushes so got them on order, also failed on a bad earth on the lights and an exhaust blow at the centre silencer so will get that sorted and hopefully new MOT next Saturday, water pump is noisy so will replace that, have a new timing belt to go on, plenty to keep me busy
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