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  2. Does anyone know if the s3 Elise rear toe links uprated or stronger than earlier cars?Is it worth upgrading these? I'm not sure if they were changed in any way compared to the earlier models or if they are still a potential problem? i see lotus did a brace on the 211 using rose joints instead of ball joints
  3. rear camber or tracking? the rear camber is adjusted at the top and toe set from the bottom so bringing the top of the wheel closer in shouldnt affect the length of the the toe link on the bottom ? i can see how the front camber may not affect toe as the shims are between the steering arm and the hub. I cant see castor (pushing the wishbone back 3mm) will have a huge imnpact on toe either. the changes i have made are very small and in keeping with the spec's stated by lotus at around 0.5 front camber, 1.8 rear camber and around 3.3 caster. any affects to the toe front or rear will be adjusted when it gets alignment check anyway.
  4. as i said the toe will be adjusted on the hunter rack. The rear toe isnt affected by camber as the toe link is on the bottom of hub and camber adjustment on the top,
  5. The caster is lower than specified from the factory which is why I'm setting it properly. i know a caster shim gives 0.4 degrees. i know 1mm shim gives -.25 camber front and .30 camber rear. i have a wheel alignment done so can get a good idea of what each change will make and a fairly accurate idea of what to expect after these changes. toe on the rear won't be affected due to toe link location on hub. Front toe is affected mainly by camber and will be re-adjusted on a hunter machine.
  6. did the drivers side of the car tonight. for the camber i removed a 1.25mm shim from the front and 2x 1mm shims from the rear hub so in theory i should have front camber -.55 rear camber -1.84 I then made a start on the driver side caster. This is what i had from the factory- rear arm - 3 shims, bush 1 shim Front arm - 2 shims, snub washer, bush, 1 shim i moved the shims to have 1 shim behind and 3 in front on the rear arm and snub washer behind and 3 shims in front on the front arm. this should give me +3.25 caster which is lower than ideal according to the manual but the max i can achieve. thing i am not sure about though is the passenger side has all the shims behind the arms. Drivers side was 3 and 1 and passenger side is 4 and none is this right or just a mess up at the factory or to compensate for driving on the left or something? When i had my alignment checked both sides were the same at +2.45 when i get round to doing the passenger side should i keep it symmetrical with what i did on the drivers side or keep it 1 shim - compared to the other side? thanks this is how the car was measured before i started adjusting things
  7. My car has developed a really loud and persistent rattle/creaking from behind the bulkhead. It does it constantly when driving along and can hear a creaking when coming to a stop or pulling away - almost as if it were the seat but everything is tight. I have taken Off the under tray and everything was tight as were the shear panel bolts It still did it so I removed the plastic Bulkhead trim and pax seat and it still did it. The only other thing I can think of trying is removing the shear panel and checking the fuel tank etc is tight If I remove the shear panel is there anything I need to watch for? How is he fuel tank mounted? Is there anything else behind the bourse which is likely to make this sort of noise?
  8. no im not selling them mate - i just fitted 3 new 888's last week! i like the ones you posted but i think they suit the later S2 exige but not really the elsie. the 240R wheels look good on anything speak to Dave at seriously lotus he might do you a deal
  9. very nice. thats a good price for the car. could you do me a favour and take a picture of how the harness lap belts are fitted? im about to fit them harness too cheers
  10. ive got these. they were on special offer at the time at £1200. theyre very nice wheels.
  11. red one doesnt have proper seats or big brakes but is the facelift model
  12. i want to fit a tillett seats to my elsie is it ok to mount the lap belts the same way as in this photo? (same bolt which holds the seat to the bracket) cheers
  13. it feels like the brake pedal is too low. if it didn't have the amount of dead travel it has it would be ok but by the time I'm braking heavy the pedal is too low would this be a warranty job/ the car has done 2500 miles but I've never liked the brake pedal since day 1 of owning the car
  14. does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the height of the brake pedal on a s3 elise the dead travel is a bit of a joke on such a car and find heel and toe near impossible in this car due to the pedal heights being so far apart. is it possible to reuse the dead travel of the pedal and/or raise the pedal a bit? thanks
  15. They will have had enough spare parts to practically rebuild all 3 cars No way we're them cars subjected to that and the only casualty was a broken track rod end on the ford. I can't see what subjecting a car like the esprit to that sort of abuse proves? Personally I don't think its funny watching 3 toffs smash up things for the hell of it. Saying that I don't find BIg brother, X factor and all the other crap on TV appealing so I'm obviously in the majority. I remember when they tested the new at the time twingo RS133 and they just smashed it up and drive it off a dock side. Meanwhile people are struggling to pay their rent and OAPs can't put he heating on and they're smashing up new cars for giggles.
  16. I'm taking mine 3000 miles trip through the Alps next year No sound proofing. No stereo. Might be tough going!
  17. they will be putting JPS stickers on 911's next...
  18. What happened to the lotus online shop? You used to be able to buy merchendise online in the main website but can't get it now
  19. wheels look like team dynamics pro race wonder why they fitted spot lights to it when its mean to be the stripped out version? does look good though. i like the matte black access panel
  20. Yeah will have to take it in at some point unfortunately
  21. i don't think they are for my car, mines a 2014 S3
  22. My gearbox has been quite awkward from day 1 and is actually becoming worse selecting gears Selecting 1st is a faff on most times and going from 1-2 requires the lever going to the middle/right then down/left for 2nd. It won't simply go down from 1-2 Recently however 3-2 is becoming impossible. On the road or track. Did it to me a few times on spirited or pottering around road driving and today at the track I literally could t go from 3-2 for a hairpin. It literally would not go in and the more I tried it actually blocked 3rd I'm sure it's just a simple cable adjustment but I haven't done it in these cars before Anyone know how to do it right? Thanks Car is a new elise s BTW
  23. i fitted it last week. went on no problem
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