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  1. Thankyou guys, remembering me makes it all worthwhile. I must admit I do make an appearance once in a while, just to keep Kimbers on his drunken toes........... James, must meet up for a drink sometime!
  2. Looking at that, with a few minor alterations you could have a career in exotic Sex tables! (no offence intended)
  3. .............Riotous Applause.......... I know what you mean. I told my daughter about Lockerbie and got a blank stare. Told my sons about Northern Ireland and they thought I was joking. Vietnam War? Nope Korean War? Nope Second World War....ahhhh now we're getting somewhere. "Isn't that like your computer game daddy!" DOH (Damn you Rob Cunningham and Company of Heroes ) What have they been teaching 9 year olds? Well they know about Tudor Times and the rise of Islam, the crusades and how it effected Islam, Jesus and the Jews, Slavery........I think you get the picture. History is only important to be PC it seems. Now before anyone jumps off the handle, It's all important stuff as well, but what ever happened to recent British History? The second World War and the Evils of Hitler. Then it struck me! Common Sense! If kids learn by recent history, the News, past wrongs and what not to do then they have common sense! If all you do is feed them PC then you dumb them down to be more maliable and good citizens in the future, with no common sense and as such they have to reply on the state to tell them whats good and whats not! Now maybe I'm seriously going insane (whats new) but can you see it already? Don't pollute, Don't do fun dangerous things like play Conkers, climb trees etc, don't walk the street cause everyone is a bad man/woman, if you do and get assualted tough we don't want the crime on the figures, don't complain, don't drive fast, don't drive slow....we don't want you driving at all! Don't use your phone, eat, drink, put a cd on, do your makeup, undertake, talk to your kids or anything else while driving. Don't complain at European policy, don't travel, don't even leave your TV on standby cause it uses 2p of electricity all night (even though we leave every light in London on in every office building and every street light in the country on even when everyone's asleep!) Do, shut up, do what you're told, accept the fact that as a tax payer you have less rights than many, do accept extra taxes after extra taxes because we tell you it's required, do ignore the fact we wasted 50 billion of your tax money last year etc etc. get the idea? Rant over, can I sleep now!
  4. I need to start an "I hate Fishy cause of this picture" thread. I looked at it and arrived.....................Now Fishy, is that the lovely lass we saw hanging on your arm at the October Factory visit?
  5. As a family man I have to ask if it is moral to be excited about that? As a man I have to say Well done old chap!
  6. Someone called Deecee on Piston heads has been argueing with Kimbers on the Parts post on there: Kimbers finally snapped and I quote: Not once have I been rude or intolerant, I have merely been trying to inform and offer advice, even to the point of offering to sort peoples orders out for them. But I have to say............. Where the hell did that come from? Where, anywhere, did I say anything about it being Lotus's fault? Do you actually read anything? or is it just your freakish mind that when I say "Unfortunately many of the makers of the parts stopped making them" You actually read "It's all Lotus's fault because they do it on purpose to annoy owners?" If you bought any car for an investment then more fool you! A lotus is a Sports car to be driven, please hurry up and sell it and go buy a car that suits you, maybe an old Volvo? It actually sounds like you might enjoy a boat anchor more anyway! At least it won't ever disappoint you as life in general obviously seems to! Any support forthcoming guys?......
  7. 1. Waynes Blown my eyesight with the post above. 2. I like the new layout. It's real purdy. 3. Why is no one my friend? 4. I've made Bibs and Kimbers my friends but don't show up. Have they discarded me too?
  8. Hell! I take a day off the site and miss all the fun! Anywho. Now thats all calmed down I'll go again. Glad I could be of help!
  9. I tend to agree with Waynes sentimentalities. It looks more Aston than Lotus. Lights look rubbish (but are prob partially covered. Really don't think it's the new Esprit guys. I would say Neuron is right.
  10. Hmmm nice! Anywho, here's my contributions. What makes these worse is the fact that they are both Brand new cars just out in the UK. They are Korean I think, from Ssangyong. The back on their Rhodus is just the uglyest piece of design I have EVER seen on a mass produced car. Their new 4x4 has a face that no mother could love RHODUS (stupid name as well) VOMIT (correct name for it!)
  11. -5 when I left for work this morning at 7.15. Still -4 now. We also have severe weather warnings with upto 5inches of snow forecast overnight tonight.!
  12. Blueeerrkkk Oh sorry just threw up. WHat an obsecene car. Mods ban it quick it's worse than car crash TV!
  13. Agreed and you are welcome the same as I am with my car. Hell! Kimbers is one of the foremost members on this site and he doesn't even own a Lotus! I'm not having a go MZ merely argueing my point.
  14. Seems like it Wayne.....Though obviously being a Self employed Engineer my knowledge is limited......ahem
  15. But it's not that he's flogging them. Lotus is not a car manufacturer it's a feeling creator! We all know how it makes us feel and it doesn't matter to me whether it's pointy, round or square. The first Lotus I drove was an Excel, then an Esprit, then the M100, Carlton, Esprit again then a gap in my driving pleasure for a while. BUT no matter what Lotus I was driving they all gave me that same FEELING that said "I'm a Lotus" I'm sure MJK is biased (cut him in half and it would say LOTUS ) but he also knows what a Lotus is better than virtually anyone else alive today.
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