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  1. Hi All, Just a quick question, can too much caster cause heavy steering ? I've got 2°25' Steve
  2. Yep, that was a bit embarrassing, got the guy to switch it around before Geo check, that sorted the ride height problem at the front !!!! now sits nicely , thanks for that, Also found out I've got too much caster, 2°25', ordered shim washers from SJS.
  3. Hi all, the Esprit is going in for Geometry check tomorrow so just been underneath checking, looking at the ends of the anti-roll bar and looks a bit strange when the cars on the ground. Is it possible to install up-side-down ? Steve
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a better sounding exhaust system, I have an S4 stainless system on the car now but it's boring. Is there a system on the market that's giving a better sound. I have an 88 Turbo. Steve
  5. Fixing the spoiler was not a big deal, I made up some brackets in SS just to see what it looked like, they worked fine so the spoiler stayed on the car.
  6. I didn't like the SE spoiler so swapped it out for a S4, what do you think ?
  7. Thanks again guys, I'll give Lotus-bits a call, it would be cheaper to get mine rebuilt. I'm not using it over the winter and I would only pay VAT on the work carried out, double shipping costs but still cheaper, good idea :-) Steve
  8. Thanks guys, I see Lotus-62 got one from SJS and it didn't fit !! what was the outcome ?
  9. Mine has quite a lot of play and it's inside the rack. S.J Sportscars say it's non serviceable, as written in the Lotus manual. But I'm pretty sure that Lotus being Lotus did not get a steering rack designed for them just for the Esprit, the whole car is made from a mixture of manufactures. I take it nobody has done this. If I ring SJS they will have no interest in confirming it. I can get a Escort rack here in Norway for 130 pounds, if I order one from SJS it's 279 pounds plus Norwegian tax at 25% plus shipping and the exchange rate is killing me, it will cost me about 500 pounds delivered.
  10. Hi all. I found on the net that the steering rack from a Ford Escort mk 2 is the same as fitted to a 88 Esprit turbo, is this correct ?. S,J, Sportscars are selling for 279 pounds, but I can get a new Escort rack for 130 pounds !
  11. No, I'll strip the box again and do a proper job, looking at it now it could self select and cause a catastrophic failure. :-(
  12. The answer is no, I guess the only thing that could happen now is it could jump out of reverse when under load. Oh well, I;m not opening the box just to put the ball back, at least the car is lighter now !!!
  13. Stripped the gearbox and replaced the 3rd and 4th syncro rings. Whilst putting it all back together the ball fell out of the reverse selector shaft via the switch hole !. Can I install the ball later i.e. after the gearbox is together or must I install it before. not sure how much travel on the selector when the two half's are together, I know I have to line up the reverse gear selector when putting the two half's together. The gearbox is lying with the reverse switch underneath and hard to see. Steve
  14. Sent all mine to Poland, fantastic job and only cost 700 pounds.
  15. This is where the cracking occurs, I've seen the same on three Esprit's, it's apparently a common fault. I just assumed it was due to the weight of the battery.
  16. Job done, and very pleased with the result. I used "Time-sert" M8 kit, much better than helicoils. Just waiting for new set of bolts and the Permabond.
  17. I agree with you there, but why do all the cars that have cracking problem only have it on the RH side of the car, have you seen one with cracks on the other side ?
  18. Not really, took me most of the day but pleased with the result. The most time consuming was making a box to cover the old battery space, also installed a cut off switch in the rear.
  19. I had some cracking on the body shell around the RHS rear frame body mount, I thought it was something to do with the weight of the battery so relocated the battery in the front. And yes, for those eagle eyed among us, I have to take out the battery if I get a flat, but I can live with that.
  20. Thanks Travis, I did use the slightly thicker gasket as I skimmed the head. The pictures I posted are taken with the crank pulley set at TDC, so you see the cams are slightly off but not much, however, it's the flywheel mark that I'm more worried about, the picture angle is bad but it's definitely off the TDC line.
  21. The photo of the pulley shows the crank lined up to TDC or 0, the black mark has been made by me when I turned the crank to get the cam marks lined up, it's not the TDC mark. I have had the head skimmed and all sprockets are green dot.
  22. Pulled my engine out again to fix the oil leak and noticed that when I turn the crank to TDC on the front pulley, the dots on the cams don't line up 100% and the TDC mark on the flywheel is off as well, why ? What's the best mark to use, rear flywheel or front pulley ? it's difficult to see the piston move with a screwdriver though the No 1 spark plug hole as well.
  23. Received replacement lights from PNM, big thank you to them, but still not 100%. I did however find that if I moved the bulb further into the light fitting I could obtain a better picture, so afro-engineered the bulb holder, (see pictures before and after), and finally got it MOT'ed so all is good.
  24. I like the sound of massively tight, mine were torqued up to about 22nm and the lower tower leaked on the lower edge, maybe insufficient sealant or they were not de-greased enough. Drilling the towers out to 10mm will be ok, there is plenty of meat to do this. I will also check them for twist or warping.
  25. It seems that most of them have already been tapped out to 10mm, so now plan to get a M10 helicoil kit and see how that goes, wish me luck because if this fails it's a new head !!
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