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  1. Maybe a stupid question but I took out the motor and gearbox complete, are there any problems with installing the gearbox separately ? . My gearbox is being rebuilt and this is going to take a while.
  2. This was on a car that I bought when the previous owner says " It hasn't done many miles since last service and belt change, so you don't have to worry about that for a while" when I checked the service book it was indeed only 6000km but service was done in 2003 !!! I bought the car last year :-)
  3. I just noticed whilst looking at some photos I took when stripping out the engine, it had a square toothed timing belt on round toothed sprockets!!! was it luck that the motor survived or can you do this ?
  4. Yep, I thought about this and installed the cross member while the car has sat with no engine and gearbox, I guess I will have to jack it up a little when I install the motor again.
  5. Hi all, just to jump in with something related to this thread, I noticed when I craned out my motor and gearbox I had to pick up some weight before I could take out the cross member, the chassis seemed to nip in about 10mm, is this normal ?
  6. Well, I know what it looks like, and yes, it didn't go well. I hung 46kg (100lbs) on an old belt and checked with a Boroughs gauge to try to calibrate it, it read 70lbs. How reliable is this method ? The belt I have just installed on the motor measures 110lbs (same gauge) and feels right, if I slacken off the belt to the 70lbs (as calibrated) then it’s way too loose !!
  7. Just had another look and my car has a large circular hole cut into the top cover of the left hand fuel tank, looks like it once had a charcoal canister installed, interesting !!
  8. I got this exhaust from a wrecked 1994 Esprit, Is the small pot a cat or not ?, I've pushed a length of rubber pipe all the way through so I think it's just a silencer.
  9. Mine doesn't have a charcoal canister, I think that's a USA spec thing, never seen them on European cars.
  10. OK, it's for a back pressure valve, strange I have it built into my loom, I thought it came out much later than 88. Thanks for input.
  11. Thanks all, as the system is terminated as an open drain underneath the car I've routed each tank breather separately with anti-surge valves as a drain under the car. Don't fancy pulling the carpet away from over the rear window, it's stuck like sh1t to blanket.
  12. Why is the fuel tank breather tubes running over the top of the rear cabin glass ? Mine were disconnected and probably the reason for the strong smell of petrol when window was open. They are just vented underneath the car so why run over the rear screen ?.
  13. Yep, looked at the wiring diagrams and can't see a connection with those colors !... Maybe I should pull it out for a closer look.
  14. I've got a plug hanging along side the turbo boost transducer but cannot see where, or if it should be plugged in !. It's got two wires, Yellow/Green and White/Pink. The overboost switch is connected. I have an 88MY carb/turbo.
  15. Does anyone have a cross reference for a fuel filter ? 88MY carb/turbo.
  16. I found the connection to the window Point 1 in Simons picture,it was on the gas strut, but it only goes the outside edge of the door hinge !. But I still cannot find the White & black power cable to bottom of gas strut (i,e, out from the cabin on either left or right hand side to the strut.) If I can find it I'll run another one from the relay.
  17. No, engine is out, side panels out, nothing, no cables, Do you know for sure where it comes out from the cabin ?
  18. Hi all, just a quick question, I can't find the power cable to connect the heated rear screen element. I took off the rear deck door a year ago but can't remember if it was connected. They should be on the LH side of the car. The cable should be white and black I think.
  19. They skimmed off 0.14mm, nice job. also polished in the valves. I found one of the buckets to be cracked, never seen this before, managed to find one with the same thickness from the other motor. Considering the valves have been out and polished into the seats, there was not a lot of difference when I checked the clearance, only need to order 2 shims :-)
  20. Problem fixed, just bought a AeroTwin AU 24, this has a hole and not a pin, so I cut a M8 thread in the wiper arm pin hole and installed a M8 stud with a little Permobond, looks OK and works well :-)
  21. I've been trying to call him again to comfirm the measurment, but he did say it was due to deep scratches, failed a presure test on glass !!
  22. My machine shop just called and said the head needs skimming, 2/100 of a mm, is this OK ?
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