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  1. Yep, I know SJSportscars have them but it's 10 pounds to buy then 10n pounds to ship then it's the customs duty of 24% plus 14 pounds for the post office to work out the VAT and send me the bill, and then it turns up in about three weeks, If I had a compatible part from another car I could just go out and buy one.
  2. Hi all, trying to get wiper blades here in Norway, I see there's a 24" Bosch one with a pin, has anyone get a part number or car ref make and year model? I have an 88MY Esprit
  3. Just completed a refurb on the interior, pleased with the result. New leather was done in Poland, fantastic job they did too..
  4. Thanks for input, there not too bright, looks good so I'll just live with it.
  5. Cushing


    From the album: My ride

    New leather, nice.
  6. Cushing


    From the album: My ride

    Looks a bit scruffy next to the 308, but I'll soon get her lookin good.
  7. Cushing


    From the album: My ride

    Rolling into the garage for the first time,
  8. What’s this plug for, I can’t find anything to connect it to !!
  9. Just had a thought, I've replaced all the bulbs with LED, if I remember correctly they don’t like dimmer switches, is this correct ?
  10. Just installed dash and need to know which connections to use on the two dimmer switches, I can't make out the wiring diagram. The instrument lights work but don't dim !,,,yes, I know I should have marked them :-(
  11. Hi all, I'm getting the decals done in vinyl instead of the OEM plastic, as I don’t have the originals I don’t know the height of the letters, need for both side and rear. can someone help ? I have a 88my
  12. OK, I’ve got it, sorry for the stupid question,,, the DOT’s are aligned with the mark IN on one side and then aligned with EX on the other, ambidextrous, the pimple is obviously brail for blind mechanics !!
  13. OK, I’ve got it, sorry for the stupid question,,, the DOT’s are aligned with the mark IN on one side and then aligned with EX on the other, ambidextrous, the pimple is obviously braille for blind mechanics !!
  14. I notice that on the EX cam sprocket the dimple is on the backside and on the IN and Auxiliary sprockets the dimple is facing outward. By dimple I don’t mean the dot. As the DOT is aligned with the trailing edge of a cam tooth this would make a difference to which way around you install them, is this correct ?.
  15. Yep, liners are alu, only the motor minus turbo. I had planned to rebuild it just in case somthing happends to mine, I have a 88MY turbo (early with Renault gearbox). Thanks for your input. Steve
  16. Just one more question,,,I noticed my EX sprocket was installed dimple in and the IN had dimple out !! should all dimples face outward ?
  17. Thanks, it is a HC according to the pistons. So it came from an early Esprit then, good to know.
  18. I need some help identifying a motor. I got it from a mate who knows nothing of it’s history, and to make things difficult the engine number has been removed (dodgy). It has a hydraulic tensioner and I noticed the intake section from the turbo to the plenum is different (see picture). It is a 2.2 HC looking at the pistons, and the cam sprockets are all square toothed and green dot type. What is this motor ?
  19. OK, turned it around so pimple is facing outward.
  20. I thought the timing alignment for the distributor was done via the small green dot ?
  21. Hi all, I've just started building the engine and I noticed the sprocket on the oil pump has an extra "pimple" mark in one of the spokes. Should this be at the front or the back when the sprocket is installed ? 88MY esprit turbo "3 Green dot sprockets on motor"
  22. I called the company and they said they don't supply for the 910 motor 2,2 turbo :-( is there another after market dizzy I can use ? I have a 88MY turbo UK spec.
  23. Hi, Thinking about getting one of these, but are they good, they seem verry cheap, too good to be true !
  24. Just picked up the block today, super clean, can't wait to get started... :-)
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