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  1. On 21/05/2018 at 18:22, DaKa said:


    Blue or Pink antifreeze?

    I've always thought blue for older cars, pink for newer and not really sure why?

    If the ready mixed stuff says suitable for all cars winter antifreeze and summer coolant it's okay?

    I’m running with pink, say’s it’s good for aluminium engines, is this correct ?

  2. Changed the belt last year, driven about 800km with no problems, but today started checking over everything before we set off for Germany next week. The belt when I plucked it whilst using a sound frequency app, measured 170hHz Hot,  Measured it again cold and got 110Hz.  Is this possible ? is it too tight ? can I trust an app on my phone ?  I can twist the belt 45 degrees, but it does feel tight, on a regular car if you can twist the belt 90 degrees then it's good.

  3. Tried to move slave cylinder but not able to unless bleed nipple  undone, wasn't expecting it to move to be honest. Installed new exhaust and started her up and gear-shifts and clutch seem fine, so leaving it set with no threads showing on the slave adjuster.  I did have one thought though, the clutch had been changed before I bought the car and I've had the engine out and gearbox off so all looks good to me, new thrust bearing and slave etc, but looking at the slave cylinder rod it looks new and shiny, this did not come with the new slave cylinder,it was on the car when I bought it, maybe it's not correct for the car, does anybody now how long it should be ?



  4. Hi Chillidoggy, no it does not, it seems to be under pressure, I did notice the thrust bearing that burnt out was about 5mm thicker than the OEM one from Sjsortscars, but I still cant figure out why it's starting to operate the clutch if I set the slave cylinder screw according to the Service notes. I haven't started  the engine yet to see how it performs. 

  5. Checked everything, I have a few mm play in the pedal, it's connected into to top hole C , but if I have the slave cylinder adjuster set according to the service notes then the thrust bearing is hard against the clutch plate springs. I've set it so I can just turn the slave rod with my fingers. We'll see how that goes.


    Thanks for the reply's 

  6. Hi all, I'm still a bit confused about this, I've had issues with my clutch in respect to burning out the thrust bearing after 500km. The clutch seemed to be slipping very slightly when I bought the car. I replaced the slave cylinder and tried with the adjuster nut 12 turns etc but there is no play between rod and arm, in fact it's under  a lot of tension.   my clutch pedal measures about 200mm to the floor and it's hard up against the stop on the pedal box,  I did notice another hole slightly lower on the pedal, which hole should I use ?  

    88 Turbo

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