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  1. I'd be in. Plus I reckon Barry could rig up that early robotic arm to halve his gearbox removal time 👍
  2. The Swindon Supercar Weekend. I like it. Will there be free cake?
  3. So they'll be excluding classic/old Ferraris, Lambos, TVRs etc too? Going to be a quiet weekend...
  4. The Esprit is fixed (yay!) so we should both be able to make this one
  5. I'm a bad person. I did 'borrow' a couple of bits off the nice TE engine under the bench. I did leave an IOU note though so I think it's OK.
  6. Sorted mainly thanks to the help and advice on here (and over the phone!). Sometimes it's just what you need to give you the confidence to keep going 👍
  7. Ignition timing checked and carbs balanced and she's running like a dream. Smooth at tickover, pulls well, good oil pressure from cold (builds on the gauge in 5-6 seconds) and at hot tick over. The mystery whine is still there but having driven the car up the road it is definitely not the whine I could hear before, which must have been the belt tensioner. All I can hear in the cabin now is what sounds like a bit of belt whine as the revs rise which has always been there. I'm concluding therefore that the noise I can hear in the engine bay has likely always been there and I've just never been so paranoid about strange noises as I am having had the thing in many bits. In summary I'm considering it fixed and back in service until it breaks again...
  8. The problem is that I did have a whine, but the old tensioner bearing was well knackered so it was probably that. What I don't know is whether the current whine is the same one and/or existed before, possibly masked by the tensioner noise. I pressed on the new tensioner myself and it felt fine when I put it on. Why is nothing straightforward..?
  9. Only sprayed a touch on the advice of a mechanic friend to see if it altered the noise at all. It didn’t. Which bearings should I be lubricating? The tensioner is new, as are the alternator bearings. The good news is that having not run for a week I got oil pressure showing on the gauge within 5 or 6 seconds of starting so it looks like the original problem is solved at least.
  10. Just ran the engine up again now. Maybe it’s me but the noise, whilst still there, doesn’t seem quite so prominent today. Spraying a little WD40 on the belt doesn’t seem to alter it. Closer analysis of the spinning inlet pulley shows that the outer rim is running true with no flats or buckle. The inside rim is though running slightly out of round, as is the hub of the pulley where it’s attached to the cam (even though the end of the cam is running true). I don’t know if that’s common? i.e the inner part of the pulley isn’t necessarily machined perfectly round? Hard to see how the inner part could be buckled without it affecting the outer rim. Concerned I could be focusing on something that’s been there all along... Im going to balance up the carbs so it’s running more smoothly. Big question is do I drive the car like this or continue trying to investigate this noise?? And where would I look next?
  11. OK, so using the Gates app this morning I consistently measured 92-93Hz over a few attempts. Thats on the inlet to aux pulley section of belt, with engine at 30 deg before TDC, engine hasn't run for a week, temperature in the garage is about 10deg C. As I understand it with the ambient temp lower that the 'ideal' 15-25 C I should expect a slightly looser belt/lower reading, which is what I have. I think I conclude therefore that the belt tension is OK and certainly not too tight. Do you expert folk concur?
  12. They're Ford fans IIRC. I think my new one was mk4 or 5 fiesta. Hopefully a motor factor or electrical parts supplier would recognise it as a common part?
  13. What frequency is recommended for the round toothed belt on the HC?
  14. I'm pretty sure the one I replaced on my Stevens car came with a round socket but it came with the plug too so it was just a matter of clipping the old plug off the loom and resoldering the new plug on.
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