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  1. Just spotted this on FB Marketplace: Never seen those dash speakers in an Excel before. Are they factory or added by a PO?
  2. Yes, even my late (1990) Excel was on the V5 as an Eclat. That one looks like it’s had a few mods. Certainly not the right door mirrors for that year and nor are they Lotus ones…
  3. Fine, I'll self fund some treatment. As long as you refund me my paid in contributions from the last 30 years, which i now won't be drawing on. Seems fair..?
  4. Shouldn't they be thanking you for running up their bill?
  5. Shame The Mail don’t recognise a Fiat Panda when they see one…
  6. The blue one is local to me but I'm not looking for a(nother) project. Also this one up North for £10k if you fancy something a bit more projecty...|tkp%3ABk9SR4TX4cuJYQ
  7. I hope my Esprit will be worth £100k. I'll ask the insurance to agree the value at that 👍
  8. If you need the felted rubber channel that the glass runs in, take a look at Phoenix Trim. I replaced all of mine from there a few years back and obviously at much cheaper than Lotus parts prices. They have an online catalogue and I seem to recall they posted me a couple of samples for final matching up to my original profile. You might already have it but perhaps you could retrofit the rubber trim that runs around the very outside of the visible part of the door frame, as is fitted to the Stevens cars. Might help with slam shut as well as wind noise on the move?
  9. Kind of my point exactly. Regardless of the content (or lack thereof) he could engage and hold an audience. Liz is like one of those people who get up to do a presentation at work and by 5 seconds in you've already lost interest...
  10. I caught a snippet of her speech on the radio news this afternoon. I can't say that she sounds the least bit Prime Ministerial, there's just no personality, enthusiasm or gravitas coming through. For all his (many) apparent faults at least Boris could deliver an address convincingly, even if it was thin or bereft of any actual/sensible content...
  11. Truss is screwed. Probably.
  12. Agreed. Radio 2 has at least been gradually playing some more ‘normal’ music this week. For a couple of days they weren’t even playing the news jingle, now they’re playing a ‘softer’ jingle for that and the travel news… Maybe it’s just me but Steve Wright sounds a bit fed up this week, referring to his show as just ‘a version of’ SW in the afternoon.
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