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  1. The Honda Jazz seems to be the weapon of choice for 90% of the population of the Isle of Wight, which is almost entirely comprised of over 60s (including my parents). Not sure they do it in beige though...
  2. We went to the theatre last night and similar situation there. Capacity audience, no requirement to wear masks and interestingly a mostly older (over 60s) crowd, barely any of whom chose to wear a mask. I saw maybe half a dozen max. In my view it was nice to see that even the more vulnerable folks are taking confidence from being double jabbed and it was equally nice to be in a 'normal' environment amongst people having a good time and enjoying being out again.
  3. Context. IMHO the biggest problem with the daily COVID figures reported on the mainstream news.
  4. You don't want to get emails from your appliances..?
  5. Yes, there is new legislation that requires electrical goods to be more easily repairable and obligates the manufacturer to provide spare parts for a period of several years after the item is discontinued.
  6. Hence 'almost'. There are still a few people doing things well but (in my experience) it's less common these days. Sometimes, even when there's customer focus at the top, the real customer experience is dictated by a minimum wage employee at the bottom of the chain so what's intended isn't actually realised. Recent examples in my life include B&Q (who I used to work for) and Halifax, both of whom have strong customer charter at the top which my repeated experiences don't reflect.
  7. Sadly it seems like good service is almost a thing of the past. Just getting any tradesperson to turn up, on time, do what he (or she) said they would do, for the price quoted and not start by rubbishing any previous work done by someone else is very rare. The basics... Specifically for tyres (and an aircon regas); I used 'Tyres on the Drive' most recently. They were the cheapest and came to me for no additional charge, which meant I could leave them to it and not have to sit in some grubby waiting area with a broken Maxpax coffee machine. Result.
  8. Curiosity…🙄 Hope he recovers well. Just 8 more lives left…
  9. Not since they invented the B&B.
  10. Saw that when it went up for sale. Cheap car and I was very tempted to have a go at it as it looks like a very decent car on the outside and the interior wouldn't take much to bring it back. From the photos it looks like mainly a carb fire, hasn't taken the belts or much else so hopefully salvageable without too much work. Good luck! (and don't break it for parts!!)
  11. Needs some TLC but that’s a cheap car
  12. Some Ford Sierra content at the back there I think 🤔
  13. Doors and bonnet look like X180 but B post and rear end look more like a G car. Those rear wheels are tucked in a long way too…
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