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  1. Watching it now on iplayer
  2. So here’s a question. Today Boris announced that by Autumn everyone will have been ‘offered’ the vaccine. Good news. But, what happens if a decent percentage of people decline the offer for some reason leaving plenty of the population still vulnerable to getting Covid? Will we be left wearing masks, social distancing and living under continuing restrictions because the government claims that there are still enough vulnerable folk out there to potentially overrun the NHS? Or do we say to those people, sorry, you’re on your own if you declined the free, potentially lifesaving vaccinati
  3. Very nice little project! If it’s any good when you’re finished and you want to get rid let me know, my brother quite fancies one. Good luck!
  4. Well @Dan E, what a coincidence you should ask... Today was slightly sad as I moved it from the garage alongside the other one into our new store building and somewhat 'boxed it in'. It's not what I'd planned and it's strictly temporary while we get our two self catering units completed and up and running, which has to be my focus for the next few months. Once those are done/renting and my semi-retirement plan really comes together it'll be going back in the garage to get worked on. The body will at some point come back into the store while I work on the chassis. Don't worry about th
  5. Time to trade up to a real Jag. And it'll probably be cheaper than the one you've got! Late XJs are cracking value.
  6. A friend of mine has a diesel XE. Bought it used from the Jag main agent but has had quite a bit of trouble with it, mostly around the Adblue system. Nice enough car but I was surprised how much engine noise you could hear inside, which he told me is a common criticism from owners. I almost bought an XF a few years ago but the XJ is the only Jag I've ever really wanted. In the X350/358 you get proper Jag looks with much better underpinnings and internal size than the old XJ40 and X300s. I was surprised how low and small those feel inside. Also the later cars are aluminium bodied so e
  7. Yes, that’s my one. Last of the line 2009 Sovereign in runout spec with the 20” alloys etc. Lovely car and after 4 years there’s still nothing I want more so it will probably stay with me for the foreseeable.
  8. Get yourself an X358, the last of the proper Jags. I’ve had a 2.7 Sovereign diesel for the last 4 years as my daily, great car Everyone who goes in it loves it.
  9. So it’s not a Morgan or a Morris Traveller then...
  10. Thanks to Mr K for his good advice over PM A bit of a result today on this but not in the way I expected. I finally found the immobiliser unit but not before searching every other part of the car, dismantling various covers and contorting myself into the Lotus position twice to ferret around under the dash. Standard. Anyway, as I was fiddling with the immobiliser unit at the end of my search the ignition power relay spontaneously fell apart and the fuel pump sparked into life. In a rare moment of genius I cable tied the relay in the 'on' position, started the car and ran it into th
  11. Glad you got sorted at a reasonable price. That's about the same as mine with AIB, including commuting cover and the current Mrs H (even though she has no intentions of ever driving it!). Garaged with alarm and tracker and I'm early 50s with a clean licence. TBH when I've insured a couple of other classics short term to play with, they've all been about £100p/a for 3000 miles, almost regardless of what the car actually is. When something 'interesting' is your second or third car I guess they know it's your baby so alongside the limited use it's low risk.
  12. Thanks Barry. I’ll start my search there (when my fingers thaw out!)
  13. Since the car is now stuck outside and won’t start, the big question is what do I need to do to get it started and back in the garage (uphill). Hopefully with the minimum of disconnecting... I have cranking but no fuel pump or ignition lights at the moment, normally enabled by pressing the fob. I’ll have a poke around later when the frost thaws. I know the main sounder is in the front boot but not sure i’ve ever seen the immobiliser unit, even when i had the dash out...
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