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  1. Nice work Barry. I see your Spitfire and I raise you a 1974 GT6. One owner, 45000 miles and £23k spent on restoration in 2012 Arrived today, just passing through. Will be up for sale after some minor tinkering...
  2. Nice. I loved my old Spitfires but hell are they tiny when you see one on the road today!
  3. They do have a habit of bubbling along that seam so may well be filled. Interesting colour too. And comfy MX5 Seats
  4. You weren't tempted to strip the trim off the body yourself?
  5. Probably a closing down sale on. People can't resist a bargain...
  6. Very sad but a reflection of how the travel industry has changed, plus the effects of Brexit over the past year. My wife is in the travel industry, running her own villa rental agency and this year has been a complete write off. The majority of people now want to book 'direct' through airbnb etc and those that do want the security of using a bonded agent have been scared off making any commitment due to the constant Brexit nonsense and scaremongering in the news. Like many retailers it looks like Thomas Cook have suffered too by being so big in a time of lower income when fixed costs can consume a business. Too many high street shops with rents, bills and staff to pay when everyone is booking direct online. High street retail is all going the same way. The only thing people seem prepared to leave their sofas for are experiences, evidenced by the number of crammed coffee shops and restaurants in Chichester now. Buying or booking stuff in an actual shop by speaking to a human is an outdated concept it seems...
  7. It is. Unless you want to have twin stop/tail lamps using the inner red fog for a stop/tail as well. I have it wired that way on my Stevens for the US 'Pretty Woman' look. The fog still works as a fog too so you don't lose any lights.
  8. I had a nightmare with initial oil pressure on my HC engine after rebuilding the oil pump. The only way to get oil pressure was to back prime the pump via the gauge sender port (mines a non Turbo) using a 12v oil pump. After some perseverance with the pump I managed to refill the oil lines and the pump sufficiently that spinning the engine over with the plugs out would pump oil back out of the sender port. Once I had that I started the engine and oil pressure was there within a few seconds. Been fine ever since, it's just that first 'dry' startup.
  9. Agreed. Mine's a 2.7 diesel but it's no slouch and I get mid to high 30s MPG on mixed 'normal' driving. Not bad for such a big old bus...
  10. Can't beat a big cat. My daily. Sadly no estate though...
  11. Would love to see some details of the electric power steering set up you installed!
  12. Does the seat go any further forward?
  13. Have you considered the VW Passat rear caliper modification discussed elsewhere on the forum? Not strictly original but more obtainable and a better handbrake function I believe.
  14. FYI the sender (if you need one) is a Lotus specific part at about £80 I think from SJ. Trust me, I tried to find an alternative but couldn't. To do with the specific limits on the tell tale light I think...
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