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  1. Thanks a lot Bibs, I'll let her know. She was getting twitchy about any returns time limit I think.
  2. Is anyone manning the TLF Shop email or phone? For Christmas the current Mrs H bought me a Lotus shirt from the shop but it doesn't fit so she needs to return it and exchange for one that does. However, after emailing and calling the TLF Shop several times since Christmas she's been unable to get any reply. Hopefully someone reading this inside TLF can help? thanks!
  3. A portion of our land is agricultural class but the building we are converting is within the domestic boundary, even though it's detached from the main house. It is already in use as an annexe so all we're effectively doing is changing how we use the space inside. Beyond moving a couple of doors and windows around, no external changes to the building.
  4. The new annulus and rotor from SJ that I fitted to my N/A we're fine and I now have good oil pressure that builds within a few seconds.
  5. Good luck. We're just about to start on this process after we finally secured the house we'd been trying to buy for a year! Now we're in we are meeting with an architect next week to draw up plans for our 2 self catering holiday lets. They're in an existing building so hoping it will be relatively straightforward, especially given that local planning policy supports such enterprises...
  6. Nice wheels. Getting into the modding scene now? Always fancied a set of MG Maestro/Montego cross spokes on my Spit. Used to look great on the TR7/8s back in the late 80s Which reminds me, how did it get to be 2020 already? Wasn't the Millenium only a couple of years back??
  7. eeyoreish


    Bet you can't wait, they look gorgeous. The boy looks like our Monty. Technically he's a moggy but we're pretty sure he has some Maine Coon in him. You can't see it so much in this photo but his tail is particularly spectacular, like a huge squirrel!
  8. Had the exact same problem with one of mine and made a similar fix. Citroen quality... The casting 'turrets' are still available from a couple of sources for about £20 I seem to recall from my investigations at the time. No doubt TVR and the 2 remaining Citroen CX owners have similar problems...
  9. I had the same thing with Hastings on the XJ this year. Had the car 2 years, renewal came through in August at £380 but on all the comparison sites Hastings we cheapest although bizarrely not at the same price each time... I cancelled renewal of the old policy and took out a fresh one at £250 for the exact same cover.
  10. Normally they revert to the original plate though unless it was registered from new on his private number. Not many fast roads on the IOW anyway so it'd be wasted there. Although I did run my Excel on the island for a few months...
  11. Isle of Wight DL registration. Originally an island car?
  12. Does anyone have recommendations for UK based suppliers/manufacturers of bespoke sheds or small barn style buildings? We need to put up a modest agricultural shed (about 8.5m x 4m) to use as part equipment store, part workshop. I prefer something low maintenance so probably not wood. Favouring metal (subject to some kind of anti condensation treatment) or even a sectional concrete structure but it will need to blend with our existing dark brown stable block as we're in an AONB. Any leads gratefully received
  13. There are few things that I simply cannot listen to and Liza Tarbuck is one of them. How on Earth she is permitted on national radio is a mystery to me... Zoe Ball was OK on Saturday afternoon radio but I've stopped listening to the R2 breakfast show since she took over. Sara Cox is at least slightly more bearable. Never been the same since Wogan left. We had weekend Wogan for a while but it was a truly sad day when he left us. Part of my childhood.
  14. For a Clan there's surely only one paint option... For Christmas I've asked for tartan slippers but I reckon I'll only get the slippers...
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