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  1. Saw that when it went up for sale. Cheap car and I was very tempted to have a go at it as it looks like a very decent car on the outside and the interior wouldn't take much to bring it back. From the photos it looks like mainly a carb fire, hasn't taken the belts or much else so hopefully salvageable without too much work. Good luck! (and don't break it for parts!!)
  2. Needs some TLC but that’s a cheap car
  3. Some Ford Sierra content at the back there I think 🤔
  4. Doors and bonnet look like X180 but B post and rear end look more like a G car. Those rear wheels are tucked in a long way too…
  5. Just a teenager looking at a mobile phone. Very modern 👍
  6. As far as I'm aware, all 4 top wishbones on the X180 are the same (4x X036C6004F according to the parts diagram). I think maybe the S4 onwards is different?
  7. My washers work just fine. But I discovered yesterday that my heater is stuck on hot. Ideal in this mini heatwave 🥵 At least I can stick my head out for a cool shower…
  8. Someone in slippers going into Asda Someone in flip flops and shorts in the rain Someone not carrying a mobile phone or takeaway coffee
  9. Love those! I think you mainly have to look out for rusty sills hidden away under body covers? I have to admit to preferring the look of the later A610 with pop up lights but I’d happily have either.
  10. Esprit passed its MoT after a period in storage under a veil of dust with a faulty alarm. Back on the road again 👍
  11. A little like pantomime casts. ‘From TV’s..(insert random show here)..’ basically translates as ‘You won’t have heard of them’.
  12. Thanks Filip. Further investigation today revealed the following; what is supposed to be (by its position in the fusebox) the dim/dip relay is actually the aux power relay, which is why it was energising with ignition off but the key still in. One mystery solved. Clearly a PO has rearranged the relay holders at some point... All of which means it's at least unconnected to my pod problem. It seemed that resistance or weakness of the RH motor might be the issue (because of the way it stops by detecting a resistance in the arm as it reaches the stop) so I investigated that further. Firstly, I'd read on another forum that a lack of rubber pad on the stop tab can result in increased tension in the motor when it comes to a 'hard' stop, making it difficult for it to reverse off again. My rubber stop was mostly disintegrated so I fabricated a temporary one from a piece of hose. That improved things but every so often the motor still wouldn't lower the pod. I removed and stripped the motor again, this time stripping out the electrical side too, not just the gear end. What I found was that some of the grease from the gears had found its way onto the motor brushes, no doubt affecting the contact and certainly blackening the contact surface a little. I cleaned and degreased everything, reassembled and re-adjusted the motor end float then refitted. Now it seems to be fine. So it looks like the combination of hard stopping against a metal stop added to a slight weakness in the motor was enough for the motor not to activate for the return journey. Probably operating it repeatedly helped to free things up, which is why I started to get a few more successes later yesterday.
  13. So I realise I'm resurrecting an old thread here but it's the closest/most relevant I could find to my issue... Fettling my Esprit (the 1990) for MOT after a while standing in the garage and I seem to have a headlamp pod problem. On the first few tests, both headlamp pods raised and lowered fine for dipped beam and headlamp flash. Then I remembered that I needed to clean some debris out of the bowls, so I did that and now the RH pod always lifts but mostly doesn't go down again ☹️ To clean the pods I removed the pod delay module K and also the dim/dip lift relay G (because I couldn't remember which one stopped the pods lowering when the lights go off). Pod arms also disconnected to reach under them and clear debris. After I replaced everything I have this problem. With the pod arm disconnected and the actuating arm off the motor removed (leaving just the spindle) the motor seems to run fine both ways as it should. However, when I connect the actuator and arm it will work in the up direction until the arm hits the up stop, then mostly doesn't go down again. I say mostly because once or twice it's worked but then refuses again. If I manually wind down the pod (easy, with no resistance) I get the same again on the next attempt. I've removed the motor and checked the gears, re-greased etc and it's all moving freely with no obvious problems. Possibly related (or not?) the dim/dip lift relay G is warm and I can feel it switching as soon as it's plugged in, almost like it's constantly energised. Having delay module K plugged in or not makes no difference to that. I've also noticed that regardless of whether dim/dip lift relay G is plugged in or not my pods lift and lower (LH) and the lights come on so what on earth does relay G actually do?? Any help appreciated here as I really wanted to get the car through it's MOT this week. Emergency plan B would be to present it for MOT with the pods permanently up, which presumably I can do by just removing the delay module K and manually winding both pods up to the stops?
  14. Saw that one advertised when the private guy on the IOW had it for sale a couple of weeks back. Now it's up for more money with a trader who seems to hoover up most of the cheaper classics in the island. Still a relatively cheap Excel but almost certainly more of a project than it looks.
  15. Agreed, Goodwood is a special place 👍 We were there on Monday for lunch in the new Aerodrome Cafe. All reasonably priced and right on the edge of the airfield so we could watch the planes come and go as we ate. There was also a private track day on so we got to see some cars in the paddock and watched them on the track from the pits gantry. Always a few interesting motors dotted around the place too! Lovely to be there when it’s so relaxed and very few people around.
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