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  1. Genius! Don’t sell it, rebuild it as a Bond replica and it’ll be like having a different car. Eventually...
  2. With UK vaccinations going so well, the risk of overloading the NHS should be largely negated? Thus even if we see a rise in ‘cases’ connected to the Europe situation, significant hospitalisations and deaths should be avoided. Deaths a couple of days ago were reported as 10. No context given by the media of course but surely more people are dying each day now for much more ‘routine’ reasons? If the NHS was the justification for the lockdowns we should not see the same restrictions as before. As Barry says, at some point we have to get on and start living and coping with this before t
  3. I just sealed my concrete floor. Stops it ‘dusting’ and makes spills easier to clean up. I did consider a 2 pack floor paint but it’s relatively expensive and mine’s a working garage so good enough for me.
  4. Watched it too. Born in the middle of the Nurburgring and looks like she spent most of her life driving round it with a smile on her face 🙂
  5. Whose S1 were the TG guys driving? Looked pretty good going sideways in the wet!
  6. I'm 6'1" and fit comfortably in a Stevens and a G car. I think a glass roof might help you a tad with the headroom over the composite roof if you need a little extra, as will removing any spacers under the seat (my Stevens had 1/2" alloy spacers which I removed from the drivers side). Sadly a roof stereo is probably a no no for someone at 6'3" unless you want to be headbutting it all the time...☹️
  7. Love it or hate it, it's a pretty cool piece of Esprit history. I quite like it although in the UK it'd be ridiculously impractical!
  8. Fantastic videos as usual George 👍 Handy tip about using a ballpoint pen on the metal too. Can I suggest investing £1 in a Sharpie to write 'good panel' on the right one? (too early..?)
  9. Be good to know if it’s a straight fit or needs any modification Richard
  10. It's not like we're using it a lot at the moment (!) so if you want it for a couple of days it should be fine.
  11. She probably shouldn’t let you use it.
  12. You’re welcome to come and valet the current Mrs H’s Merc ML if you want to create some before and after video content. She has horses so it’s a dusty mess in there 🐴☹️ Nice and local. Chichester, West Sussex!
  13. Ooh yes please! That’d be a very cool ‘stealth’ upgrade which i’d be happy to make on my TE project. I’m all for originality but a bit of subtle, hidden modernisation is fine with me. Wasn’t it Passat callipers that fitted straight on? Maybe later Passats with electric parking brake might fit. Almost surprising that one of the specialists like PNM hasn’t cooked up a conversion...
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