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  1. A more specific location would help?
  2. Supercar Sunday is always the busiest Breakfast Club and there's always a lot of modern stuff there. I've shown my Esprit a few times. Classic Car Sunday is best for older stuff and is generally quieter as it cuts out all the newer cars. They're doing British cars at the next one so that will cut out a lot of the more exotic stuff and it'll be interesting to see what the mix is at that.
  3. Didn’t make it there this time, despite only living 20 minutes away. I must make more effort…🙄
  4. I moved about 3 years ago so I've just moved again (on the map) and now everything is aligned. Thankfully I wasn't pinned in Margate, although I did spend a year there one Wednesday afternoon...
  5. Chassis pipes, hmm...☹️ Did those on my Stevens car a while ago. At least they come out from the front so it was possible with the engine in. Not sure if the G cars are the same? Most importantly on mine it turns out that the slight bend in the length of the pipes is important, which I didn't discover until the new ones were in and I couldn't get the gear translator back in! The new SJ pipes were supplied straight...
  6. Exactly this. Any road users who think they aren't identifiable or traceable will feel they can do what they like, flout the law and shout abuse at other road users who are. That includes the 'yoof' I saw a couple of weeks ago on an electric scooter, riding in the middle of the carriageway on a busy A road whilst on his mobile phone. I kid you not...🙄
  7. My wife is a horse rider so I’m more than sympathetic to ‘non car’ traffic on the roads and I have nothing particularly against cyclists but stuff like this does nothing to endear them to the average motorist. Rather like opting not to use purpose built cycle lanes where the carriageway has been narrowed to accommodate them, then gesticulating at drivers as they cycle in the main carriageway and squeeze between cars and the bollards marking the outside of the cycle lane they should be in..! I can’t see that in this case the driver of the Land Rover did anything wrong.
  8. Done well to land it on that TV aerial
  9. Good to know you’re OK George! Looking forward to seeing some more Esprit content soon 👍
  10. Yes, saw the ad earlier. 'One man's vision'. Of an anteater, presumably...
  11. Haven’t seen anything new from @GTK for quite a while… Or did I miss something? Looked on Facebook and it looks like ‘Soup’ is another user/poster, even though they have the same logo…
  12. If anyone is attending events at Goodwood this year, please check out my wife's company Finishing Touch Holidays as she has some lovely self catering cottages in the Chichester harbour villages available to rent for a few nights. Some with secure parking if you're bringing a car you don't want to leave in a hotel car park...
  13. Nice looking car in an unusual colour combo. Vulcan Grey? I used to see a late Excel in the same colours when I had my Pacific Blue Excel and that always looked smart too.
  14. Interesting to see how soon (and if) some garages pass on the 5p cut in duty from 6pm last night. Our closest Tesco had dropped 5p already by 8pm last night but all 3 'local' stations were still selling at the same price as before. One slightly further afield apparently put their price up 3p!
  15. Looked good from a safe distance 👍 There was an accident on the Northbound closer to the M25. Totally unrelated i’m sure…🤔
  16. Yellow Esprit (S4/V8?) heading north past High Wycombe at about 3pm yesterday. I was southbound but not in my Esprit.
  17. Two petrol stations on Hayling Island near me, no more than 1/2 a mile apart on the same road. Diesel at one £1.52 a litre, at the other £1.65. And there were people filling up in the £1.65 garage…🙄 Almost £7.50 a gallon! I can remember when they said it’d never get to £1 a gallon…
  18. eeyoreish

    Esprit s3 IOW

    There’s one that lives on the island. Was for sale a few months ago.
  19. @The PitsOld car I think? Lovely.
  20. Could just be the media looking for a story of course. The whole Captain Tom thing went global very quickly so I suppose it's not unreasonable to think that there could be some genuine costs incurred from managing the whole thing. Innocent until proven guilty I guess and there's no evidence yet of any wrongdoing according to the report. Be a shame if it turns out to be anything else...
  21. The sun brolly might suggest Corfu and I think I see a few topless guys in shorts in the background. Or maybe there was just a heatwave in Pinewood..?
  22. That wood burner looks like a fire vending machine 🔥👍
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