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  1. Don't forget to replicate the subtle curve in the long section of the hockey stick coolant pipes to clear the gearshift master unit. Only a Muppet would fit them straight and have to remove and refit them. Ask me how I know...
  2. Had a similar problem with my RHS headlamp in the past. Only popping up half way. A clean and degrease of the motor cured it both times. Is there a reason why the relay would only affect one side?
  3. eeyoreish


    Our Monty is a bit like that. On the odd occasion that he jumps on my lap I'm thinking it's because he loves me. He's probably just thinking where's the warmest place to lie...
  4. Why would you change it if it's running fine?
  5. I'm sure she won't even notice it. If you live in a desert...
  6. That doesn't sound unreasonable but I guess you could spend close to half that on a decent paint job if the car needs full paint? Engine work would be similar if it needs a rebuild and you wouldn't be doing that work yourself.
  7. Hi Phil and welcome! The Excel is a great car (I had one) but it's never going to be an Esprit. If your heart says Esprit then that's what you should get! I now have 2, my usable Stevens and an '84 TE which is a full resto so I'm familiar with the scale of the task you mention. If you haven't done already, catch up with some reading on @Lotusfab 's resto threads. Good reading.
  8. Cheers Bibs. TBH I'm a while away from paintwork yet (!) but it's good to have the names of some recommended places for when I'm ready.
  9. @davidw I assume that you'd recommend Specialised Paintwork? They know what they're doing with GRP bodies? I'll need to get my Turbo Esprit painted at some point (eventually) and Reading isn't too far from me...
  10. eeyoreish


    Ah, I saw the 2 furry balls hanging in the background and just assumed...
  11. eeyoreish


    I see he's had 'the op' then
  12. I used the 'double seal' method on mine which uses 2 standard oil seals back to back instead if the Renault seal. Pretty sure there's a thread on here somewhere about that. Sealing up the roll pins is critical too I recall. As far as I know they're OK so far
  13. Even came back to check his work!! What a lowlife. Surely a good enough image for the police to get an ID if he's known to them?
  14. That's tea? I thought he was draining some rusty coolant.
  15. And the opinions I hear on the news today are that the cost of flights is likely to go up post lockdown as airlines (maybe) have to fly with partially filled aircraft...
  16. You could probably just fill that, mask and satin black paint the centre of the 'O' ?
  17. Received some great news today; both of our planning applications have been permitted at the first attempt! Both our agricultural barn and the two self catering holiday units have been approved. Well happy In the end, having read many, many pages of planning policy and spoken to a couple of architects I decided that I was probably best placed to do the planning drawings myself, write the Design & Access Statement and submit the whole thing. After all, we had the most interest in getting it through and were clear on all the angles and justifications we needed to mention in the D&A statement. Never attempted anything like this before and certainly never submitted any planning applications so all round it's a bit of a victory. Now all I have to do is build the things...
  18. For 'modern classics' it's all about cars people lusted after back in the day but couldn't afford or some nostalgia for a car they owned and let go. Those people are now in their 40s and 50s with some disposable cash and want to finally own their teenage dream car or relive their younger years with the first or favourite car from their youth. Value is all about supply and demand. Fast Fords we're plentiful in the day and desired, hence lots of demand now but little supply of good, original cars. Hence values are high. Similar for other hot hatches etc. Sure, there are some 'investors' when things begin to get worth serious money but mostly the value is driven by the amount people are reasonably prepared/able to pay to fulfil their teenage car dream. I dabble a bit in buying and selling modern classics and that's the market I see. Some cars are just old and rare but not desirable (Allegros, Marinas and the like) and whilst there's still a nostalgia market they'll never make big money because they weren't desired in their day. It's an interesting market because unlike 'established', older classics (like Stags, MGBs etc) not all values are established so one man's 'old car' is another man's 'must have'. Spotting the gems in the classifieds is the fun part but finding good cars is hard. At the kind of values I'm playing with I doubt the market will be hard hit but if I were sitting on a £1m Ferrari investment I'd be more than a bit twitchy...
  19. That looks a lot like what's on my garage floor...
  20. I agree this is a PITA job. Had to remove the RH one from my '84 TE to repair some damage around the handbrake lever. Chopping away the air intake at the rear was by far the worst part. I'll be seriously considering leaving the LH one fitted even though (eventually) I'll be going for a colour change red to white.
  21. Just catching up on this thread too. Firstly, Kevin hope you're fighting fit again now! Along with most of the UK Kingfisher staff I'm on furlough at the moment but as we have plenty of stuff to do on our new place the time at home is coming in very handy. Time to learn/practice a few more skills too. A bit of digging and welding practice over the last couple of weeks. Never welded anything before so it's a steep learning curve! And last week a horse's head arrived. Pretty sure the rest of it is in there too... Both Esprits are sadly stuck in the garage under a layer of dust while we're locked down. Even the daily Jag isn't getting used at the moment. Stay safe all.
  22. That chimney stack in the background looks heavy to lift onto the roof. Did you consider building it up there?
  23. Love the smoked front lamps. Subtle.
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