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  1. Eventually you'll have to sell one. Eventually...
  2. Bad luck Simon, hope its only the damage you can see and it's easily sorted. Good luck claiming off the Council - round here if they've painted a white line round it that seems to exempt them from any liability whatsoever...
  3. The oil pickup pancake filter shouldn't be bolted together, just bonded.
  4. Handy. Looks pretty decent in the pics. Good luck selling it on
  5. Nothing wrong with an N/A, I have one! I've driven a G Turbo for comparison and sure it has more pull and 'longer legs' but the N/A isn't slow and most of the time you're not blasting from 0-60 anyway. When you're cruising who else knows the difference? Probably shouldn't mention then that bought a G Turbo project to fulfil a childhood dream...
  6. Tempting miles and photos but expensive if it's not running and on the road. It's a colour combo with perhaps more limited appeal too, albeit a special edition. Heed Barry's advice and wisdom - it's based on real life experience...
  7. Verging on a replay of the Patagonia special with the Esprit...
  8. Could be! Most Fridays I'm travelling Emsworth to Eastleigh in the Esprit between 7.00- 8.00am Never see another Lotus though
  9. I just realised why I'm walking 10 miles a day. It's 25 miles from home to my office...
  10. Ah, wouldn't have seen you then. Lets hope @Kevin Wheeler reads this. He thinks I never use it...
  11. Yes @Techyd I'm in the Esprit today What were you driving?
  12. Couple of hours with a 13mm spanner and a Phillips screwdriver, job done
  13. Should've been there. Sorry guys. Maybe next time...
  14. Not too well at the moment so can't make it tonight.
  15. Could be 4 Esprits if I drag myself along too... Red, white and (2) blue
  16. What have I started?!! My '84 decals are very faded but offset to the right BTW... So anyway, as I was saying, who has AN12 then..?
  17. @The Pits thanks for having a look at this. From what I read about the history of your car I'm not sure it fits with being yours either as the geography of the early owners doesn''t necessarily fit with the car being up north. I remember the name Alan Darlington as (supposedly) being the owner of AN12 back then but that might not be accurate. Re the details; I also notice that your Giugiaro badges are also significantly higher above the waistline than on AN12. I'd be interested in (privately) knowing if you do find any suggestion that there's a link to your car, if only to satisfy my own curiosity! Otherwise it's all leading towards there being another white car wearing half Essex livery back in the day...?
  18. Thanks Fabian. I carefully chiselled round it with an electrical screwdriver and finally got it free without damaging the hole. It was almost as if there was some fibreglass resin put around the hole to seal it. Anyway, it's out now, on to the next challenge!
  19. Haven't posted on this thread for a while but I'm still chipping away at disassembling the TE in downtime from fixing other broken stuff... Just now I've been trying to remove the wiper spindle from the body. As far as I can see on the car and on the Deroure parts diagram, I've undone all of the fixings but the spindle is still solid in the body. Am I missing something? Tried wiggling it and scraping around it in case some crud was holding it but feels like it's solid.
  20. Cool. I've got one just like it only in more bits
  21. I have trunnions and aerial on the drivers side. No logic here unless there were 2 guys with drills, one on each side and whoever got there first... Anyone got an aerial both sides? Of course none of this is helping me to Identify AN12
  22. Aha! So I don't have the identical car then... Mine (or the hole where I took it off) is definitely on the drivers side. Maybe you have a continental shell?
  23. Something to do with ceramic coated bits on the intake side I think, which in some cases had a tendency to break up and get sucked into the engine. I guess most of them will have been sorted by now anyway
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