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  1. For us it is a cat but he is still our companion and part of the family. When we lost our little boy ‘Chancer’ a few years ago we decided to wait a little while and let the right cat come to us. That it did, in the form of ‘Monty’ when out of the blue a friend of a friend’s cat had an unexpected litter and was looking for homes. We went to see the kittens and little Monty pushed himself forward as if to say ‘I’m the one’. He’s such a lovely boy, meant to be... It’s a heart wrenching time and all you can do is what you feel is right so you have no regrets when they’re gone. If you do
  2. I don’t follow US politics at all but from what I’ve seen on the news, Joe Biden looks like someone’s elderly grandfather and not someone I’d want to elect into office. I certainly wouldn’t vote for Trump either so it’s a shame they couldn’t find someone a bit more dynamic to stand against him...
  3. Wow, just down the road from me (literally), I’m in Chidham 2 mins along the A259. Never seen a red Elite around here!
  4. eeyoreish


    Orange Elise S33MOG on the M27 West this afternoon at about 2.00pm. Thanks for the wave! Then an orange Esprit (V8 I think from the wing), also westbound at about 3.30pm I was the red Esprit 97PKX
  5. Great work! I just hope your ruler hasn't got a kink in it
  6. Not much left... Probably worth it in parts though if you had the time and space to break it
  7. Bit of a shock to hear the news, Alan was quite a character on here. He will be missed on TLF for sure.
  8. Somehow ironic that after all the time building the car you finally fit the ski racks in the middle of longest heatwave we’ve seen in the UK for years!
  9. Good luck! I’m finally getting started on our stuff. Base is going in for the agri store and the guys are busy on the barn getting windows in, new stairs et. Still a long way to go...
  10. That would be a very cool car to own Mr K
  11. New MGB handle surround required too. Looks expensive...
  12. There are still some bargains out there. Stone Cold Classics just sold a very nice Turbo with stacks of history and money spent for £25k. You just need to be looking and something will pop up. Always remember that someone here might be thinking of selling or know someone who is so keep an eye on the forums too. That’s how I bought my project TE.
  13. They do know you can buy beer in supermarkets, right?
  14. I’ve used Shiply a couple of times in the past with no problems. The first time to bring my Esprit from Norwich to Chichester when I bought it and also to move a boat from Skye to Chichester. I have a local guy now (Dan) who I use for cars but he’s obviously not ideally located for a Liverpool to Midlands job! Like others have said, check feedback and insurance cover and you should be fine. Most of the people I’ve met doing thins are interested in cars and it’s part of why they do the job so generally speaking they care about what they do.
  15. First time I've seem a G car on Stevens wheels
  16. Depends entirely on condition I think. Photos of what you're looking at would help a lot. Really nice Excels seem to be asking £7-10k these days, even more for Celebration and run out cars. Whether they're selling for that is another matter but there aren't many for sale at any given time so there's also an element of supply and demand.
  17. Interesting. Maybe Pretty Woman signalled the end of an era..? I think most young people these days will recognise cars from video games rather than films. I've no idea what cars are in Grand Theft Auto and the like but I'll bet those are amongst todays youths wish list.
  18. Yes, saw that yesterday and made some enquiries. Sold now already. Cheap for sure but been off the road since 2014, doesn't run and the rad is knackered (plus I see a new alloy coolant hose in the boot). Be nice if the engine is OK but I suspect it could be toast and the reason it came off the road and stayed off for so long. If it had been closer to me I'd have gone to see it and may have been tempted to take a punt if it'd felt genuine.
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