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  1. Hello - didn't see anyone post photos of a stabilizer installed. Does anyone have installed and can you provide a photo? Thanks, Mike
  2. Finally getting back to this issue and think I know what's going on. After following all the welcomed suggestions; inspecting all suspension bushings, wheel bearings (although probably need replacement) etc.., I believe the culprit is a failed LH motor mount. It was really cooked and basically crumbled when touched. So the engine/gearbox was moving around causing the squishy flat tire feel. As most of you probably know and after much searching and reading, this is a common failure point due to its proximity to the exhaust manifold. The gearbox bushings are also noticeably pulled forward a 1/4" or so and then shifting into first became a grind. Still learning. We shortened the shift linkage and know first is golden, but still need to replace the LH mount. Also going to fab and install the aftermarket engine stabilizer rod to keep things in place, along with the also needed heat shield that was notably absent. If you don't hear from me again on this worked. Thanks all.
  3. HI Pete - how did you diagnose that it was the damper?
  4. Hello all, Had the car out a few weekends ago, went around a tight corner and when I straightened her out it felt like I had a flat rear tire. Pulled over and checked all 4 tires, gave them a bit of a shake too and all seemed well. Thought perhaps I was imagining things so drove down the road a little further and same thing. The rear-end was just crabbing around. Had her flat-bedded home (new profile pic). Looked for the obvious and saw nothing? Any ideas? Wheel bearing?, U-Joint?, Tran or Motor Mount? Thanks Mike
  5. Thanks for all the tips here. Sorry for the long delay. Managed to get the existing belt and sprockets sorted and she is running fine now. On to the next issue I'll post on a new topic. Mike - last four on VIN 0276H.
  6. Hello all and new to the forum and S1 ownership. Some basic questions on timing belts. Can they be replaced with the engine in the car? Seems daunting. Normal rotation is clockwise as viewed from the front of the car right? No. 1 Piston is closest to the front of the car right? Attempting to set static timing, with plugs removed, I put a wrench on the intake cam pulley bolt to turn the engine. Hmm bad idea, seems the pulley just jumped a few teeth under the belt instead of turning the engine. Now what? The car was running and now I killed it in the garage. Currently piston 1 and 4 are closest to the valve, 2 and 3 are 1/2" farther away if that helps. Thanks...
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