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  1. Try warming the foil and apply to a wet yes wet corner piece. In theory you should be able to stretch out the wrinkles. The water dries out and the glue sticks.
  2. The problem here of course is achieving an even brushed effect on all the trims. Recently there was a programme on TV where they were restoring a DeLorean and they buffed the whole car with something. I wish I had paid more attention, the finished car looked better than new.
  3. I would like to say thank you those that have replied so far and to any who answer further down the line. This forum is great. Guys I am desparately in need of a Workshop manual and the Parts manual for the 75 Elite. I am willing to buy asap. New are little out of reach at present I will be putting an ad in the appropriate section but meantime if anyone has one for sale please PM me. I have a fair amount MOT prep to do so the manuals would be invaluable. Regards, Adrian
  4. Whoops pressed the button twice sorry guys. I have sent a PM Look forward to your reply.
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Yes painted by some previous owner. There is no paint loss or peeling so must be keyed well so pointless using paint stripper as I think even Autosol will never get the finish back. This chrome vynyl stuff sounds good, is it something like 'Fablon'? and where do you get it? Another member has offered me a full set but I doubt I can afford it but we shall see.
  6. So chrome effect, which do look perfect for the era of the car.
  7. I am new here so if this subject has been discussed before please give me some slack. On a '75 Elite there are mouldings around the windscreen and around the windows down the side of the car. Should these mouldings be painted the colour of the car? Should they be black? Should they be chrome effect? Or is it dependent on the model/colour of the car? I have seen all three types but predominantly chrome effect. What is the answer?
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