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  1. What I have found out so far. If this bush was for fitting to a TVR it is £3.99! A fraction of the price that Lotus specialists want for the Lotus equivalent. I doubt the size of the TVR bush is the same but the item has the same engineering cost. It shows that there is a rip off occuring here by the very suppliers who depend on us to keep them in business. These bushes have become a challenge I will get there in the end. I have found a manufacturer of metalistic bushes quite local to me all I need is the exact size of the bush I require. So far nothing has been forthcoming from members. My next step is to strip out the lower arm and see if I can get some measurements for myself. I was hoping to avoid this until I had the replacements but hey ho thats how it goes.
  2. Buying one bush is not really a valid option as there are only two to buy. It just seems to me that £50 is an excessive price for two bushes when they are probably out there for a lot less if only one knew what car they are from. I am not giving up yet. I like the challenge.
  3. Thanks for the offer of looking through your box of bushes. Unfortunately, I doubt I could supply any dimensions. The bushes fitted to the car are obviously breaking up. Should I remove them experience reminds me that Metalistic bushes are unbelievably difficult to remove in one piece owing to their contruction of rubber and steel, I think whatever is left of the bush would be trash. What I would like to ask is has someone got a new inner pivot bush (item 21 in workshop manual) that they have not yet fitted that could be measured? Of course the origin of this bush would be even better.for me to source my own supply.. Come on guys Help! Have a look in your spares boxes dimensions are required.
  4. Whilst tinkering with the front suspension on my 1975 Elite I seem to have come across a potential problem.. With the front antiroll bar disconnected there seems to be excessive play at the lower arm inner pivot bushes on my 1975 Elite. This is part 21 in the workshop manual. I am able to move the lower arm about 1.5 inches. I understand this is a Metalistic (not sure of the spelling) componant. Does anyone know of the origins of this bush? I know replacements are available from SJS, and others, but by the time they add postage and VAT they are pricey. I am wondering if there is a Poly bush alternative as a firm manufactures polybushes 2 miles from where I live. But as with most manufacturers you have to ask for a specific componant by make. State Lotus and they say no! I suspect that the bushes are Ford, Triumph or even Land Rover. Any suggestions, recommendations?
  5. With any classic car, spares must be bought as and when they are available. One can guarantee that in an urgent situation nothing will be readily available. Going back to the Saab master cylinder option vs. Landrover. I have noted that Saab units seem to be upwards of twice as much to buy on eBay. Must be "Snob Value"
  6. I am sure I have a working radio spare that matches yours. You had also forgotten I have umpteen pairs of ladies black leather jeans new or worn once.
  7. We live and learn and I was not aware of this. I remember a Master cylinder where the reservoir fed the clutch cylinder. Must of been a different car model maybe a 99.
  8. Thanks for you input Dunc. Whereas I had read about the Saab 900 conversion I prefer something almost original except for the pipes. They may be a little close to the air filter housing we shall see. I do have a Snap On flaring tool and a cleaver bending tool for some tight bends, I am wondering now where the heck they are! I also think on reflection that new is best particularly at less than £40. I found that apart from excess pitting in the bore on my original cylinder some DPO had butched some internal parts and the housing by not having the correct tools like a large Allen key needed to release the internals. I found a sump plug removal tool, (usually used for French cars), ideal. The DPO had used a chisel! As said before I had ordered a repair kit prior to dismantling the cylinder and that cost £33.99. I have contacted the eBay seller to say that I would have to return for refund. He is stalling at the moment but I will secure a refund eventually (Distance selling rules). Incidently the seller charged £3.99 post and it only cost £0.95 to return. Ummm. I thought eBay had put a stop to overcharging for postage. This should tell me something.
  9. Thank you so much for the link to the Land Rover cylinder on eBay. I have been going around in circles for days trying to match this cylinder of mine coming up with some silly prices of £100 plus I phoned the seller and it matches the correct size of 22.2mm.. The price is great at less than £40 inc postage and the seller was extremely helpful, a really nice guy. I have not looked any further, I ordered straight away. Compare this with £33.95 for a seal kit (that I can not use as the bore on mine is corroded), it is good value. Changing the piping is no problem they are showing signs of rust anyway. Interestingly a bigger bore size is not the answer from what I can gather from various forums. The brakes would tend to snatch as you are pushing more fluid with less pedal movement. All fixed up just waiting for delivery. Well done and thanks again.
  10. I like the knobs a great improvement. The gear lever panel is a good example of recycling.
  11. I can not find a replacement master cylinder at a sensible price. The part number cross references to a Ford Granada Mk1. I have secured a repair kit but I am not too happy with the bore. I have found a NOS Austin Maxi cylinder which is of the same type but has bore size of 0.75" I would like to ask the collective wisdom of the forum would the 0.75" work and has anyone tried the Maxi unit. Look forward to any suggestions or alternatives.
  12. The alternator you have there probably started life on an early eighties Fiesta. From memory they were produced by Magneto Marelli and pretty reliable as you have shown. I am surprised you had to add washers for alignment as it should have been a straight fit. I notice on the label it has 45 amp output which should be adequet for the Lotus. Did you compare the pulley size with your original?
  13. Great pictures all the best with the article. Just had a thought on your charging problem. It is not beyond possibility that a recon alternator is giving a random fault. Another thing that may help to identify your fault is to disconnect the battery. Connect the battery, positive first and see what kind of spark you get when connecting the earth. Anything more than the tinyest spark and you have a drain.
  14. Car is a 1974 Elite. For the life of me I have failed to find the answers in the manuals to a couple of very basic questions. Any help would be much appreciated. The first question is regarding the horn. Does the original standard horn have two spades or one? The second question is regarding the manual type steering rack clamping to the chassis. What thread are the retaining bolts. English or metric? Thanks in anticipation,
  15. The spacers are usually blocks of hard rubber used to position the glass correctly. The idea is that they are placed at the base of the glass whilst the compound that bonds the glass cures. They are left insitu. I am unsure of the bonding method that SJ use compared to the original but the spacer principle is the same.
  16. For almost a year I have been a member of this forum and I do not recall anything like this before. Everyone on a Forum is entitled to an opinion but I did find the comments made over the top even to the insult made about MOT testers. This thread has broken records as being one of the most visited and the most replies, (as mentioned recently). Therefore, it is obvious that many find the thread very interesting, me included. Luke don't give it another thought and for goodness sake do not under any circumstances censor your questions or comments however "basic". As for the specifically mentioned ignition warning lamp problem not being Lotus based is strange, I think all Lotus cars of our era have one. Every comment, question or post I have seen you place is Lotus based. By the way I don't like slammed cars but your plan is most interesting and food for thought.
  17. This is a question regarding screen trims. I have found two Excels being scrapped. I am in need of the top and bottom screen trims for my Elite. Are they the same? I am hoping someone can tell me. Regards,
  18. Now here we have two Mikes with two reports of GAZ at different ends of the spectrum. I think that Black Eclat just got someone that was a Jobs worth. Maybe worth another try.
  19. Very, very valid point. Carnival Red is the original colour of my car. I will be having a respray before I put it back on the road but not the engine bay so to keep it right an alternative has to be close. Now I find Carnival Red to be all right but it lacks something which I just can not quite put my finger on. I drive my wife nuts when out shopping stopping at every red car I see in Tescos car park to find a close match that has that something but not radically different. Mazda have a great colour red and also VW on their latest Beetle. The VW one might be a little too bright.
  20. Not a good report on GAZ. I could send the local "boyos" round. (only joking). In this case you do not need to get them to agree. I have a particular hatred for suppliers that take such an attitude and it is quite common where they rely on the consumer giving up. By giving up you have played into their hands. Shame on you. These firms do not deserve us as they completely disregard the Sale of Goods Act which is there to protect us. If the shocks don't fit they are not fit for purpose and the consumer is entitled to a full refund and postage. Including any return postage of the goods if that is what the consumer wishes to do. I say this because under the Act they are responsible to organise and pay for collection if they want the goods back after a refund. Also under the Act you have no obligation to return goods prior to a refund. All the consumer has to show is that the goods are not accceptable for what ever reason. Pictures etc. Usually "shady" companies start by quoting return time limits, or 'we need your receipt', or we need the product returning for assessment. This is B******s. Dig out that recept and tell them you want your money back. Meanwhile read up on the Sale of goods act it is very biased toward the consumer and they will know this if you quote the correct phrases.
  21. I quite agree with Dan this method usually works. In addition, a clean oil/grease free taper and socket is a must. I use brake cleaner for this and rarely need any other appliance to stop rotation. Sometimes a light tap with a hammer is enough to hold the taper if it is clean. If all else fails for that stubborn turning taper, (and if the bottom of the ball joint is accessable), a jack can be used to apply enough pressure to stop it turning. You can even use the scissor jack supplied as original equipment. For safetys' sake a "Nyloc" nut (real name "Simmons" nut named after the inventer) should only be used once. (As if !!!!)
  22. Roman Bronze mettalic was a Ford colour of the 1970s. a personal favourite of mine. There were a few different shades which seemed dependent on if the cars were European or British built. I have owned in the past a 1973 Cortina (Mid shade), a 1976 Capri (Pale), and an 1980 Escort2 (Dark) all were colour coded Roman Bronze. I have to say that the Liverpool built Escort had the deepest most vibrant colour. One thing that may affect the final colour shade of a modern version of this paint is that in the 1970s there were few if any base coat and lacquer systems around, the metallic paint came ready mixed as I remember.
  23. Same happened to me recently on my BMW. (50yds or should that be meters). It was in the centre of the tread. Tyre depot a National chain said "can not repair you need another tyre". B****** I said you are having a Turkish. On went the skinny and went to another tyre place, non chain, Tyre off inspected, plugged and filled with Nitrogen £15. First tyre depot are thieves I had just spent a £1000 of hard earned and they could not give a damn.
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